Ironsworn Solo Final Part, Herd, Grandfather and Grove
Ironsworn Rolling Solo Solo RPGs

Ironsworn Solo Final Part, Herd, Grandfather and Grove

Duncan Thomson

Visions watched over Namba, as she watched family going back to the settling of the Ironlands. All seeking the grove. Riding horses, fighting wolf-kin, trekking the wilderness, dealing with spirits and becoming spirits themselves. Some seemed to find the grove, but fail in the final stage.

And the herd was connected to it all...

Finishing off the solo playthrough of Ironsworn, Following on from Ironsworn Part 3: Bonds of Duty

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Final Thoughts on Ironsworn

As a free game with solid rules, strong setting and many supporting tools, there's not much to go wrong with Ironsworn as a place to start with solo RPGs.

Ironsworn has good oracles, but sometimes I get conflicted about what to do next. Moreso than when I'm playing RPGs which are more simulationist.

With the vows I think it's also easier to get sidetracked than maybe with Threads and Extras of something like Mythic Emulator (though the two can certainly be combined).

But I think that's also part of the design. You need to swear vows to get XP, but the vows can easily conflict with each other so care has to be taken on the vows sworn!

Ironsworn certainly has enough tools to run in it's own right, and I haven't even looked at any of the magic-using possibilities.

Lastly, although Namba was built to do well in combat, she ended up with very few fights, because of how the narrative fell!

Final Thoughts on Solo

That was the longest blog post I've ever written! Partly because I wanted to get to the end. But mostly because I recorded all the rolls.

Normally I don't bother noting down rolls, but due to the way Ironsworn narrative flows from the rolls, I thought it might be useful to someone. To see how the narrative builds from the dice rolls and the options available in Ironsworn.

Doing solo late sometimes means tire to weave together stories and plots demanded of Ironsworn, which seems a little more than I found for Troika or Warlock.

Also I need to be aware of soloing with an artificial limit, such as for four blog posts as part of soloing an RPG. The final parts of Ironsworn I wasn't really enjoying, but I wanted to get it finished.

I'm going to keep the 4-part Rolling solo blog posts, but free up more time in the day or be less ambitious with what I want to achieve.

Also I usually record notes on index cards, but might try a few variations on notetaking for other RPGs. I think I found the system of Threads and NPCs/Extras easier to keep track of than the vows of Ironsworn.

What's Next

There's a poll up for at my Patreon for next Rolling Solo. Going to be using TriCube Tales, with one of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition, Dragon Warriors, Doctor Who 2E or Into the Odd Remastered.

Adventures of Namba

Continuing on from Previous Adventures.

Scene 11 - To the Wilds, near ruins of Stonetower in the Havens (Momentum 6, Supply 5, Health 4, Spirit 4)

On Valour, Namba continues her journey towards the Deep Wilds

Undertake a Journey (+ Wits, Miss, plus a negative event)

Pay the Price (lose something of value)

Oracle (Action - Gather, Theme - Creature)

One morning Namba is woken by Valour, spotting a group of rough-looking warriors approaching stealthily. One is holding the chain with a shambling Bonewalker.

Gathering up what she can, she attempts to flee on Valour, but leaving her her bow behind.

Face Danger (+ Edge, Strong Hit for +1 Momentum)

With memories of similar flights in the past, Namba puts her pursuers behind her. Maybe they served the Thane she was warned about the the folk of Longhall?

She rides on, encouraging Valour to take her far.

Secure an Advantage (+ Heart, +1 for Animal Kin, Weak Hit for +1 Momentum)

Ahead she sees edge of hills, where it seems unlikely she will be pursued further.

Undertake a Journey (+ Wits, Miss, burn Momentum for a Weak Hit to reach Waypoint and -1 Supply)

Waypoint - Foul Fen

Riding on the hills give way to wetter terrain, foul-smelling fens which she pushes through on Valour.

