Trinkets of Romance and Companionship for DnD 5E

A copper lamp that needs no oil and gives off dim pinkish light

Romance trinkets with a couple tables for modifying and making your own.

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Romance Trinkets

Trinkets that follow the themes of companionship and giving, bonds and different forms of love.

So here are trinkets for your D&D characters in adventures with those themes.

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Romance Trinkets Trinkets Bundle

Romance Trinkets 1-20

1d20Romance Trinkets
1 A large bronze anklet with golden runes for "Friendship", "Hope" and "Regrowth"
2 A petrified mouse that was your favorite childhood pet
3 An intricate brooch of leaves and seeds that is an elven fertility charm
4 A violet bedroll covered with rude scenes. It expands to fit two creatures
5 An ivory medallion that is covered in smiling cats.
6 A stuffed cuddly doll of an owlbear
7 A six-sided die with suggestions in Dwarvish for romantic dates
8 Marble bust of a succubus (or incubus) head. It smells of burnt incense
9 A pewter tankard which has a horoscope for the week. It changes every seven days.
10 A book of dried flowers. Each time it is opened the book smells of a different flower inside
11 A crystal slipper that will fit anyone who tries it on
12 A small silver cage holding a songbird
13 A pendant of red stone engraved with a love poem in Celestial
14 An engagement ring of oak given to you by someone now gone
15 A worn set of pan pipes. It plays a wedding tune every midday
16 A bronze torc inscribed with the words "Until the end of the world"
17 A diamond ring with a crystal where the diamond should be
18 A clockwork rabbit that belonged to your grandmother
19 A copper lamp that needs no oil and gives off dim pinkish light
20 A peacock feather that repairs itself if damaged

Romance Trinkets 21-40

1d20Romance Trinkets 2
1 A fey lyre that attracts birds when played
2 A bone bracelet with mysterious ruby runes. They glow with an intensity matching the strength of emotions you are feeling
3 An ornate comb that was given to you by a former lover
4 An empty elven wine bottle. On it is marked your family tree going back four generations with room for two more.
5 Two furry balls linked by a silk cord. Relaxes you slightly when squeezed
6 A necklace of twelve silver coins. Each has a line of a love song
7 A wooden cup painted with a beautiful beach. The waves move while liquid is in the cup
8 A sparkling rosewood jewelry box. Items stored inside for a day or more will sparkle for an hour after being taken out
9 Playing cards depicting dryads, satyrs, succubi, incubi and yuan-ti
10 A toy flumph that floats gently to the ground if dropped
11 A perfectly preserved human hand with a beckoning finger
12 A wig of long bright hair. It stands on end when the wearer is excited
13 A warm glass egg that hatches a tiny gelatinous cube every morning
14 A silver locket that shows the portrait of the person you have strongest feelings for
15 An old book which details a ritual called "mending the broken heart"
16 A wooden unicorn mask with a pink horn
17 A ceramic pot of lip balm that refills itself every dusk
18 A pair of hip flasks decorated with matching patterns. One warms liquids and the other chills them.
19 A ring of red stone which was recently given to you by a close friend
20 A candle of incense that smells of lavender and never runs out

And also two tables for modifying or creating your own

Romance Trinkets Extras

1d20Romance Trinket Extras
1 that smells faintly of lavender (or jasmine)
2 that hums when exposed to bare skin
3 that belonged to a legendary lover
4 that you found in a cradle
5 which your parents gave you to give to your first child
6 that is associated with a deity of love
7 given to your parents at their wedding
8 it is part of a matching pair given to another
9 that is associated with a legendary succubus
10 that faintly glows at night
11 that glows different colors to match your mood
12 that has a sweet smell
13 that makes you all tingly when held
14 that was given to you by a former lover
15 that attracts songbirds
16 that is a fertility charm
17 that belonged to your grandfather
18 that sings a lullaby at dusk
19 that a butterfly emerges from every dawn
20 that belonged to your grandmother

Romance Trinkets Inscriptions

1d20Romance Trinket Inscriptions
1 with two elven names engraved on it
2 with three runes associated with peace and wellbeing
3 carved with tiny writing in Sylvan telling the story of two lovers in the Feywild
4 with the word "Harmony" inscribed onto it
5 marked with the elven rune for "Forever" or "Friendship"
6 has the phrase "Let us never be parted" inscribed into it
7 which has the rune for "Commitment"
8 with a message congratulating you on the birth of your child
9 etched with the phrase "Our love is eternal"
10 with the name of your first sweetheart carved on it
11 engraved with the date of your grandparents wedding
12 inscribed with an exotic name
13 marked with a rune for "Love" or "Beloved"
14 inscribed with ten names favored by your family for children
15 with the date of your grandparents wedding inscribed into it
16 with a phrase in Celestial "If I know what love is, it is because of you"
17 engraved with a rhyming poem by a famous bard
18 with writing describing how to make a love potion
19 marked with a love saga
20 engraved with an invitation to a wedding

More Trinkets

For more Romance trinkets try Romance Trinkets and Creation Tables on DM's Guild

Romance Trinkets Trinkets Bundle