Ironsworn Solo Part 3: The Bonds of Duty
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Ironsworn Solo Part 3: The Bonds of Duty

Duncan Thomson

Namba sat looking over the rapids, drying a tear. Reflecting on duty and ancestors. On whether she would see her friend again, and what her vows might demand of her...

Continuing on with solo playthrough of Ironsworn. Following on from the Starting Scenes.

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Thoughts on Ironsworn

Vows can take a while and dice are fickle!

I like how the narrative flows from the skill checks. Ironsworn is the most narrative-friendly game I've done solo so far.

And learning that you need to swear and complete vows to earn XP!

Thoughts on Solo

Be kind to your characters.

I'm finding that having a set amount of time of four blog posts is keeping me focused. Where I might often explore other areas, I'm trying to keep on the journey to the Deep Wilds currently!

Normally I'd have explored more such as the island of Heron's Wood or the ritual going on at . But Namba wants to find her herd and glade!

Adventures of Namba

Scene 5 - A Respite, at a River in the Havens (Momentum 5, Supply 3, Health 1, Spirit 4)

(Decided to reduce supply by 1, for losing the canoe)

After the fight with the water spirit, Namba and Annem found somewhere to rest near the river bank.

Make Camp (+Supply of 2. Strong Hit for Recuperate of +1 Health and Focus of +1 Momentum)

They find an old stone shelter, make a fire and lay together, asking what that thing was.

The next morning, they take a look around and forage and hunt.

Resupply (+Wits. Weak Hit for +2 Supply but -2 Momentum)

Lose time but find a rabbit or some herbs. Annem is keen to get back canoe, but Namba not keen to face the horror again yet.

Gather Information (+Wits. Miss and Pay the Price of a new danger/foe is revealed)

Scene 6 - All A Quiver, at a River in the Havens (Momentum 3, Supply 4, Health 2, Spirit 4)

At side of river, looking for trails, spot canoe downstream. A figure stands, shouting "Annem, I see you", and fires her bow.

Face Danger (+ Edge. Strong Hit for +1 Momentum)

There is a brief exchange of arrows, and Namba's arrow takes one of the three figures in the canoe. Their assailants take shelter and seem to be considering what to do next.

But Namba wants answers from Annem, quickly!

Compel (+ Heart, +1 for Bond with Annem. Weak Hit for +1 Momentum and see what Annem wants in return)

Quickly, Annm reveals that he is carrying something to Longhall, and has sworn to get it there. Those in canoe also want it, especially their leader, Maura.

Wants to know if Naura will help.

Oracle roll for object (Action - Raid, Theme - Desolation)

Annem shows Namba a quiver of arrows, each marked with a rune and wrapped in deer hide.

As Annem shouts at Maura, Namba kneels to swear a vow on her ancestor's blade.

"I will aid Annem in getting the quiver of arrows to Longhall, or do it myself"

Swear a Troublesome Vow (+ Heart, +1 for Bond. Strong Hit for +2 Momentum)

Namba calls out to their pursuers, saying she is an Outrider of Whitemark and Annem is under her protection. Says they can accomany to Longhall or desist.

Compel (+ Iron. Weak Hit for +2 Momentum)

Maura agrees to leave them be, but knows they lost their own canoe and will await them at Longhall. Paddling past them towards Longhall. Namba sees an older woman with messy hair, whiplash thin with a line face. She has a two companions, one is injured from an arrow!

Namba and Annem try to find a boat before heading to Longhall.

Secure an Advantage (+ Wits. Miss for -1 Stress)

Endure Stress (+ Heart. Weak Hit)

Not finding anything, the pair realise there is no way to get to Longhall before Maura. Namba starts to have doubts about her path, with three vows going nowhere fast.

Scene 7 - An Island Wood, at Heron's Wood in the Havens (Momentum 8, Supply 4, Health 2, Spirit 3)

Set off downriver on foot, looking out for any boats!

Undertake a Journey (+ Wits. Strong Hit to mark progress to Deep Wilds and on Longhall Vow)

Ahead on the lake is a place Namba has heard of, a lake with a grove and island settlement that trades with Whitemark. Her family have been to Heron's Wood before and they might be able to find assistance.

(event is a chance to rest, giving +2 Health)

Treated well, as Herons Wood respects Whitemark and remembers Namba's forebears.

Sojourn (+ Heart. Weak Hit for +1 Supply and a canoe).

Find allies here , Annem has a friend here and find out that Longhall is not so far.

