Generators of the June Challenge - Space
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Generators of the June Challenge - Space

Duncan Thomson

Showing off generators of the June 2022 Space Gens Challenge.

Space hulks, star nations, star wars jobs, frugal autochefs and space one-shot adventures!

The results were...

Space Hulk Map Generator for Wrath and Glory

Wrath and Glory is an rpg for 40K. And part of 40K lore has always been Space Hulks, large masses of space debris to be explored.

The Space Hulk Generator uses Streamlit to create a hulk map. It can be downloaded as a PDF which has more info on culture origin, occupiers, purposes, hazards and rooms.

Min rooms, layout engine and connection type can be specified. The creator included more info about the gen in their reddit post.

Star Nation from Iron Arachne

Ben from Iron Arachne creates something for each challenge, and this time it is the Star Nation Generator. Complete with a star system for its capital / homeworld.

I got the Blessed Dominion of Gozhoon.

Gozhoon from the Star Nation Gen at Iron Arachne

Star Wars Job Generator

User geenome34 create the Star Wars Job Generator over at Perchance from a series of previous dice tables.

It has Job Type, Why Us, Who is the Job For, Who Else is Involved, Complications and Setting.

Frugal Autochef Randomizer..with Drinks

The Frugal Autochef Randomizer is "for starships, arcologies, and space mercenary MREs" from joyofsovietcooking. Over at Perchance.

It has a list of food no-one but a space traveller with no other options would probably want. Plus a drink of some sort and extra details.

Space One Shot at Chaos Gen

My entry for the challenge is Space And Sci-fi One Shots over at Chaos Gen.

An adventure of dubious origins appropriate for a one shot or a few sessions.

One to come back to in the future with more improvements.

More Challenges

We have had other challenges at the rpg_generators subreddit and they will continue in the future.