Reach Your Destination (vs 10 progress, Strong Hit for +1 on next move)

The Deep Wilds lie ahead, as Namba picks a path through fens with knowledge passed down by an ancestor.

Glad for respite, outrider and mount take a break.

Make Camp (+ Supply of 4, +1 for SH on last check, Strong Hit for vs 10 progress, Strong Hit for +1 Spirit and +1 Health)

Mark Progress (3) on vow to Find Herd

Takes time to rest for a day, developing her bond with Valour.

Scene 12 - Searching for the Herd, Edge of the Deep Wilds (Momentum 2, Supply 4, Health 5, Spirit 5)

Namba looks around to get her bearings.

Gather Information (+ Wits, Weak Hit for +1 Momentum and information with a complication)

Oracle (Action - Withdraw, Theme - Strategy)

After a few days of hunting, finds tracks of a large herd of horses a few days old. But following them are several wolf tracks, one which is larger than the others.

Following the tracks, Namba attempts to close on them and ride past once near enough.

Secure an Advantage (+ Shadow, +1 for Animal Kin, Miss...)

The wolves catch the scent of Valour, and give chase.

Face Danger (+ Edge, +1 for Animal Kin, Weak Hit for -1 Supply)

Dumping meat she had recently caught, it's enough of a distraction to get some distance between them.

Mark Progress (3) on vow to Find Herd

Pursued by wolves, Namba rides to find the Havenswind Herd.

Face Danger (+ Iron, +1 for Animal Kin, Weak Hit for -1 Spirit)

Ahead they see the herd, and she is welcomed by her half-brother Kataka. Warning of the wolves, she tries to persuade her brother to let her bond a horse before facing the wolves.

Compel (+ Heart, +1 for Bond, Miss and a negative event)

Major Plot Twist Oracle (A Dark Secret is Revealed)

Pay the Price (Delayed or put at a disadvantage)

Oracle (Action - Acquire, Theme - Enemy)

Kataka asks why she has come now and herd needs be made safe before anything else. Reveals that he is being pursued by Tegan, their grandfather (Successful, Priest), a priest who went missing searching for the Glade of Buando.

Her brother found Tegan on his own quest, and has been pursued ever since by a spirit that has sworn an iron vow to hunt down their family members (Iron Revenant).

Mark Progress (1/2) on finding Glade of Buondi

Namba is horrified by thought of family members hunting each other. Tries to pursuade Kataka to leave the herd and lead their grandfather Tegan away.

Compel (+ Heart, +1 for Bond, Strong Hit for +1 Momentum)

Mostly in silence, they ride for a couple of hours. Then Kataka say he will do as she asks

Mark Progress (3) on Find Herd and Bond a Horse from it

In return Nanda swears a vow to get herd to safety.

"I will get the Havenwind Herd to a place where they are safe"

Swear a Dangerous Iron Vow (+ Heart, +1 for Bond to Kataka, Strong Hit for +2 Momentum)

Swears vow and introduced to "Dorosi", the alpha stallion of the herd.

Asks Kataka to tell here what he can of grove quest.

Oracle (Action - Capture, Theme - Opportunity) and (Two unrelated situations are connected)

Kataka believes the herd hold the secret to finding the Grove of Buondi, but he doesn't know how. Maybe another outrider or inhabitant of Deep Wilds knows more

Mark Progress (1/2) on finding Glade of Buondi

Kataka rides off, taking Valour, leaving Namba with the herd.

Scene 12 - The Safety of the Herd, the Deep Wilds (Spirit 4, Supply 3, Momentum 6, Health 5)

Namba rides with herd, tries to persuade Dorosi to head to Havens to lose pursuers.

Compel (+ Heart, +1 for Animal Kin, Weak Hit for +1 Momentum)

Mark Progress (3 but only 1 up to 10) on Finding Herd a and Bonding a Mount

Sees visions of wolves in dreams, must distract the away.

