Spelljammer - Captain and Crew Tables

Spelljammer - Captain and Crew Tables

Duncan Thomson
The crew were mostly autognomes with a few mean-looking thri-kreen mercenaries. And their, captain a ghostly giff I'm sure has a bounty on them from the last port we visited...

Tables for detailing your own Spelljammer Crews and Captains.

Tables for Spelljammer Crew (levels 1-4 & levels 5-10), Basic Crew Stats, Humanoid Crew and Other Species, Captains (levels 1-4 & levels 5-10) and Captain Details.

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[Art by Indi Martin]

Spelljammer Ship Encounters

Many creatures crew and captain the ships of spelljammer. Wily humans, githyanki pirates, hadozee crewmates, giff mercenaries, vampirate raiders, space clowns, plant monsters, treants, ghosts and more!

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Ship details found in the Astral Adventurer's Guide (AAG).

Crew Encounter (Levels 1-4)

d20Crew Encounter lvl 1-4
1 3d6 bandits or 1d3 autognomes (BAM)
2 1d6 thri-kreen or 1d3 vampirates (BAM)
3 3d6 kobolds or 2d4 plasmoid explorers (BAM)
4 1d2+1 giff shipmates (BAM)
5 1d4+1 orcs or 1d2 plasmoid warriors (BAM)
6 3d6 chwinga astronauts (BAM)
7 1d6 ssurrans (lizardfolk stats) or 1d4 spies
8 1 hadozee explorer (BAM) and 2d4 hadozee shipmates
9 1d6 thugs or 2d4 tortles (MotM)
10 1d6 hobgoblins or 1d6 myconids
11 3d6 dohwar (BAM) or 1 cult fanatic with 2d4 cultists
12 3d6 hadozee shipmates (BAM)
13 1d6 scouts or 1d4 duergar
14 1d2 githyanki buccaneers (BAM) or 1d6 specters
15 1d3 berserkers or 2d4 drow
16 1d3 ssurrans (lizardfolk stats) and 1d3 ssurran poisoners (BAM)
17 1d4+1 hadozee warriors (BAM)
18 3d6 guards or 1d3 space clowns (BAM)
19 1 psurlon ringer (BAM) disguised among other crew (roll second time)
20 2d6 goblins or 1d3 psurlons (BAM)

Crew Encounter (Levels 5-10)

d20Crew Encounter lvl 5-10
1 2d4 githyanki buccaneers (BAM)
2 1d4 astral elf warriors and 2d6 scouts
3 2d6 ogres
4 1d3 autognomes (BAM) and 1d6 giff shipmates (BAM)
5 2d4 plasmoid warriors (BAM)
6 2d4 hadozee shipmates (BAM), 1d3 giff shipmates (BAM) and 1d3 githyanki buccaneers (BAM)
7 2d6 autognomes (BAM)
8 2d6 quaggoths or 2d4 swashbucklers (MotM)
9 2d4 giff shipmates (BAM)
10 2d6 hobgoblins and 2d4 bugbears or 2d4 thugs and 1d4 archers (MotM)
11 2d6+10 hadozee warriors (BAM)
12 2d6 vampirates (BAM) or 2d4 martial arts adepts (MotM)
13 1d4 astral elf honor guards (BAM)
14 2d4 space clowns (BAM)
15 2d6 berserkers
16 1d3 giff shock troopers (BAM)
17 2d6 thri-kreen hunters (BAM)
18 2d4 neogi pirates (BAM)
19 2d4 veterans (BAM)
20 2d6 aartuk warriors (BAM)

Basic Crew Stats

d20Basic Crew Stats
1-2 hadozee shipmates (BAM)
3-4 bandits (pirates) or skeletons
4 commoners or apprentice wizards (MotM)
5 hobgoblins or drow
6 cultists or specters
7-8 guards or xvarts (MotM)
9 aarakocra or satyrs
10 acolytes or vegepygmies (MotM)
11-12 plasmoid explorers (BAM) or zombies
13 thri-kreen
14 goblins or tortles (BAM)
15 tribal warriors
16 thugs or kuo-toa
17 lizardfolk (ssurrans)
18 kobolds
19 scouts or boggles (MotM)
20 orcs or myconid adults

