Shady Places and People - Non-combat Urban Encounters
Non-Combat Encounters Urban Fantasy City

Shady Places and People - Non-combat Urban Encounters

Duncan Thomson
Bloody Coins offers games of chance and accepts bets on all manner of things. Claims to be backed by a vampire who eats any non-payers.

Noncombat Encounters in the Undercity for Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Tables for Noncombat Encounters for Shady Establishments and Shady Characters.

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[art by Henrik Karppinen]

Shady People and Places

Every city as an underworld, where rogues trade in secrets, favours, threats and coin.

Gambling dens, seedy taverns and worse. All kinds of vices are sated here, alongside many ways to lose all you have. Inhabited by scoundrels, criminals and desperate people who want or need something from the characters or have an opportunity

From an Undercity Noncombat Encounters on DM's Guild.

Undercity Noncombat Encounters on DM's Guild City and Undercity Noncombat Bundle

Shady Establishments

1d20Shady Establishments
1 Temple Priyas is all that glitters, a den of inequity and a place to be seen. Rich merchants gamble beside crime bosses and brash nobles.
2 At an old ruin is the Consortium, where blood and alcohol flow freely. Knock thrice on a rotten door to be escorted in by cheap muscle.
3 A mage runs an unnamed store. It offers all types of employees, highly vetted and priced accordingly. All clients paying in gold are welcome.
4 A rowdy low-ceilinged tavern is always full of noise. Gnomes are constantly singing all manner of rude, anarchic and outlawed songs.
5 Chaddrey's Trinkets never asks the source of anything pawned to it. Supposedly the floor rugs hide traps filled with oozes and slime.
6 Birk, Thrips and Volo's is a bank accepting the money of all. Rumors tell of mundane defenses beside fiendish sentries and magical vaults
7 Stairs down lead to a crowded basement. Yelling people trade bets and surround a pit where animals fight. More cages hold sad beasts.
8 The Burning Sails meadhall is a place for lively discussion. Debates of rebellion, change, anarchy, intrigue and ways to change the system.
9 The exclusive Eclipse Club offers the best food and company. Patron's safety is guaranteed, making it a meeting place for many of ill repute.
10 An elegant tavern is staffed by elves, who glare at newcomers. Out back is a casino with a spider aesthetic and many darkened corners.
11 A warehouse at night houses bouts of infamous violence and huge bets. Warriors test their wits battling strange monsters for prestige.
12 Silver buys a front row seat at Magg's Theatre. Gold buys an hour with the leads. A soul buys you time with Magg, a succubus/incubus.
13 Steps descend to a seedy tavern which is lit in various colors. It is decorated by glowing fungi, which highlight frowning dwarf faces.
14 Fines Paid Promptly is a library of dusty books. If a victim's name is left and an item owned by them at a certain desk, a death is promised.
15 Bloody Coins offers games of chance and accepts bets on all manner of things. Claims to be backed by a vampire who eats any non-payers.
16 The Warren is an tavern that houses the local watch, who accept all kinds of bribes. It's wererat owner runs the district as a small fiefdom.
17 Molly's Track once saw horses and dogs, now it deals in spectacles. Rust monster eating contests are found alongside blink dog races.
18 In the remains of an arcane tower, a select disguised few gather for silent auctions. Specializing in the illegal, occult and dangerous.
19 Some say the building garbed in reds and silk is a brothel of spirits and shapechangers. Others talk of vivid journeys to another world.
20 Worm's Hall is a temporary market in the skeleton of a purple worm. A perpetual stench hangs here, disguising the smell of what's for sale.

Shady Characters - Noncombat

1d20Noncombat Encounters - Shady Characters
1 A well-dressed guide asks a character if they want to be their own boss and become rich. They can pay a 50 gp fee and join a secret guild now.
2 A cambion offers a glass gadget with a tube to inhale the smoke inside.
3 An ambitious cult fanatic is raising funds, by buying and selling cursed items they openly admit to being cursed; or roll on Black Marketeers
4 A gruff veteran is weary of having only scoundrels and thieves as friends.
5 A haggard scout with a goat offers their services in return for protection. They don't specify who from, but do keep looking around fearfully.
6 A battered and bloodied bugbear asks for help in getting out of the city.
7 A desperate thug pleads with the party. They need money to pay for funeral rites as they'll be dead soon and want to avoid a painful afterlife.
8 A githyanki warrior uses a network of rats to start spying on the group.
9 A calculating berserker (Persuasion +2) is looking for opportunities for a mercenary squad. Nearby several bandits sit, counting bloody coins.
10 A vengeful lizardfolk is hooded, trying badly to remain inconspicuous.
11 A ragged bandit captain claims they were once a respected crime boss. They now recruit for a shadow war between two powerful rival families
12 A spy claims to have poisoned group, with demands for the antidote.
13 A beautiful thief is now a wight (Sleight of Hand +4) and has sworn revenge on a crime boss. They are open to all kinds of opportunities
14 A pickpocket (Sleight of Hand +4) targets a character and leaves a note.
15 A limping half-ogre known as "Legs" mistakes a character for someone who owes a large debt. They are a feared enforcer with many hammers.
16 A dishonest knight (AC 10, no armor) offers to do anything for money.
17 A one-armed bandit (Strength 22, Athletics +10) challenges anyone for a contest of strength. A cloth wrap hides powerful runes on their arm.
18 An orc can guide group to a den of vice; or roll on Shady Establishments
19 An aarakocra (Arcana +4) seer sees all. Locals say the eye patterns in their plumage and wings are real eyes, seeing the secrets of others.
20 A disguised rakshasa with a pile of coins challenges passersby to cards.

From an Undercity Noncombat Encounters on DM's Guild.

Undercity Noncombat Encounters on DM's Guild City and Undercity Noncombat Bundle

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