Dragon Warriors Solo with Tricube Tales Part 3: Manor Manners
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Dragon Warriors Solo with Tricube Tales Part 3: Manor Manners

Duncan Thomson

Continuing on with solo playthrough of Dragon Warrriors!, using Mythic GM Emulator 2nd Edition. Following on from the Starting Scenes.

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Thoughts on Dragon Warriors

The setting is strong, with a European feudal world and British setting. Things such as shillings, "Sir X" and the language used. I'll admit that a feudal setting isn't my favourite, or at least one that heavily emphasizes the social class differences.

There are well explained rules for sneaking, climbing, buying and selling and combat. Each one works slightly differently, which is fairly typical for older style games.

There are universal rules for attempting something. Decide on a stat and a required score. If your attribute is high enough (Reflexes 14 to climb a slippery wall), you automatically do it. If not, you make a check under the stat.

I improvised a bit with surprise, as the rules are written assuming delving into the underworld. As opposed to a manor house at night.

The book is also full of well written resources, from the rules for buying and selling, with availability for city/town/village, to the bestiary, world information, higher level NPCs / Characters and treasure tables.

There are robust procedures for dungeon delving and travel, which is nice to see for solo.

Levelling up was fairly underwhelming, as characters get slightly better. Health points don't have a roll, instead going up by 1 (or 1 every two levels). It shows how weighted in importance the d6 roll for health at 1st level is to characters.

So I'm not a fan of a single d6 roll for health ever in a character's existence, and also a lack of special abilities until..8th level!!

Except for spells, nothing else new is given out until then. I'm fine with not having any special abilities, but if you're going to have them, why wait until 8th level until giving out more??!! Especially for knights and barbarians.

Following on from that, looking at the levelling, until 8th level there isn't a great deal between barbarians and knights. Social class, a few health points, heavy armour for the knight and berserk for the barbarian.

Thoughts on Solo with Tricube Tales

Tricube tales has wonderful tables, lots packed into those pages using d66 charts. I now understand the logic of using d66 tables more for a system using only six-sided dice.

I'm also a fan of the basic resolution using a d6 for yes/no and another for possibly adding "and..." or "but..." Simple and quick.

I'm not yet sold on the way it structures the story. Story Structure using a deck of playing cards, to give scene challenges, resulting in Agile/Brawny/Crafty challenges or advancing the plot. It felt like I was missing something or it works better with the 1-page Tricube Tales settings.

I'll see how it goes in the next part.

Adventures of Quentin, Modwen, Elgan and Mai

Scene 3 - Into the Manor

Early next morning, the group rise early and approach manor through tunnels. With them is Antonio, Lady Angela's servant. Modwen snuck ahead, as the only one wearing light armour. She also summoned a candle that made light only she could see.

(Asked Tricube Tales if mercenaries had drunk the mead, got a no, but. Also asked for an event and got another Agile challenge - the dogs)

The tunnel came out into a pantry, along with two large sleeping dogs among the remains of bones. Modwen backs up to warn party. Turns out Antonio is familiar with the dogs but he doesn't want to go in. Quentin pulls rank and orders the servant in.

The dogs wake but are calm with Antonio, who used to be a servant in the manor. There are voices in the kitchen and Modwen spots three mercenaries drinking there. Modwen goes in first to block off entrance to the hall and others run in after, quickly overcoming the surprised mercenaries. One is still conscious and quickly interrogated, revealing the rest and boss are sleeping in the hall. They lock them in the cupboard after quickly tying up.

The group all sneak into the hall, knock out most, but Maxim  Le Cloche wakes and tries to escape upstairs. Brought down by barrage of stones and Quentin's morning star.

Scene 4 - Preparations

Lady Angela is most happy with the defeat of the mercenaries and Le Cloche, and turns a blind eye when they coin, weapons and jewellery they find on them.

They then go amongst the villagers, who are a lot happier that the manor is back in Lady Angela's hands. They see what provisions they can muster. After some haggling they have rations, bedrolls, and Rufus the Dog.