(Mark progress on vow to aid Annem)

Namba asks around, about others seeking the Glade of Buando.

Gather Info (+ Wits. Weak Hit for +1 Momentum).

She is told of a place where her ancestors went, an ancient tree in the wilds, where they swore to old gods in return for its help.

Scene 8 - Longhall, at Longhall in the Havens (Momentum 9, Supply 5, Health 4, Spirit 3)

Thanking their hosts, the two continued on to Longhall

Undertake a Journey (+ Wits. Weak Hit to reach a waypoint and -1 Supply, mark progress for vow to reach Longhall and journey to Deep Wilds)

Reach longhall, all stone buildings packed around a long old stone hall.

Oracle roll - Settlement Event - Blocked Trade Route

Fulfil Your Vow (vs 9 progress. Weak Hit).

Longhall stands empty. No-one around as they approach the edge of the settlement or call out.

Nadra kneels beside a distressed Annem, and swears another iron vow, to get the quiver to the leaders of Longhall, wherever they are.

Swear a Troublesome Iron Vow (+Heart, +1 for Bond. Strong Hit for +1 Momentum +Plus a positive event).

Annem thanks her, and they search for tracks, finding a trail and signs of wagons, heading west. A pair of saddled horses are near the edge of the trail, indicating someone is around.

Go to look in Longhall cautiously. They are noticed by a familiar figure, Maura. With her are a few warriors, and Nadra rushes with Annem back to the horses

Face Danger (+ Edge. Weak Hit for 1 Harm).

Endure Harm (+ Iron. Strong Hit for +1 Health and -1 Momentum).

Mounting the horses, the pair ride away, with an arrow clipping Namba. After riding for a few minutes, she stops to bind the wound.

Mark Progress on Vow to Get Quiver to Longhall Leaders

Horses are hardy variety and well trained, a breed used by Whitemark Outriders as mounts, second only to those who bond a mount from the Havenswind Herd.

Scene 9 - Following the Town, near Longhall in the Havens (Momentum 9, Supply 4, Health 4, Spirit 3)

Knowing that Maura and her companions might be pursuing them, Namba and Annem try to make sense of the tracks from the town.

Gather Information (+ Wits. Miss, turned to Strong Hit by burning Momentum to 2, then +2 Momentum).

Oracle Roll (Action - Hunt, Theme - Fame) and Location Oracle (Ruined Rapids)

The tracks are obvious, leading along an old road. Meet an old trader who fills them in. Once every generation, the settlement of Longhall travels to ruins beside a series of rapids. They hope to fulfil an ancient vow made when Longhall was first founded. Should be easy to find!

Alerted that they were being followed, Namba and Annem try to stay ahead and reach the ruins the trader mentioned.

Face Danger (+ Iron, +1 for Animal Kin. Weak Hit and take 1 Stress)

No chance to resupply, but they follow tracks and keep ahead of Maura's band, coming into sight of rapids.

Namba gets used to her mount and names her Valour.

Forge a Bond (+ Heart. Weak Hit so needs to do something else). Using to see if this companion would work as Horse asset, not to forge an actual bond.

Namba isn't comfortable until she knows where this mount of the Outriders came from, so resolves to check if proper owner among the Longhall people.

Scene 10 - The Ruins of Stonetower, in the Havens (Momentum 4, Supply 3, Health 4, Spirit 3)

Ahead are tents arranged on slope below ruins at top of a hill. A perimeter has been thrown up and challenged by guards of Longhall as they approach. Ask to be taken to leadership here.

Compel (+Heart, Strong Hit for +1 Momentum and mark progress on quiver to leadership vow)

The guards escort them to see Kabeera (Quirky, Miner) who has heard of the quiver. He takes them u to see leadership, explaining what is going on.

Those who reached adulthood since last ritual at Stonetower are taken to the mines below the ruins, to test their resolve and restore bond related to an old oath borne by Longhall.

Fulfil a Vow (vs 9 Progress. Strong Hit for 1 XP)

Annem takes the quiver up to the Leadership of Longhall. They are delighted and thank Annem for bringing them the Quiver of Reese.

Soon after, Maura arrives and is also brought before the leadership. Accepting that quiver is beyond her, she demands to be able to take Annem back to a trial.

Namba makes a speech about duty and her own quest to go to the Deep Wilds. Asks Longhall leadership to release Annem to her custody, as an Outrider of Whitemark.

