Trinkets of Sea, Pirates and Saltmarsh for Dnd 5e
Trinkets Sea Ghosts of Saltmarsh

Trinkets of Sea, Pirates and Saltmarsh for Dnd 5e

Duncan Thomson
the crystal false eye of a famous pirate

Trinkets of the sea with a couple tables for modifying and making your own.

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Sea and Pirate Trinkets

Trinkets that follow the themes of sea and ship, pirate and merfolk, seahorses and shells, beaches and reefs.

So here are trinkets for your D&D characters in adventures with those themes.

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Sea Trinkets 1-20

1d20Sea Trinkets
1 a toy shark fin
2 an ocean map depicting islands that shouldn't exist
3 a tiny crab that likes to crawl over your head
4 a large seashell that whispers in Aquan when held up to an ear
5 a rusty cutlass with the blade snapped off
6 a piece of wood that sinks like a stone
7 a doll with clothing made from a piece of fishing net
8 a broken compass that points east instead of north
9 a small vase with a painting of a sea serpent
10 the briny journal of a dead sea captain
11 a book of myths and stories used to memorize the location of the stars
12 a broken music box with a mermaid sitting on a slowly turning rock
13 a shell necklace. When rubbed you hear a beseeching voice
14 a cracked bell from a shipyard
15 a barnacled plank pierced by a trident's head
16 a blue bowl. When filled with water it mimics what the waves will be like the following day
17 a small bottle with a note from a shipwrecked sailor
18 a map of the stars made of shells on a wooden board
19 a set of wind chimes made from fish bones
20 a hollow reed decorated in Aquan runes

Sea Trinkets 21-40

1d20Sea Trinkets 2
1 the crystal false eye of a famous pirate
2 a gold doubloon from a kingdom lost to the sea
3 a belt with a buckle from the tip of a harpoon
4 a piece of glass in the shape of a lobster’s claw
5 a translucent medallion marked with the Aquan rune for "Eternity"
6 a wooden puzzle box decorated with cockle shells. You have not yet opened it
7 ownership papers of a ship not seen for fifty years
8 a large tarnished ring with an embedded compass
9 a plank of wood from a shipwreck
10 a small lexicon of nautical terms
11 the decorated tunic of a shipwrecked naval officer
12 a scrimshaw knife depicting moons that wax and wane
13 a piece of coral growing around a shiny rock. The patterns of the rock change each day
14 a stone skull with brass teeth whose eyes drip salt water
15 a fossilized cyclops eye
16 a ship's log describing a slow descent into madness by the crew
17 a strip of leather with lyrics to a sea shanty. The words change slightly each morning.
18 a small glass sculpture shaped like a sea vessel
19 a crystal pendant with a droplet of water suspended within
20 a bottle of squid ink with a quill tip fashioned from a squid's beak

And also two tables for modifying or creating your own

Sea Trinkets Extras

1d20Sea Trinket Extras
1 when held, shows the journeys of a particular ship
2 with a rune for "Death" that shows in salt water
3 that gives you dreams of an underwater city
4 surrounded by a haze (or fog)
5 which is wet with sea water each dawn
6 that leaves behind a trail of bubbles
7 that sinks like a stone
8 that a parent acquired on a sea voyage
9 that hovers above water
10 that has a message only visible in water?
11 that always smells of brine (or spirits)
12 which shows you visions of far off ports
13 that skips on the sea when thrown
14 that you found in a bottle at sea (or on a beach)
15 which is blessed by a deity of storms (or the moon)
16 that shouts phrases associated with sailors
17 given to your family by a sea hag
18 from a sailor whose skeleton washed ashore
19 that always feels wet to the touch
20 associated with an undersea civilization

Sea Trinkets Inscriptions

1d20Sea Trinket Inscriptions
1 sharing the last words of a sea captain
2 with a message for a loved one
3 inscribed with a ship name
4 with the names of sea deities
5 bearing a sea shanty
6 with a recipe for battered fish and fried vegetables
7 signed by a famous explorer (or pirate)
8 with insults in Sahuagin (or Elven)
9 marked with symbols of a famous port
10 with instructions for a flotation device
11 etched with the true name of a sea horror
12 with a treasure map and coded instructions
13 listing nautical swear words
14 with rules of a card game
15 engraved with a prayer to a sea god
16 etched with a popular tavern name
17 with a poem about storms
18 bearing Aquan runes for "Wind" and "Wave"
19 with ten things to do on a sinking ship
20 inscribed with the saga of a sea giant

More Sea Trinkets

For more Sea trinkets try the Sea and Wind Trinkets and Creation Tables on DM's Guild

Trinkets of Sea on DM's Guild All the Trinkets Bundle on DM's Guild