Namba agrees to this and tries to bond a horse from the herd.

Fulfil a Vow (vs 10, Strong Hit for 2 XP)

Namba spends time among herd and is draw to brown horse who likes to lick her face (kind). Name of Belesunni

Advance (Spend XP to upgrade Animal Kin to Rank 2)

Rides out on Belesunni to distract the wolves, attempting to lead them away by firstly brazenly attacking one

Secure an Advantage (+ Iron, +1 for Animal Kin, Strong Hit for +2 Momentum)

Riding in she slashes one surprised wolf, then attempts to lead them all away

Face Danger (+ Shadow, +1 from Rider, Strong Hit for +1 Momentum)

Leads them away, diving into Deep Wilds away from the herd. Then tries to escape them after a couple of hours.

Mark Progress (2) on Get Herd to Safety

Face Danger (+ Iron, +1 from Rider, +1 from Animal Kin, Weak Hit for 1 Harm)

Rides through the night and exhausted as dawn arrives.

Endure Harm (+ Health of 4, Miss for -1 Momentum)

Loses wolves and rests in Deep Woods on edge of a shadowy swamp

Scene 13 - Iron Grandfather, in Deep Wilds (Momentum 9, Spirit 4, Supply 2, Health 4)

Make Camp (+ Supply of 2, Miss plus bad event)

Pay the Price (Companion in harm's way)

Event (A trap is Sprung)

Namba awakes as Belesunna wakes her with neighing, fleeing into the undergrowth, disturbed by something.

On the edge of her camp is a being of metal, with glowing eyes from it's helmet. They seem strangely familiar.

"Give me the blade you carry"

Namba draws the blade of her great-grandmother, and faces down the revenant.

Face Danger (+ Iron, Strong Hit for +1 Momentum)

The shade of Tegan is momentarily stalled, realising this is another family member.

Namba asks her grandfather's shade why they are hunting family.

Compel (+ Heart, Weak Hit)

The revenant swears to tell her what they know, in exchange for knowledge about her family. Considering that they will be warned by her or Kataka, Namba tells her Grandfather of her four siblings and cousins.

Oracle (Action - Reduce, Theme - Bond)

Tegan swore vow because he found the Glade of Buondi, and now no others need to

Mark Progress (1/2) on Find the Grove of Buondi

Namba asks more about Glade, before she dies

Gather Information (+ Weak Kit, +1 from Compel, Weak Hit)

Tegan, the revenant of her grandfather, tells her the Grove is in some kind of spirit realm, a ghostly place i n the Deep Wilds.

Mark Progress (1/2) on Find the Grove of Buondi

Then he demand the blade she holds...and Namba runs past him with blade.

Face Danger (+ Edge, Miss but burn Momentum for Strong Hit. +1 Momentum back to 3)

Runs past, plunging sword into the Revenant, knocking it down. Then she plunges into the undergrowth.

"I will find you, granddaughter"

Scene 14 - Catching the Herd, edge of Deep Wilds (Momentum 3, Spirit 4, Supply 2, Health 4)

Finding Belesunna, she attempts to catch up with the herd. (a Troublesome Journey)

Undertake a Journey (+ Wits, Strong Hit to reach a Waypoint, +1 Momentum)

Move at speed on foot and horse, come to a small lake and rest on a small island.

Make Camp (+ Supply of 3, Weak Hit to recuperate +1 Health)

Have peaceful night at island shrine

Undertake a Journey (+ Wits, Strong Hit to reach a Waypoint, +1 Momentum)

Continue on into the Havens, coming upon a small caravan. Namba discovers that she knows someone in caravan (after asking oracle)

NPC (Morell, careless artisan, fulfil a duty and serve labour)

The Caravan are happy to see an Outrider of Whitemark. Morell greets her. He is a woodcarver, serving time in caravan to fulfil a debt.

The caravan have hard of the quiver and Longhall. Morell helps Namba asks questions in the caravan about the grove.