They are told that Sir Olvar headed into nearby hills to fight a creature known as the "White Lady", known to be very dangerous and tied to his bloodline. Lady Angela sends Antonio with them to look after Rufus and maybe keep an eye on them. He isn't happy about it.

They set out just after lunch.

(I also levelled them up to Level 2, to see how progression works in Dragon Warriors. Tricube Tales also indicated another agile challenge next).

Scene 5 - To the Hills

Winds pick up as the day moves on, and they spot a cave mouth they decide to seek shelter in. Navigating the narrow trail, Elgan struggles and tumbles down a cliff, becoming quite injured. The others pick him up and manage to make it into the cave.

As they prepare their bedrolls and try to make a fire, they detect they are not alone....

Expected next scene - Fight with Grey Gnomes

(I decided I wanted a fight and to try out the combat more, so two grey gnomes await. Solo is all about making the game your own)

Characters and Adventure Notes

The characters, now level 2! With them is Anonio the (unhappy) servant, who is looking after Rufus, Quentins' Dog, and representing Lady Angela.


Elementalist level 2, human female from Mercania Coast, speaks intermediate Elleslandic, native Latter Mercanian and a few words of Cabbandari, callous, friendly

Health Points 7, Spellcasting, Magic Points (Earth 3, Fire 1, Water 1), Spells - Abundance, Rain, Candle), Raw Power, Elemental Resistance

Strength 13, Reflexes 11, Intelligence 17, Psychic 15, Looks 14,

Attack 13, Defence 6, Magic Attack 18, Magic Defence 8, Evasion 5, Stealth 13, Perception 5

Equipment - lantern, tinderbox, sword (d8 pen, 4 damage), staff of earth, shield, padded armour (2 armour), spear (2d4 pen, 4 damage, 2h), bedroll, rope (1o m), weeks rations, 12 florins

Elgan Blethen

Warlock level 2, human male from Albion, son of a jeweller, speaks native Elleslandic, literate (ancient languages - intermediate Bacchile, fluent Old Kurlish), aggressive, overconfident

Health Points 10, Magic Points 2, spellcasting, weapon groups, simultaneous casting

Strength 11, Reflexes 9, Intelligence 12, Psychic 14, Looks 9,

Attack 13, Defence 6, Magic Attack 13, Magic Defence 6, Evasion 3, Stealth 13, Perception 5

Equipment - lantern, flint-and-tinder, backpack, bow, quiver with six arrows, dagger, full mail armour (4 armour), 30 florins, sword (d8 pen, 4 damage), shield, battleaxe (d8 pen, 6 damage, 2h), weeks rations, bedroll

Quentin l'Argent

Knight level 1, human male from Albion, gentry class, speaks native Elleslandic, restless, devious

Health Points 9, Track, Armour Expert, Ride Warhorse

Strength 18, Reflexes 12, Intelligence 7, Psychic 14, Looks 12,

Attack 16, Defence 9, Magic Defence 5, Evasion 4, Stealth 13, Perception 5

Equipment - plate armour (5 armour), shield, dagger, lantern, flint-and-tinder, backpack, 25 florins, morning star (d6+1 pen, 6 damage). Rufus the dog

Mai Storgaard

Barbarian level 2, human female from Haragorn Mountains, hates dwarves, cheerful, loud

Health Points 14, Berserk, track, ride warhorse

Strength 11, Reflexes 10, Intelligence 11, Psychic 7, Looks 15,

Attack 16, Defence 7, Magic Defence 3, Evasion 5, Stealth 13, Perception 5

Equipment - mail armour (4 armour), dagger, lantern, flint-and-tinder, backpack, 4 florins, battleaxe (d8 pen, 6 damage), bow, quiver with 6 arrows, weeks rations, bedroll

Adventure Notes

So far there's

  • Main Plot - Find Sir Olvar in the hills, gone to fight a monster known as "the White Lady" and try to bring him back to his wife
  • Subplot 1 - Get Sir Olvar to assist Modwen (reason currently unknown)
  • Subplot 2 - An assassin striking down nobility

Finishing Up

Should be more to go on next time, as been travelling and socialising in last couple weeks!

Happy Gaming!