Spelljammer - Ship Creation Tables

Spelljammer - Ship Creation Tables

Duncan Thomson
The Sun Giant is a converted tavern with a Spelljammer installed on the top floor. It's former owner has placed a bounty on its capture and it carries a library of books as cargo.

Tables for detailing your own Spelljammer Ships, their names, quirks and cargo.

Tables for Spelljammer Ship Type(levels 1-4 & levels 5-10), Unusual Ships, Ship Names, Ship Names Generator, Ship Extras & Complications and Ship Cargo.

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[Art by Indi Martin]

Spelljammer Ship Encounters

Ships come in many forms and variations. In addition to classics such as the Space Galleon, Turtle Ship or Shrike, spelljammers might be installed in a kindori skeleton or  a small castle. Names are just as varied, being named after famous seafarers or using similar rules to ocean going vessels.

Older ships tent to have quirks too, and what a ship is carrying can also affect its crew and atmosphere.

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Ship details found in the Astral Adventurer's Guide (AAG).

Spelljammer Ship Types (Levels 1-4)

d20Spelljammer Ship Types lvl 1-4
1 Space Galleon
2 Shrike
3 Shrike
4 Shrike
5 Damselfly
6 Damselfly
7 Flying Fish
8 Flying Fish
9 damaged... Space Galleon (or roll on ships 1-4/5-10 for different ship type)
10 Living Ship
11 Squid Ship
12 Squid Ship
13 weaponless... Bombard (or roll on ships 1-4/5-10 for different ship type)
14 Scorpion Ship
15 Scorpion Ship
16 Wasp Ship
17 Wasp Ship
18 Wasp Ship
19 kindori husk with a spelljammer helm or roll on Unusual Ships
20 Lamprey or roll on Spelljammer Ship Types lvl 5-10

Spelljammer Ship Types (Levels 5-10)

d20Spelljammer Ship Types lvl 5-10
1 Squid Ship or roll on Spelljammer Ship Types lvl 1-4
2 Bombard or roll on Unusual Ships
3 Turtle Ship or Bombard
4 Nightspider or Turtle Ship
5 Nautiloid or a converted airship
6 Nautiloid or Scorpion Ship
7 Scorpion Ship
8 Tyrant Ship or roll on Unusual Ships
9 Flying Fish
10 Flying Fish or Space Galleon
11 Hammerhead or Space Galleon
12 group of 1d3 Wasp Ships or Hammerhead
13 Damselfly or Star Moth
14 Star Moth
15 Living Ship
16 group of 1d3 Damselflies or Living Ship
17 converted tavern with a spelljammer helm or roll on Unusual Ships
18 group of 1d3 Shrikes or Space Galleon
19 Space Galleon
20 Space Galleon

Unusual Ships

The innovative, weird and unique.

d20A spelljammer helm installed in ...
1 a kindori skeleton
2 a huge cauldron or a massive rotting carcass
3 a monument
4 a galley ship (DMG)
5 a longship (DMG)
6 a giant cube or a dinosaur skeleton
7 an armored wagon
8 a tomb or a wizard's tower
9 a huge stone tablet carved with dwarven runes
10 a converted tavern
11 a huge chariot or linked chariots
12 a dead god
13 a gnome ship powered by wheels containing giant space hamsters (BAM)
14 a hill or a keelboat
15 a rock with seaweed
16 an asteroid
17 a small castle
18 a massive wooden hut
19 a raft or a dragon turtle skeleton
20 a mountaintop or a townhouse

Spelljammer Ship Names

d20Spelljammer Ship Names
1 Misadventure
2 Torchbearer
3 The Starfall
4 The Laughing Comet
5 Moonrunner
6 The Lucky Roll
7 Oathbreaker
8 The Astral Dragon
9 Shanty of the Stars
10 The Chimera
11 Side Quest
12 The Kraken's Envy
13 Cosmic Singer
14 Troll's Folly
15 Doomed Pilgrim
16 Winged Whale
17 The Natural One
18 Starseeker
19 The Misery
20 The Bard of Bral

Spelljammer Ship Names Generator

Roll each for Start and End and combine.

1 Celestial Serpent
2 Star Seeker
3 Spell Voyager
4 Ethereal Strider
5 Ghostly Dolphin
6 Galaxy Nomad
7 Moon Dragon or Hamster
8 Eternal Runner
9 Silver Nymph
10 Zodar's Reaver
11 Sky Whisper
12 Sun Quester
13 Lunar Demon
14 Mercane's Dancer
15 Astral Bargain
16 Infinite (or Infinity) Singer
17 Solar Chaser
18 Starlight Giant
19 Cosmic Wizard
20 Planar Spirit

Ship Extras and Complications

d20The Ship...
1 is heavily damaged (at half hit points remaining)
2 has a stowaway (or several stowaways) on board
3 has an expanded air envelope that can support double the normal number of creatures
4 has an experimental spelljammer helm that sometimes takes it to random planes
5 is constantly trailed by space eels (BAM) (or gray scavvers (BAM)
6 has passengers - a pair of priests (or roll on Space Merchants)
7 is towing another spelljammer ship or a spirit haunts the cargo hold
8 has a crewmember who adores and feeds several mollymawks (BAM)
9 has several rowing boats (or canoes) on board (or attached to it)
10 has a second spelljamming helm
11 has no functioning weapons or is following a kindori (BAM)
12 has a mixed crew (roll on Crew Encounters for ideas) or is carrying several dohwar (BAM) merchants
13 has an infestation of jammer leeches (BAM)
14 has a bounty on its capture by the former owner
15 has a space swine (BAM) mascot
16 has a crewmember possessed by a starlight apparition (BAM)
17 has red shirts that many of the crew wear. Bad things often happen to them.
18 is towing a heavily laden cargo barge or has a deadly (or enhanced) ram
19 is specialized in Astral Fishing, with many nets and ways to preserve what they catch.
20 is carrying a message for one of the characters (or an NPC they know)

Ship Cargo

d20Ship Cargo
1 Barrels of gnomish (or fungal) ale
2 Bolts of silk or satin
3 Carved bones or a wardrobe of fine clothes
4 A variety of unusual and weird pets
5 Someone important with their guests who have hired the ship for a special occasion
6 A mix of herbs, spices, wine and perfume
7 Casks of elven wine or several spellbooks
8 Weapons or a variety of dungeon doors
9 A variety of farm animals or several board games
10 Spices or ship parts
11 A zoo of stuffed beasts and monsters
12 A party of adventurers or carefully stored flasks of alchemist's fire
13 Captives or a dangerous monster
14 Healing supplies and potions or a collection of finely crafted furniture
15 A library of books
16 Artwork from many different artists
17 space hamsters and other cute animals or mined ore
18 Firearms or a merchant and their wares
19 Gnomish devices or planks of rare wood
20 A hoard of treasure

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