Gather Information (+ Wits, Miss but burn Momentum for Weak Hit)

Oracle (Action - Take, Theme - Possession)

Someone in caravan came from Deep Wilds and heard rumours that wolf creatures have reclaimed heart of wilds, but are at war with each other. Others in caravan mock them, as no-one is sure garou really exist.

Namba tries to get aid (and a bow) to help catch up with herd.

Secure an Advantage (+ Heart, Strong Hit for +1 on next action)

Says farewells and given a carved horse by Morell

Undertake a Journey (+ Wits, +1 for SaA, Weak Hit to reach Waypoint - Empty Lake, but -1 Supply)

A large lake, dammed up by settlement, now gone.

Reach Your Destination (vs 9, Strong Hit for +2 Momemtum)

Catch up with the herd, who are happy to see Namba and Belesunna.

Scene 15 - Herding the Herd, Edge of the Havens (Momentum 4, Spirit 4, Supply 1, Health 5)

Reach Your Destination (vs 9, Strong Hit for +2 Momemtum)

Now she has to get them somewhere safe. Rides ahead.

Gather Information (+Wits, Weak Hit)

Oracle (Action - Depart, Theme - Truth. Location - Perilous Plains)

Come across dead fields, empty villages ravaged by blight and disease, no longer a safe place.

Namba doesn't want to take herd into Deep Wilds, tries to persuade leader of herd to go further into the Havens and she will lead danger away.

Compel (+ Heart, +1 for Animal Kin, Strong Hit for +1 Momentum)

The herd agrees, and Namba rides east into the Havens with them for a couple of days.

She feels closer to the Havenswind Herd, spending time with them, from a family connected to them and riding a companion from among them.

Mark Progress (2) on Make Herd Safe vow

Forge a Bond (+ Heart, Weak Hit)

Oracle (Action - Weaken, Theme - Stranger)

Namba promises to ride no horse but them, and spend half her years with them.

Mark Bond (Havenswind Herd)

Then says goodbyes as she tries to lure away grandfather. She skirts near him to attract his attention.

Face Danger (+ Edge, +1 for Rider, Weak Hit choosing -1 Health as cost)

She draws her grandfather away, but it's exhausting work as she flees into the Deep Wilds, pursued by grandfather.

Mark Progress (2) on Make Herd Safe vow

Namba hopes the herd are now out of danger.

Fulfil a Vow (vs 8, Weak Hit for 1 XP)

Oracle (Action - Move, Theme - Love)

Advance (Spend XP to purchase the Horse asset, at -1 cost for Animal Kin level 2)

Namba has dreams of different ancestors and the Havenswind Herd, and her ancestors becoming one with the herd, joining with the horses. She also dreams of those of her ancestors who have been lost to something else, and that the herd will never be safe until that is resolved.

In the morning the outrider decides it's time to go and look for answers at the ancient tree she has been told of (a Dangerous Journey)

Taking her iron blade, Namba swears "I will find a way to free ancestors who couldn't join the herd".

Swear a Formidable Iron Vow (+ Heart, Miss for -2 Momentum)

Oracle (Action - Move, Theme - Love)

She can feel her Grandfather through the sword, and her grandfather tracking her through it, chasing her. She must leave one behind to make sure her future. Taking a piece off, she leaves the sword of her great-grandmother embedded in the earth.

And presses on.

Scene 16 - Into the Deep Wilds, Edge of the Deep Wilds (Momentum 2, Spirit 4, Supply 1, Health 4)

Knowing the rough direction of the ancient tree her ancestors have sought aid, she heads into the Deep Wilds

Undertake a Journey (+ Wits, +1 for Horse, +1 for Bond with Havenswind Herd, Miss and negative event)

Pay the Price (Stressful for -1 Spirit)

Endure Stress (+ Heart, Weak Hit to press on)

Namba suffers nightmares from leaving behind sword and the fates of her ancestors. Barriers of reality breaking down and wanders for a few days.