Compel (+ Heart, Miss with 10/10 for a bad event)

Pay the Price (ally exposed to danger)

The leadership understand duty and Annem is accepted into the community of Longhall, but most return with Maura first to face justice. The bounty hunter had spoken to them first a week ago.

Accepting that others must walk their path, Namba know that she must do her duty to her family, and attempt to find the Glade.

Namba is allowed to say goodbye to her companion.

Test a Bond (+ Heart. Strong Hit for +1 Spirit)

The two have a long conversation, Annem promises to come and find her and they kiss before parting. Maura takes away the one-eyed guard, accompanied by a few lackeys, but also a representative from Longhall

Namba is left in the camp around Stonetower ruins, to reflect on duty.

Sojourn (+ Heart. Weak Hit for +2 Supply)

Namba stays out of the coming of age ritual, but spends time planning and preparing. Asks about the horse and no problem claiming it for Whitemark Outriders.

Also asks about way from here to the Deep Wilds.

Gather Information (+ Wits, Weak Hit)

Oracle roll (Action - Supress, Theme - Structure)

The people of Longhall tell Namba of a Thane on edge of Deep Wilds, out for themselves. A lone traveller is at risk, and far from Whitemark now.

After a couple of days, Namba says goodbyes and takes Valour out find horses, a brother and a glade in the Deep Wilds.

Next - Scene 11 - To the Wilds (Momentum 6, Supply 5, Health 4, Spirit 4)

Characters and Notes

Namba of Whitemark

Namba is an outrider of Whitemark, a settlement in the Flooded Lands, not far from the Havens. Assisting other communities or travellers on the back of her companion, for a long time on a horse named Ranna. She wields an iron blade that belonged to her great grandmother, who brought it back from the Deep Wilds.

Duty is the most important thing to her.

Seeking to bond a new mount from the Havenswind Herd and find an ancient glade.

Edge 2, Heart 3, Iron 2, Shadow 1, Wits 1

Assets: Animal Kin (1), Rider (1), Swordmaster (1), XP 1

Bonds: (4) Zura-Maya (mentor), Kataka (half-brother), Community of Whitemark, Annem Sureshot (former travel companion)

Vows and Journeys:

  • Find the Glade of Buando (Extreme Vow, 1/2 Progress) - Find a glade in the Deep Wilds, sought by her family for generations, mentioned in an ancient text and said to grant a miraculous blessing. But of her kin have tried and failed to find it.
  • Find the Havenswind Herd and Earn a New Companion (Troublesome Vow, 0 Progress) - Find the herd of horses her half-brother keeps near to, last seen somewhere in the Deep Wilds.
  • Journey to the Deep Wilds (Dangerous Journey, 8 Progress) - Has gone upriver to Heron's Wood and Longhall, now final part overland on Valour.


  • Zura-Maya (stoic, scout) - Namba's mentor and in charge of Whitemark's outriders. Has seen much death and loss (Namba has a bond)
  • Kataka (older half-brother of Namba, critical, adventurer) - lives in the wilds alongside a herd of horses, valued by Whitemark outriders. Ventured out into Ironlands years ago, to return with a harrowed look and would not speak of time away. (Namba has a bond)
  • Annem Sureshot (guard, one-eyed) - former archer who lost confidence after losing eye. Besotted with Namba. Accepted into Longhall but taken away to face trial by Maura. Has sworn to find Namba again (Namba has a bond)
  • Maura (bounty hunter, confident, whip-sharp thin, stoic) a veteran who has seen much. Dogged and has brought many back to settlements of the Ironlands. Failed to get quiver but taking Annem back to face charges of taking the quiver.


  • Community of Whitemark (Flooded Lands, forest, rich) - Namba's adopted home, a place among the trees with huge gardens, with seeds sought by others (Namba has a bond)
  • Glade of Buando (Deep Wilds) - Sought by Namba's family for generations, sadi to grant a miraculous blessing. Mentioned in an ancient text from when ancestors first arrived in the Ironlands.
  • Heron's Wood (Havens) - Lone village that deals with Whitemark. On island in large lake. Namba's ancestors have stopped here before.
  • Longhall (Havens) - Town far upriver in Havens, that has an important trade with Whitemark. Once every generation the town goes to Ruins of Stonetower, where youths undertake a ritual as part of an ancient oath.
  • Ancient Tree (Deep Wilds). A place where Namba's ancestors tried to find aid, in return to oaths to old gods.

Finishing Up

Hmm time is against me finishing this but we'll see what the dice bring!

Happy Gaming!