Port and Seafarers - D&D Noncombat Sea Encounters
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Port and Seafarers - D&D Noncombat Sea Encounters

Duncan Thomson
A gnome on a junk boat cries out "Premium Prices for magical items". A half-finished golem lies rusting in the cabin behind them.

Noncombat Encounters for sea adventures for Dungeons and Dragons 5e. Tables for Noncombat Encounters for Ports and Seafarers.

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Port, Docks and Seafarers

The docks are where ships come to be unloaded, passengers disembark, commerce thrives and interesting things happen in the alleys.

Plus all kind of seafaring NPCs for the group to meet. Found on a ship, at the docks, alone in a boat or marooned on an island.

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Port and Docks - Sea Noncombat

1d20Noncombat Encounters - Port and Docks
1 A picket line of striking dock workers winds around a large warehouse. A character recognizes a former romantic partner in the line.
2 A guide is giving a walking tour of the oldest buildings in the docks.
3 A haggard artist tries to sell paintings to passersby without much luck. Inspecting reveals paintings are exceptionally good. or roll on Seafarers
4 A peddler of pleasures (wererat) offers pricey unique experiences.
5 A pair of teamsters struggle with a crate marked "Dangerous Livestock". They drop it, revealing a hungry rust monster. "Don't hurt it" one shouts!
6 An apprentice sailor asks where they could get a left-handed hammer.
7 A blank eyed organ player and imp provide eerie music. Whenever someone tosses a coin the imp catches it and grins unpleasantly.
8 A pirate captain requests input in choosing which peg leg to wear next.
9 A gnome on a junk boat cries out "Premium Prices for magical items". A half finished golem lies rusting in the cabin behind them.
10 There is a shout, as bolts of fine, colorful fabric roll down a gangplank.
11 A merchant requests help in loading crates onto a ship. Gives stern instructions for group to keep ears stuffed with cotton no matter what.
12 The doors of a seemingly empty warehouse open, then all slam shut.
13 A character spots a tabaxi spy slyly climbing down the rigging of a luxurious yacht. They freeze when a crew member stumbles out.
14 Posters proclaim danger lurking at night. Sketches match a character.
15 A hissed confrontation ends badly as a scimitar glints in an alleyway. A tortle bandit lies bleeding and unconscious as their assailant flees.
16 A frantic official shouts at a docking boat, about to crash into a pier.
17 On second glance, a fortune-telling mannequin reveals itself to be a real person, and quietly calls one of the party over and whispers something.
18 A cart vendor is selling an exquisite collection of eye patches.
19 A pair of colorful bards (spies) dice with sailors. The sailors have lost and the mood is souring when their leader calls for "One more roll!"
20 A dwarf thug offers monster pit-fight tickets, and a tip on a "sure thing".

Seafarers - Sea Noncombat

1d20Noncombat Encounters - Seafarers
1 A disreputable sailor (bandit) who carries many scars. Said to be hunted by fiends, yet spend most of their time feeding gulls and stray animals.
2 A tense mariner with a powerful build rivaling most orcs. Their eyes, suggesting a burden they can no longer bear, watches group closely.
3 A fierce-looking scout sits in the corner sharpening arrows. They never takes off their strange dark glasses, and most give them a wide berth.
4 A cheerful bandit captain claims to own the ship Mithril Hunter. When a look of thunder crosses their face, it indicates trouble is about to occur.
5 A trustworthy sailor, revolted by the sea, but serves an uncaring sea god.
6 "The Chain Breaker" is a malenti (sahuagin, appears as a sea elf) who once served an evil sea god, but now liberates captives from pirates.
7 A masked merchant (spy) trading in unique items. Rumored to be a vampire, known as a cheat, only the desperate seek them out
8 A veteran as tall as an elf can be. Once a soldier, they can move with the speed and strength of the wind in spite of their physical disabilities.
9 A scholar (noble) offers payment for help to dam up a river. The locals won't help, scared of a prophecy that halting river will bring disaster.
10 A turbulent musician (Perform +3) who carries a variety of drums. They have worked on many vessels and love to improvise with their rhythms.
11 A brutish gnome thug who is cursing in Gnoll. They carry a sword more than twice their size, which famously belonged to a notorious pirate.
12 A watchful hermit (scout) with faded tattoos and haunted eyes. They've been here for as long as any can remember, yet none know their name.
13 A trickster priest tells tales of their travels, from crabs carrying chests to cursed masts collapsing, and an island where trees grow upside down.
14 A capricious sprite who constantly plays annoying pranks. However, they are said to bring good luck, so others tolerates their presence.
15 A brightly dressed sahuagin bears gifts, claiming to be an ambassador of an underwater city. Wherever they go, sharks start to gather soon after.
16 A mighty paladin (knight) regales others with adventuring tales. People constantly interrupt her with jars to open and feats of strength.
17 A helpful halfling mage has spindly arms and legs. They are in search of adventure, but are constantly alert, as if hiding from something.
18 An animated acolyte who sings catchy songs in praise of a sun god, wandering from place to place. Despite being a tortle, they can't swim.
19 A harmless doppelganger has bright purple eyes that always give them away. Everyone humors them, pretending they can’t tell.
20 A kindly veteran who leads a family of outcasts, the Burning Sails. The members are survivors of disasters which took the rest of their crew.

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From Sea Noncombat Encounters on DM's Guild.

Undercity Noncombat Encounters on DM's Guild Sea Adventures Bundle

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