Wakes up on an empty plain, unsure where she is, but with a watchful Belesunna nearby.

Undertake a Journey (+ Wits, +1 for Horse, Weak Hit for -1 Supply and reach a Waypoint, a Barren Forest)

Reaches edges of Deep Wilds, a forest of barren, dead trees. Has the onset of hunger and pushes on.

Undertake a Journey (+ Wits, +1 for Horse, Miss)

Oracle (Action - Evade, Theme - Desolation)

The trees here seem to have spirits bound to them, and start to whisper to Namba, haunted by own demons and feeling faint-headed.

Endure 1 Stress (+ Heart, Weak Hit to press on)

Rides on, taking succor from her horse companion.

Undertake a Journey (+ Wits, +1 for Horse, Weak Hit to mark Unprepared but reach Waypoint of Settled Thicket)

Starving (-1 Health), she is glad to see signs of people ahead.

Oracle (Settlement of Summersong, Trouble - In the crossfire)

Through the trees, Namba hears distance singing and sees fruit in trees. But warning arrow fired at her and voice shout for her to identify herself.

Villagers let her approach, some singing. Namba exchanges news and finds they are an order of hermits, who sig to an old orchard, but caught between factions of wolf-kin.

She sees what aid she can find...

Sojourn (+ Heart, Strong Hit to Equip and Resupply, clearing Unprepared condition and adding +3 Supply)

The hermits are thankful for news and have heard of her family, one provides a simple blade she can use in a fight.

Staying a single night, Namba heads on to the tree.

Undertake a Journey (+ Wits, +1 for Horse, Weak Hit for -1 Supply and reach Waypoint of Empty Outpost)

Comes across a cave, bloody marks beside it and wolflike humanoids hanging from stakes, all dead.

Feeling eyes on her and grandfather behind, Namba presses on.

Undertake a Journey (+ Wits, +1 for Horse, Weak Hit for -1 Supply and reach Waypoint of Corrupted Spring)

After a couple more days she finds a spring, piled with rotting bodies of wolfkin, marked with a clan symbol (oracle check, no Varou here).

Reach Your Destination (+vs 8 progress, Strong Hit for +1 Momentum )

Scene 16 - At an Ancient Tree, in the Deep Wilds (Momentum 3, Spirit 2, Supply 1, Health 3)

Mark Progress (1) on Free Ancestor Spirits

Oracle (location - Ancient Glade)

Lots of old trees stand before her, one in particular she has seen in dreams. Namba takes a look around clearing for clues.

Gather Information (+ Wits, Miss)

Pay the Price (Ally in harm's way)

Oracle (Action - Persevere, Theme - Possession)

An old spear, hanging from one of the trees, suddenly flies at Belesunna

Companion Endure 1 Harm (+ Heart, Weak Hit)

Oracle (Action - Harm, Theme - Home)

A spectral figure appears, and Namba beseeches the spirit, trying to calm it.

Compel (+ Heart, Miss)

The figure speaks, unexpectedly, "Trespasser, you must defeat me, to claim the aid of this place"

Enter the Fray (+ Heart , Weak Hit for +2 Momentum but loses Initiative)

Namba stands firm, calling out her deeps to the spirit. She is an Outrider of Whitemark, friend of Longhall, protector of the Havenswind Herd and rider of Belesunna.

But the spirit is Jebran, who was her ancestor, the first to reach this place at death's door, seeking the Grove of Buondi long ago.

Clash (+Iron , Miss to Pay the Price of "Put at a Disadvantage")

Tree roots wrap around Namba's legs as Jebran circles her.

Namba calls Belesunna to her, hoping to be dragged from her entanglement.

Face Danger (+Edge, +1 for Horse, Weak Hit and takes 1 Harm)

Endure Harm (+Health of 3, Miss for -1 Momentum)

Belesunna rushes by and pulls her free, Namba swinging up on her companion, but taking a blow from a ethereal blade.

