Jan 2023 RPG Gens Challenge - Festivals and Holidays
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Jan 2023 RPG Gens Challenge - Festivals and Holidays

Duncan Thomson

The theme of the Jan 2023 RPG Gens Challenge is Festivals and Holidays, as voted for in the Challenge Poll (Winter was second, with Mundane People and Places third).

[Photo by Hush Naidoo Jade Photography on Unsplash]

The Challenge

Create an RPG generator or random table(s) on the theme of "Festivals and Holidays". As complex or simple as you want it to be.

Festivals and Holidays includes days of celebration, holy festivals, processions, vacations to other places (cities / planets / dimensions), travel lists, weird tourist destinations, music events, museums, travel companions, carnival shows and anything in theme of Festivals, Holidays and Vacations.

Creating Generators

There is list of resources for building rpg generators of which chartopia and perchance are both If you want to make random tables then GM Binder is an option for creating nice-looking ones.

You can see details and results of past challenges

For other inspiration I'll take a look at existing festivals and holidays tools soon.

Show Off Your Creation

Ask questions or share your Space Challenge creation at r/rpg_generators on reddit, on the Rand Roll discord server or in a comment here.

The challenge is to encourage building things for the rpg community so there are prizes or voting. I'll cover the creations in a future blog post and in a post at the subreddit.