Humanoid Crew and Other Species

For npcs, crew, passengers and other characters.

d20Humanoid Crew and Other Species
1-2 human or githyanki
3-4 astral elf or kenku
5-6 plasmoid or minotaur
7-8 giff or tortle
9-10 hadozee or tabaxi
11-12 thri-keen or orc
13 dragonborn or triton
14 autognome or kobold
15 tiefling or aarakocra
16 halfling or kenku
17 ssurran (lizarfolk) or elf
18 gnome or githzerai
19 dwarf or aasimar
20 goblin or changeling

Ship Captain (Levels 1-4)

Roll each for Start and End and combine.

d20Ship Captain Lvl 1-4
1 noble
2 psurlon ringer (BAM) disguised as another humanoid or kobold scale sorcerer (MotM)
3 goblin boss or kobold dragonshield (MotM)
4 bandit captain or duergar mind master (MotM)
5 thri-kreen hunter (BAM) or bard (MotM)
6 hadozee explorer (BAM) or ogre bolt launcher (MotM)
7 druid or berserker
8 space clown (BAM) or priest
9 ogre or tortle druid (BAM)
10 wight or martial arts adept (MotM)
11 ssuran defiler (BAM)
12 aartuk priest (BAM) or veteran
13 hobgoblin captain or knight
14 aartuk elder (BAM) or archer (MotM)
15 plasmoid warrior (BAM) or merrenoloth (MotM)
16 astral elf warrior (BAM) or swashbuckler (MotM)
17 ghost or hobgoblin devastator (MotM)
18 orc warchief or neogi void hunter (BAM)
19 plasmoid boss (BAM) or succubus / incubus
20 mercane (BAM)

Ship Captain (Levels 5-10)

d20Ship Captain lvl 5-10
1 gladiator or vampirate mage (BAM)
2 mercane (BAM) or kraken priest (MotM)
3 thri-kreen mystic (BAM) or wraith
4 astral elf star priest (BAM) or master thief (MotM)
5 hobgoblin warlord or enchanter (MotM)
6 cambion or starlight apparition (BAM)
7 mind flayer or troll
8 vampirate captain (BAM) or warlock of the great old one (MotM)
9 giff shock trooper (BAM) or psurlon leader (BAM)
10 mage
11 oni or conjurer (MotM)
12 githyanki star seer (BAM) or warlock of the fiend (MotM)
13 thri-kreen gladiator (BAM)
14 astral elf commander (BAM)
15 assassin or blackguard (MotM)
16 astral elf aristocrat (BAM) or spirit naga
17 mind flayer arcanist or reigar (BAM)
18 githyanki xenomancer (BAM) or necromancer (MotM)
19 gray slaad or champion (MotM)
20 giff warlord (BAM) or guardian naga

Captain Details

d20The captain...
1 has a lucrative proposal
2 can't resist a challenge
3 is trying to secure a new ship
4 is very bored (or overly excited)
5 has a bounty on their head
6 has a pet space hamster they keep on their shoulder
7 has dreams (or nightmares) of a dead god
8 has a bounty on them in several ports
9 is due to meet another ship captained by their best friend
10 loves astral fishing or dance contests
11 hasn't left the ship for several years
12 is proud of a song they wrote
13 is deeply in debt to a mind flayer
14 is disfigured from a fight with a slaad
15 has family on the Rock of Bral (or a nearby asteroid)
16 wears a ridiculous hat (or jacket)
17 is currently heartbroken
18 is unpopular with their crew
19 is hunted by githyanki
20 is a renowned sage on spelljammer ships (or dead gods)

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