Beaches and Underwater - D&D Noncombat Sea Encounters
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Beaches and Underwater - D&D Noncombat Sea Encounters

Duncan Thomson
From a deep crevice a massive tentacle rises out, beckoning. A psychic presence shakes the water as something calls out to the group.

Noncombat Encounters for sea adventures for Dungeons and Dragons 5e. Tables for Noncombat Encounters for Underwater and Beaches.

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Underwater and Beaches

Beneath the ocean is a world beyond the sight of surface mortals. Strange fish mingle with aspects of elemental water.

Islands come in many varieties, verdant and barren, icy and tropical. Many have sandy beaches, and others jagged rocks.

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Open Sea - Sea Noncombat

1d20Noncombat Encounters - Underwater
1 A variety of rocks have been arranged on the seafloor into a large arrow.
2 A dead sailor is tangled in the rigging of a recently sunk merchant ship, strangely untouched; or roll on Ships for another shipwreck
3 A group of merfolk are fascinated by land and want aid surviving there.
4 A family of water elementals frolics together, rolling along the seabed.
5 A drowned captain (ghost) urges all they meet to free them. A curse binds captain and undead crew to a nearby warship, sunk long ago.
6 An exquisitely jeweled necklace floats slowly to the bottom of the sea.
7 A large fish eats a smaller fish, as that fish eats an even smaller one.
8 From a deep crevice a massive tentacle rises out, beckoning. A psychic presence shakes the water as something calls out to the group.
9 A glittering trident is embedded in coral; removing it needs great might.
10 From a steam vent several steam mephits cavort in a ritual dance.
11 A confused iron golem marches to and fro. The underwater arcane tower here was buried in a collapse, and the golem has had no purpose since.
12 An octopus appears to be using a crowbar to open a sunken chest.
13 Whale song fills water around the group, along with a sense of urgency.
14 A darting fish shoots through the water, grabs a shiny object from the party, and attempts to retreat as fast as it arrived.
15 A series of statues have been sunk here. All are petrified creatures.
16 From above a dragon turtle corpse drifts down to the inky depths.
17 A priest of a sea god stops to ask for a water breathing spell, as theirs is about to run out; or roll on Seafarers for unexpected NPC to encounter
18 At edge of a volcanic zone, a water elemental and a fire elemental bicker.
19 Bioluminescent shrimp gather, creating shifting, fantastical patterns.
20 Ahead the water becomes a murky wall. Hidden within the darkness a psychic voice reaches out to ask, "Would you help me cross?"

Beaches - Sea Noncombat

1d20Noncombat Encounters - Beaches
1 A picnic is spread out, but no one is around and birds visibly avoid it.
2 A stretched out rope buried in the beach almost trips a character. Both ends lead far into the distance in opposing directions.
3 A hermit crab wanders by, its home a rusty, bejeweled chalice.
4 Nearby (or on a pier) is a small festival, complete with pony rides. The ponies are being ridden by cats; or roll on Coastal Encounters
5 A peaceful young bulette is happily digging tunnels in the shallows.
6 A rusted suit of animated armor pokes out from detritus. If approached, an echoing, hollow voice rings out "Don't be a knave! Help me out."
7 A halfling and dwarf sit on a chest in the sea, casually sipping tea.
8 A strange, bizarre warning is written in the sand. A scout, investigating for local ruler, tells group warnings appear each dawn without a writer.
9 Washed-up glass turns out to be green dragon scales when inspected.
10 Stilt-walkers are wading, their nets dangling beneath them to catch fish. One vanishes under the water, as a playful water elemental appears.
11 Half-buried is a well-loved novel, The Shifting Winds of Fate.
12 Many yurts have been erected here, home to a nomadic people. A watching guard tells group local noble wants these people moved on.
13 A clutch of mysterious eggs nestled in sand is on the verge of hatching.
14 From a snail shell a voice croaks out, "Sorry but can you help me?". It contains a solar, trapped within thousands of shells across the beach.
15 A weathered kite tears across the beach, as a pair of gnomes sand-surf.
16 A collection of vampire spawn enjoy the beach (with a canopy during the day). A bottle of rich red blood is opened and company is welcome.
17 A feathered hat tumbles down the beach, caught in the wind.
18 Moored a little offshore is a collection of houseboats, all in the shape of various types of shoe. or roll on Ships for a another watercraft here
19 A sandcastle competition is about to start. Spare spades are available.
20 A warning sign in dunes marks a slumbering aboleth. Terrible dreams of drowning on land haunt all sleeping nearby, including local villagers.

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From Sea Noncombat Encounters on DM's Guild.

Undercity Noncombat Encounters on DM's Guild Sea Adventures Bundle

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