Iron Arachne

Tools of Legend - Culture Generator at Iron Arachne

Duncan Thomson

For interesting cultures to enrich your worlds and characters try the Culture Generator.

The Tool

The Culture Generator at Iron Arachne creates a culture for you, starting with name, language plus female, male and family names to go with it.

Then you'll realise there's a lot more, as this is followed up with details about music, typical appearance, clothing, clothing material, food & drink and religion.

Although random the tool is using a procedural algorithm to link the elements together and keep some consistency.

For more background of the generator read my interview with creator Ben Overmyer.

5 Ways to Use the Tool

  • 1. Create a culture for a part of your world not yet detailed,
  • 2. Use it to flesh out your next RPG character, who can be from a far-away land or might be helping out your Games Master by giving detail to the world.
  • 3. Create 4-8 cultures and start worldbuilding by putting them together on a continent, island or peninsula.
  • 4. Generate a culture and then use it to create an NPC from that nation. This can be a faraway place if there's no obvious place for it in the world.
  • 5. Generate several cultures and then match these to different fantasy races such as elves, dwarves, orcs or catfolk. Then you can give a twist something familiar with minimal effort

Share Your Favourites

What cultures have you brought into your game from this generator?