Rich Quarter and City Slums - Noncombat D&D Encounters
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Rich Quarter and City Slums - Noncombat D&D Encounters

Duncan Thomson
A popular local hero has been imprisoned. A crowd of locals openly discuss a plan to break them out, and look at the party with interest.

Noncombat Encounters in wealthy and destitute city areas for Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Tables for Noncombat Encounters for Rich Quarter and Poor District.

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Rich Quarter and Poor Districts

Every city has a rich quarter or area, sometimes called Noble Quarter or Castle District. Town houses and mansions of the rich and powerful. Well patrolled.

The poor areas are often rundown areas, slums and shanties. Overcrowded, poverty stricken, and worst hit in hard times. Few patrols come here.

From an City Noncombat Encounters on DM's Guild.

City Noncombat Encounters on DM's Guild City and Undercity Noncombat Bundle

Rich Quarter Encounters - Noncombat

1d20Noncombat Encounters - Rich Quarter
1 An old noble is wandering around, calling for their missing bodyguard.
2 A servant chases after an escaped pet raven. The raven is carrying something golden and makes a humanlike laugh as it evades capture.
3 A chariot thunders by, driven by a well-dressed berserker yelling insults.
4 A crying merchant begs passersby for loans before their estate is taken.
5 A mule pulls a driverless cart carrying a giant ice sculpture of a kraken.
6 Several nobles in elaborate costumes await a coach from a gateway.
7 The water in an ornate fountain turns bright pink and starts bubbling.
8 A muttering priest oversees a water elemental washing an ornate statue.
9 On a street corner stands a finely detailed knight statue. They stand in battle pose, wielding a runed greatsword that appears to be real.
10 A valued art installation is on public display. The grizzled veteran guarding it is napping, dreaming of their upcoming retirement.
11 A young noble (Wisdom 10) is seen climbing over a wall before approaching the group to join their travels in a life of adventure.
12 A trio of servants hunts a child who finds it funny to hide from them.
13 A pair of giant owls guard a gated estate. There is a large bronze gong.
14 Several loud townsfolk have tied themselves to ornate railings. They are protesting against a local leader accused of a pact with fiendish powers.
15 A finely made bulging purse lies discarded under a bench.
16 Two young nobles spar in front of a talking flying sword (Int 10) who coaches them in fencing. Their frustrated tutor asks a character to help.
17 A sly servant (spy stats) offers you juicy gossip about some local elites.
18 A strutting archmage is wearing their magnificent hat backwards. People are sniggering but no-one wants to say they look ridiculous.
19 An animal trainer (scout stats) is walking a panther in a jeweled collar.
20 An exhausted flying snake drops to the ground nearby. It is carrying a folded piece of paper addressed to an opulent temple within the city.

Poor District Encounters - Noncombat

1d20Noncombat Encounters - Poor District
1 A kneeling artist works on an elaborate chalk drawing of a gold dragon.
2 A red-faced berserker is screaming at a bush. Several cats are watching.
3 Two locals argue, one accusing the other of stealing a mangy mastiff.
4 Several discomforted guards circle a recent sinkhole. They ward off several locals, curious about the ruins seen below.
5 An acolyte is telling an engaging story to a delighted group of children.
6 An enterprising one-eyed bandit is selling roasted rats on a stick.
7 A group of children argue over who will retrieve a lost ball from a ruin.
8 A few disheveled goblins look around desperately, scared of something in the streets. Their leader pleads to be let into a rough-looking tavern.
9 Beautiful, operatic singing drifts out over the district. All stop to listen.
10 A friendly cult fanatic and a few enthusiastic cultists offer free meals. They are also tell of an upcoming event where everyone can get more.
11 Two filthy scouts and a mastiff are herding goats through the street.
12 A meandering drunk is mumbling about an argument between pixies and sprites in a nearby wood. They wear muddy boots covered in moss.
13 Old folk crowd around a cart giving away fancy theater costumes.
14 A gnome druid leads locals through flowing movements in an open area.
15 Youths carry a birthday sign and homemade gifts. They invite the group.
16 A slumped lizardfolk studies a tattered cloth map, while rummaging in an old sack. A pet weasel jumps from their shoulder to study the group.
17 A mage in bulky robes pauses to sniff a gem they are carrying, changing direction as if following a scent. A few curious locals follow cautiously.
18 Large tufts of bloodied gray fur are stuck to the bottom of a rooftop.
19 A popular local hero has been imprisoned. A crowd of locals openly discuss a plan to break them out, and look at the party with interest.
20 A harmless shambling mound is a local celebrity, cleaning up any waste.

From an City Noncombat Encounters on DM's Guild.

City Noncombat Encounters on DM's Guild City and Undercity Noncombat Bundle

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