Festive Fantasy Tables - Markets and Gifts
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Festive Fantasy Tables - Markets and Gifts

Duncan Thomson
" Traders, a trio of colourful siblings, are selling herbs for problems of love and age...."

Festive tables for atmosphere in winter adventures. Tables for Market Encounters, Market Locations, Market Stalls, Security, Lucky Finds/Special Gifts and Festive Magic Item.

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Festive Fantasy Tables - Markets and Gifts

Complementing the adventure tables are those for markets and the things you can find at them. This can be a pleasing diversion, a major plot point or the site of a whole adventure. Gifts, supplies, magical quest items and surprises can all be found at the festive market! Along with the buyers and sellers who can come from anywhere.

Many gather at the market in the festive season, looking for gifts and bargains or celebrating in any way they can.

There is a fantasy arctic encounters generator at ChaosGen. There is also a pdf of these and more tables at the DriveThruRPG as Assortment of Frost and Festive Tables.

Fantasy Festive Tables on DriveThru RPG Winter Tables Bundle on DriveThru RPG

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Market Creatures and Encounter Details

1d10 There is a(n)... are...
1 sorcerer with many cats helping act out a festive story
2 group of friends in costumes hoping to steal something in particular
3 few acolytes led by a priest looking at the party suspiciously
4 large argumentative family loudly singing festive songs
5 few shepherds with sheep telling a rapt audience of their travels
6 noble with many helpers getting ready for a festive wedding
7 minstrel full of festive tales advertising wares of a market stall
8 pair of rich foreign travelers watching a talented street entertainer
9 few young excited guards shopping for gifts for family (or lovers)
10 trio of magicians carrying gifts enjoying a barrel of strong festive ale

Market Locations

1d10Market Locations
1 An empty raised wooden stage, with a few costumes laid out.
2 A tent where a festive figure receives visitors and gives out presents.
3 An area with a few tables of people playing dice and cards, open to all.
4 A frozen fountain with the illusion of a laughing wintry giant.
5 A pavillion tent, where a scholar hires workers for a secret project.
6 A pop-up tavern with mead and cider tents, doing lots of business.
7 An area marked out with ribbons, awaiting arrival of fey traders.
8 A large tent where twin traders push services of many mercenaries.
9 A market stall selling donkeys, as well as very fine meat pies.
10 A temple of a festive deity, where people bring gifts for those in need.

Market Stalls

1d10 Trader(s), a(n)... selling... who...
1 grim-faced serious priest clay masks depicting otherworldly beings
2 shapechanging goblin fine handmade pricey wooden dolls
3 gaunt assassin, long retired knives, daggers and other small blades
4 trio of colourful siblings lovable pets at suspiciously low prices.
5 old wild-eyed alchemist a variety of unlabeled, unstable potions
6 charming pretty magician fortunes using mystical card readings
7 infamous monster hunter furs and parts of legendary creatures
8 quiet wrinkled shepherd herbs for problems of love and age.
9 animated wooden statue carved wooden toys, some which move
10 gang of enterprising urchins festive charms made from holy symbols

Market Security

1d10Market Security
1 A pair of retired soldiers who can't take anything seriously.
2 The Holly Harpists, a group of adventurers, "between adventures"
3 A friendly troll dressed as a festive character, watchful for trouble.
4 A band of veteran mercenaries, heavily armed for guarding a market.
5 Local militia, always looking for people to join their card games.
6 A ice witch who performs tricks keeping an eye on the market
7 A trio of berserkers, spending lots of time sampling goods for free.
8 Several uniformed guards, a few of which guard an ornate coach.
9 A intelligent decorated tree, which has a flock of crows watching for it.
10 A few lazy thugs, generously paid for by an ambitious local merchant.

Lucky Finds and Special Gifts

1d10Lucky Finds and Special Gifts
1 An ugly bronze antlered figurine with sparkling purple eyes.
2 A weathered oak goblet, specially made for drinking hot mulled wine.
3 A shiny silver badge signed by winners of the Twelfth Winter Games.
4 A collection of six snow globes, each with a different face peering out.
5 An aspen wand that makes the see everything covered in sparkles.
6 An intricate brooch of ribbons and red leaves which aids fertility
7 A trio of tiny ivory goats, who smile when it snows
8 An faerie ring of feathers, followed by motes of glittering light if worn.
9 A plant in a runed bowl, that only flowers during the festive season.
10 An annotated book on how to go from Zero to Hero in ninety days

Festive Magic Items

1d10Festive Magic Items
1 Box of Endless Trinkets. Plays a festive tune when opened for ten minutes. Once per day it produces a trinket from another dimension
2 Amulet of Cheerful Luck. The bearer feels the need to always be optimistic and happy. It is also said to bring good fortune.
3 Bag of Festive Companions. Twice a day the bag can produce a clay figure, that turns into a... d10 (1-2. dove 3-4. snowy owl 5. fox
6. donkey 7. sheep 8. reindeer 9. white bear 10. penguin )
4 Wand of Sparkles. When used, creates sparkling dust for a minute, lighting up all it clings to. On a 1 on 1d6 it has run out for the day.
5 Ring of Generosity. While worn it protects wearer, but won't function for that wearer after a month. It functions again for a new wearer.
6 Crook of the Shepherd. Aids in handling of beasts and strikes as a magi staff. Wakes owner up early each morning, sometimes twice.
7 Gem of Sweetness. Glows with a bright orange light on command for up to 1 hour. After use, the user is hungry, craving sweet foods.
8 Boots of Jingling. The wearer of a jingling red boot feels playful, telling jokes and having fun. If both boots worn, can control jingling.
9 Figurine of Snow. For up to 1 hour, this figurine turns the bearer into a snow version of themselves. If they melt, they return to true form.
10 Sleigh of Flying. Famously part of a historic event, this sleigh will fly for 1 hour a day, pulled by spectral goats, trailing many snowflakes.

More Encounters

There is a fantasy arctic encounters generator at ChaosGen. There is also a pdf of these and more tables at the DriveThruRPG as Assortment of Frost and Festive Tables.

Fantasy Festive Tables on DriveThru RPG Winter Tables Bundle on DriveThru RPG

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