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Generators of the October Challenge - Wagons, Mechs and Vehicles

Duncan Thomson

Gens of the Oct Gens Challenge with mechs, wagon yards, star ships and tracked fantasy cities

Showing off generators of the October Vehicles, Mechs and Vehicles Generators Challenge

The results were...

Mega Mecha Maker Generator by GPT-3 and Paul Bellow

The Mega Mecha Maker is from Paul Bellow of Lit RPG. It uses AI of GPT-3 (with some human editing for formatting) to create systemless Mechs

Mega Mecha Maker

Star Wars "Uglies" at Chartopia

Glenn of Chartopia created Star Wars Uglies starfighters salvaged together from various ships.

There are random and preset ships.

enter image description here

Spooky Ship Generator at Iron Arachne

Coming with a spooky october sub-theme, Iron Arachne has the Spooky Ship Generato

I got

A huge derelict drifts in space in front of you, floating endlessly in the vast nothinginess of space. The ship's contours make it seem familiar, but all identification is obscured or destroyed. Strangely, you are getting life readings from deep within it...

Traction City Generator at Donjon

For those times when you need or want giant wheeled cities, donjon now has the Fantasy Traction City Generator.

There is also a D&D 5e version

Traction City Generator

Fantasy Wagon Yard at Chaos Gen

I created a Fantasy Wagon Shop at Chaos Gen. Which may also sell sleds, boats and palanquins.

Hethdda's Deals is a fenced wagon yard. It has 10 wagons in various states of readiness. There are a wooden stagecoach with scorch marks, an old sleigh decorated with charms and a long canoe with many ropes. There are a number of ducks. They are having a sale.

Fantasy Wagon Yard at Chaos Gen

Magical Vehicles and Wheelbarrows

I got carried away and also made gens for magical vehicles and wheelbarrows.

An arcane palanquin decorated with charms. It has a Rune of Speed which lets it move faster.

A jolly rowing boat with lots of obvious repairs. It is telepathic. It has a Rune of the Ram which makes it good for smashing through things

A ceremonial minecart with scythed wheels. It can fill up with wine once per day.

More Challenges

We have had other challenges at the rpg_generators subreddit and will have future ones too

If you prefer Discord I have a RandRoll discord.