Among the trees of the glade, wind whistles around as she faces off against Jebran.

Clash (+Iron, Strong Hit to Mark 1 Harm, take Initiative)

Lands a wound on her ancestor, and bolstered in confidence Namba realises her foe has been bested before.

Secure an Advantage (+Heart, Strong Hit and positive event)

Jebran seems a little afraid of Belesunna, and Namba receives a vision of Jebran as a spirit, standing long ago before the herd, casting them out of here.

Mark Progress (1) on Free Ancestor Spirits

Namba presses forward with her blade.

Strike (+Iron, Weak Hit to Mark 1 Harm [2 total] but lose initiative)

Clash (+Iron, Miss but burn Momentum for a Strong Hit and mark 2 Harm and another 2 from Swordmaster [6 total], and +1 Momentum)

The two trade blows, and Namba is able to surprise the spirit with a lucky strike, but knows her opponent has an edge.

She tries to retreat to use her bow.

Face Danger (+ Edge, +1 for Horse, Strong Hit to take Initiative)

Namba rides free, circling grove and taking shots.

Strike (+Edge, Miss and negative event)

Pay the Price (-3 Harm and -3 Harm on mount)

A tree branch smashes into Namba and her mount, coming from nowhere, almost as if possessed.

Endure Harm (+Iron, Miss, marking Wounded)

Companion Endure Harm (+Heart, Weak Hit)

Standing again, limping, Namba calls to Jebran, issuing a challenge and drawing her blade.

"It's time to end this, all of it"

Turn the Tables, Secure an Advantage (+ Heart, Strong Hit for +3 Momentum)

Her ancestor's shade flies at her, but Namba is ready

Strike (+Iron, Weak Hit, Loses Initiative and Mark 1 Harm [7 total])

Luring her opponent in, Namba attempts a last blow

Clash (+Iron, Strong Hit to Mark 1 Harm, +1 from SH [9 total] and positive event [7 total])

Around her, she can feel the trees stirring, taking notice of her and her mount, and her ancestor weakening.

End the Fight (vs 9, Weak Hit)

Jebran lowers blade, admitting defeat to the outrider. But then channels memories into Namba, from her and the ancient tree nearby.

Endure 3 Stress (+ Heart, Miss, marking Shaken and event of Take Shelter)

Losing consciousness, Namba is overwhelmed by memories of past questers seeking aid from here.

Scene 17 - The Grove of Buondi, In the Deep Wilds (Momentum 3, Spirit 0, Supply 1, Health 0, Injured, Shaken, Companion Health 1)

There is a distant feeling of time passing, and Namba wakes again. Weeks have passed and she is in an unfamiliar tangle of trees.

She has lost the chance to ask aid of the ancient tree beside Jebran, but the memories have helped her.

Mark Progress (1/2) on Find Grove of Buondi

Namba has an idea that the Grove of Buondi is actually close by, not so far from where her ancestor Jebran was.

So following memories of long ago, she walks a path she has seen in dreams and visions, which should lead to the Grove of Buondi.

Fulfil a Vow (vs 4 Progress, Weak Hit to Mark 3 XP but...)

Advance (Spend XP to upgrade Horse by 2 ranks)

Mark a Bond (with horse Belesunna, because of Animal Kin rank 2 and gain 1 XP)

Advance (Animal Kin rank 2)

After a few days, Namba is in familiar terrain, a place fed to her in dreams.

The Grove of Buondi

But she can feel her grandfather near. And there is something wrong. A dark presence in the grove.

For generations her family have been told that the grove can grant a miraculous blessing, but it isn't true.

Others of her blood have found the grove, some have joined the Havenswind Herd and others haven't found peace. But her grandfather Tegan found it and is now driven to slay others of the family. And she senses he isn't the only one who has found the grove and not found peace.

