Spooky Trinkets for Horror, Halloween and Ravenloft
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Spooky Trinkets for Horror, Halloween and Ravenloft

Duncan Thomson
A book with several self-portraits you don't remember making

Spooky trinkets with a couple tables for modifying and making your own.

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Spooky and Scary Trinkets

Trinkets that follow the themes of horror and night, death and the Shadowfell, loss, creepy things and Ravenloft.

So here are trinkets for your D&D characters in adventures with those themes.

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Spooky Trinkets 1-20

1d20Spooky Trinkets
1 A cursed cup that spills more than it holds
2 A book with several self-portraits you don't remember making
3 A ring of twine that twists and winds when worn, digging into flesh
4 A mechanical bird that recharges by feeding on humanoid blood
5 An ornately painted iron mask depicting a demon. It returns to you a few days later if you lose it or give it away
6 A sickly purple mushroom. It glows orange in the dark.
7 An ancient coin used by the dead to cross into the underworld
8 An old alchemical formula for immortality. It is mostly illegible except for ingredients of "human souls", "angel brains" and "demon hearts"
9 The deed to a remote estate on the edge of a haunted cemetery
10 A broken pocket watch that counts backwards
11 A dressing for a mummified creature
12 A jack-in-the-box that plays an eerie melody when opened
13 A necklace made from yellow and decayed fangs
14 A smooth pebble that vibrates and hums when near to a shapechanger
15 Half of a weathered treasure map that leads to an old tomb
16 A fine tricorn hat. It gives nightmares of its previous owner’s demise
17 An old candle that emits an ominous green flame
18 A straw doll that resembles its owner, if the owner changes the doll changes the next day
19 An iron key shaped like a rough skeleton that fits any lock but can't lock or unlock them
20 A shrivelled hand that comes alive at night

Spooky Trinkets 21-40

1d20Spooky Trinkets 2
1 A torn out page of monstrous illustrations with unintelligible scribbles
2 A withered and elongated finger said to be from a long dead witch
3 A vial of blood that stays warm and does not thicken
4 A stringless lute with puncture marks
5 A small iron puzzle box that when solved becomes a jagged symbol for an hour. You were told it is the seal for an ancient being.
6 A glass orb filled with a bubbling orange ooze
7 A twisted handle from a broken dagger. It has black stains
8 A torn piece of parchment that has a new story every morning, the ink still wet, the story builds great tension before leaving out the ending
9 A ceramic shard with part of a star filled landscape
10 A blood stained dark metal goblet
11 A compass made of bone that only works in moonlight
12 A leather pouch with a few strands of hair, old teeth and a scrap of paper with a mysterious name
13 A die made of gold which always rolls the worst number
14 A veil, when worn the it causes the wearer to weep uncontrollably
15 A solid green metal sphere, cold to the touch
16 A silver pendant that sparkles with light at the worst times
17 A vibrant scarf from far off lands. It always seems to tie itself a bit too tight
18 A disturbing half-mask designed with several different eye holes
19 A small glass jar with a large tongue, pickled in a foul-smelling liquid
20 A broken hand mirror that shows the user with older and frailer features

And also two tables for modifying or creating your own

Spooky Trinkets Extras

1d20Spooky Trinket Extras
1 that makes animals uncomfortable
2 that hums a funeral dirge
3 given to you by an undead spirit or hag
4 that always smells of dead bodies (or rats)
5 that tries to dominate your dreams
6 that floats off at random intervals
7 that attracts spiders (or beetles)
8 that makes you scared when you hold it
9 which brings dreams of the Far Realm (or Shadowfell)
10 that is linked to a curse inherited from your mother (or father)
11 which crawls along by itself
12 that leaves red blotches when touched to skin
13 which makes you uneasy near temples
14 that makes grating noises at night
15 that is linked to a gory killing
16 that reminds you of the worst time of your life
17 that changes slightly each day
18 which whispers of an approaching doom
19 that glows a sickly green
20 that you received at a funeral

Spooky Trinkets Inscriptions

1d20Spooky Trinket Inscriptions
1 with a joke about an execution
2 with the names of your siblings or cousins
3 etched with names of murderers
4 with runes associated with Night or Secrets
5 with a list of gruesome ingredients
6 with a date a month (or a year) from now
7 inscribed with a curse on your whole family
8 with the last words of a mad prophet
9 with the saga of a champion who destroyed everything they loved
10 etched with a red rune for Death or Evil
11 with a song about a scarecrow and a talking cat
12 with a dead god's symbol
13 inscribed with a secret of the Raven Queen or an Elder Evil
14 with the name of an undead dragon or a lich
15 with a grisly tale that changes with each reading
16 with a recipe for spider (or humanoid) stew
17 with the name of a dead NPC or player character
18 marked with three future dates
19 describing a ritual to be performed on a full moon
20 with the names of seven Elder Evils

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For more Spooky trinkets try Spooky Trinkets and Creation Tables on DM's Guild

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