Troika! Solo with Mythic Part 1: RPG and Character Intro
Troika! Luminous Edition (Hardback)
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Troika! Solo with Mythic Part 1: RPG and Character Intro

Duncan Thomson

Continuing a playthrough of British RPGs with Troika!, using Mythic GM Emulator 2nd Edition. A unique experience of science-fantasy with lots of influence from Fighting Fantasy.

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Rolling Solo with British RPGs - Troika!

One reason why my last RPG was Dungeoneer! was because I wanted to play Troika! next. It draws heavily on the Fighting Fantasy heritage that Dungeoneer is based on, using Skill, Stamina and Luck, as well as combat resolution where either side can be hurt in the attack roll.

Troika (Numinous Edition) is a 114 page book from the Melsonian Arts Council. It uses three stats of Skill (how experienced and talented you are), Stamina (how tough you are) and Luck (luck and fortune).

On top of that it uses open-ended Advanced Skills that could be anything. Common ones include Strength, Sneak, Awareness and Run. But could equally be Spoon Fighting (skill with fighting using a spoon), Gardening, Morris Dancing or Wagonneering. Ones included in the Backgrounds include Painting, Jousting, Hoof Fighting and Grilling, with encouragement to create your own.

Char Gen consists of rolling for Skill, Stamina and Luck, then a Background. These are the ancestries, classes and careers of Troika! and the heart of it's quirky presentation. They start with Ardent Giant of Corda (a giant), to Monkeymonger (seller of monkeys), Necromancer (the classic, including a zombie servant or ghost) and finishing with Zoanthrop (someone with part of their brain removed).

Each Background has a description, skills and Advanced Skills. You are encouraged to create your own and replace ones of the 36 included in the base game.

The book also includes skill resolution, combat, an innovative encumbrance system, elegant rules for advancement, a bestiary of enemies and a starting adventure, the Blancmange and Thistle.

The magic system is all skill based, with each spell having its own skill, such as Firebolt, Skeletal Counsel and Find. Each has it's own description in the Advanced Skills section. Each spell has a stamina cost, which is paid whether the skill test succeeds or not.

Most Skill checks are 2d6 equal to under the relevant Skill (from 4-6 for characters) plus Advanced Skill (1-4 for starting Backgrounds). Opposed rolls have both contestants rolling 2d6 and adding Skill + Advanced Skill (or just Skill for Enemies), with highest total winning.

The book has a science-fantasy / space-fantasy feel and an anarchic, eldritch feel which is apparent throughout the RPG.

Introducing Clementine

As I'll be using Mythic GM Emulator 2nd Edition, I went the traditional route with only one character. And lots of hope they'll find one or more companions along the way!


Skill 4, Stamina 23, Luck 7, Journeyman of the Guild of Sharp Corners

Advanced Skills - Awareness 1, Climb 1, Crossbow Fighting 1, Disguise 1, Knife Fighting 1, Locks 1, Poison 1, Sneak 1, Swim 1

Equipment - black clothes of the apprentice, garotte, curved sword, 3 vials of poison, crossbow and six bolts, 7sp, knife, lantern, flask of oil, rucksack, 6 provisions.

I rolled minimum for Skill and Luck, which makes things hard. Interesting. Any skill roll will be a challenge for Clementine, especially as all skills are rank 1. Meaning he needs to roll a 5 or less for most skill checks (28% chance of success).

Clementine is at the starting adventure to kill someone, but I'm imagining him unsure of everything he does, and cautious (for good reason!). For the name I rolled a d20 against the people in the credits and then expanded from Clements for something classic-feeling to me.

Solo Tool

For solo tools, I'll be using just the Mythic Game Master Emulator 2nd Edition from Word Mill Games as my only tool apart from any random tables I create. At least that's what I intend.

I've wanted to use Mythic for a while but I play offline so needed a physical copy. Luckily I now have a physical copy of the new (this year) 2nd edition.

It's the gold standard for use in solo rpgs, used in lots of the solo Podcasts I've listened to.

Finishing Up

So next up is introducing the Blancmange and Thistle starting adventure, some custom ideas tables made from it, setting our Starting Scene and seeing how it goes!

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