The herd exists for a reason, and that's to ensure someone gets to the grove, and finds a way of destroying whatever is inside.

She has found the Grove of Buondi, but no miracle awaits. Only death and enslavement.

Knowing she is injured and struggling, Namba knows she must turn back, and return with allies, knowledge and the right weapons.

And so she swears another, Epic vow.

"I swear to return to the Grove of Buondi, and destroy whatever lies within..."

And so she retreats, heading back to the herd and the allies she has made. And following Namba is the revenant of her grandfather, carrying an iron blade that may hold more secret yet...


Characters and Notes

Namba of Whitemark

Namba is an outrider of Whitemark, a settlement in the Flooded Lands, not far from the Havens. Assisting other communities or travellers on the back of her companion, for a long time on a horse named Ranna. She wields an iron blade that belonged to her great grandmother, who brought it back from the Deep Wilds.

Duty is the most important thing to her.

She has made a bond with the Havenswood Herd and her mount Belesunna

Edge 2, Heart 3, Iron 2, Shadow 1, Wits 1

Assets: Animal Kin (3), Rider (1), Swordmaster (1), Horse (3)

Bonds: (7) Zura-Maya (mentor), Kataka (half-brother), Community of Whitemark, Annem Sureshot (former travel companion), Havenswind Herd (rides no mounts but them, and will spend half her years with them), Belesunna (Horse Companion from the Havenswind Herd, counts as 2 bonds)

Vows and Journeys:

  • Find a way to free ancestors who couldn't join the herd (Formidable Vow, 2 Progress). Many ancestors who sought the grove joined the Havenswind Herd, but others couldn't or have fallen under influence of the Grove. Namba seeks a way to free these.

People of Note

  • Kataka (older half-brother of Namba, critical, adventurer) - lives in the wilds alongside a herd of horses, valued by Whitemark outriders. Ventured out into Ironlands years ago, to return with a harrowed look and would not speak of time away. (Namba has a bond)
  • Tegan (iron revenant) - the dead grandfather of Namba, who has sworn to slay all of his family still alive. Has a way of sensing them and now carries the iron blade that used to belong to Namba's great-grandmother.
  • Havenswind Herd (herd of horses) - head stallion Dorosi, provides some bonded mounts to the Whitemark Outriders. Close relationship to Namba's family, and many of her ancestors have merged somehow with horses of the herd. Found in the Havens and Deep Wilds
  • Annem Sureshot (guard, one-eyed) - former archer who lost confidence after losing eye. Besotted with Namba. Accepted into Longhall but taken away to face trial by Maura. Has sworn to find Namba again (Namba has a bond)
  • Maura (bounty hunter, confident, whip-sharp thin, stoic) a veteran who has seen much. Dogged and has brought many back to settlements of the Ironlands. Failed to get quiver but taking Annem back to face charges of taking the quiver.
  • Zura-Maya (stoic, scout) - Namba's mentor and in charge of Whitemark's outriders. Has seen much death and loss (Namba has a bond)


  • Community of Whitemark (Flooded Lands, forest, rich) - Namba's adopted home, a place among the trees with huge gardens, with seeds sought by others (Namba has a bond)
  • Glade of Buando (Deep Wilds) - Sought by Namba's family for generations, sadi to grant a miraculous blessing. Mentioned in an ancient text from when ancestors first arrived in the Ironlands.
  • Heron's Wood (Havens) - Lone village that deals with Whitemark. On island in large lake. Namba's ancestors have stopped here before.
  • Longhall (Havens) - Town far upriver in Havens, that has an important trade with Whitemark. Once every generation the town goes to Ruins of Stonetower, where youths undertake a ritual as part of an ancient oath.
  • Ancient Tree (Deep Wilds). A place where Namba's ancestors tried to find aid, in return to oaths to old gods. Guarded by oldest ancestor of Namba who came to the Ironlands.

Finishing Up

Well that's my longest post to date.

Onto the next British RPG!