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Generators of the Songs, Tales and Legends Challenge

Duncan Thomson

For May 2021 we had the Songs, Tales and Legends Challenge. Here are the creations.

The results were

Bardic Instruments random tables

Axes of the Bards are four d20 tables for mystifying musical marvels.

I got a miniature brass ocarina which emits a faint glow....

Bardic Instruments random tables

Sorcerous Songs at Donjon

Over at Donjon is the "Weird Random Generator" of Sorcerous Songs with a cthulu horror twist. Options of 1890's Victorian England, 1920's New England and the modern era.

I got

"You hear an eerie variation of Prince's "Purple Rain" on the radio. If you listen to the song, make a Sanity roll. If you fail this roll, you are momentarily confused about where the second moon has gone."

Music in the Cultures

Iron Arachne added Music to the Cultures Generator.

An example is

"This style of music has a single rhythm with a slow beat. It is very loud, with simple harmony. It has a simple melody with a low pitch in a minor key. Usually, it has a resonant timbre."

Chartopia Collection

Over at Chartopia there are many random charts.

Songs, Tales and Legends Collection is a list of random charts fitting the theme. Including the Random Bard Table

Chartopia Collection for Songs, Tales and Legends

Dungeon History at Chaos Gen

My entry was a Dungeon History generator giving an origin story and recent events for a fantasy dungeon.

An example is

his dungeon was created by demonic adventurers. It is an elemental fortress and it has a twin in another realm. It is known as Darkhelm Manor and recently a festival is being held here by a local temple"

More Challenges

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