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D&D Characters - Random Tools for 5E [Updated]

Duncan Thomson

"Zdomek: Male Half-orc Fighter, NG. Str 12, Dex 13, Con 9, Int 7, Wis 12, Cha 5. Zdomek is tall, with curly blonde hair and soft green eyes. He wears ring mail and wields a greatsword."

A guide to the tools and generators for creating and fleshing out D&D Player-Characters.

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Disclaimer. I'm an affiliate for DM's Guild and I also create a lot of products with random tables on DM's Guild..

Character Tools for D&D

names | char gen | other details | by class | by ancestry / race | during play | pdfs

Most random tools are DM-focused while the player-focused ones tend to be character builders. Here we see what other tools are around to help players create interesting, unusual, deep and random characters.

First up is names picking a few of the many options out there. Then there are the full-character generators and builders. Rounding off these are tools on details and backstory

Getting a bit more specific are options by ancestry / race and ones by character class.

Beyond these are options during the adventure or campaign and a few paid pdfs that provide further options

A Good Name

names | char gen | other details | by class | by ancestry / race | during play | pdfs

Ai Electrofiz, Arnvin Triggerblast, Bonmida Triggerbun, Bonva Tiddlybun, Gab Wizzgadget, Jenva Electrojet, Junmida Tinkerbit, Kiaan Gyrojet, Nindan Geargadget, Tor Tinkerwink

Gnome names from name generator tool (under npcs in the filter) at Dungeon Master's Vault. It also has names for adventures, cities and continents.

Many find naming a character the hardest part of chargen. "Dave the Fighter" and similar characters are the bane of many campaigns.

One of the best known places is Fantasy Name Generators, which has names by DnD race.  You can find them on one page with Kassoon.

Then Codex Nomina is a site dedicated to names, with an impressive selection at their D&D Names Generator . There is a community that helps with picking and adding names.

D&D Names Generator at Codex Nomina

Character Generation

names | char gen | other details | by class | by ancestry / race | during play | pdfs

"Hammerer". Race: Kenku. Gender: Male. Class: Warlock. Background: Guild Merchant.  
Occupation: Hunter or trapper.  Description: Appearance: Distinctive posture (crooked or rigid)...

From Random Character Generator at which has a long list of D&D sources to use.

For a character in a hurry then fast character gives a full character sheet. You can specify race, class, level and more.

For a different take there is a DM's Guild supplement that gives you random tables for choosing your character with most official 5E supplements. And I've built a generator for dnd Character Ideas including pet, family and trinket.

fast character for D&D 5E

Details and Backstory

names | char gen | other details | by class | by ancestry / race | during play | pdfs

"A marble figurine which looks like you"

From the  5e Trinket Generator at donjon.

DM Heroes has a portrait generator with the core races of 5e and which can be edited

DnD Speak has 100 interesting trinkets and minor items, 100 Personality Quirks and 100 character backgrounds

Pets are a source of fun for many groups and there is a guide for pet generators or I have a D&D pet tool.

DM Heroes Portrait Gen

For the Classes

names | char gen | other details | by class | by ancestry / race | during play | pdfs

The PC has a dream of a legendary weapon/suit of armor and its exact location. However, the same dream has been sent to 3 other rivals - and they, and the PC, are all aware of this fact. The race is on!

Plot Hooks by character class at D&D Flavor Generators (example is for a fighter).

For Barbarians I can offer up barbarian names

For Bards here's a random quip generator or a musical instrument generator. If you feel a song coming on look at 100 Bard Songs. Plus a bard name generator

For Clerics how about a local random god to follow. Or the Cleric Name generator

For Druids start with druid names.   There are 100 druidic treasures. Druids with companions can look at the  guide for pet generators.

Fighters might benefit from a Nickname

Monks could have their own martial arts style and a monk name generator

For Paladins maybe a local random god to follow. Or the Paladin Name generator.  For higher levels there is are 100+ paladin magic items

For Rangers fantasy name generators has a host of pets scroll to the bottom to find them all.  Or look at the guide for pet generators. There is also a ranger name generator

Rogues like tricks and gear so 100 magic items for a rogue will be of interest. And some rogues may enjoy the Bandit name generator or the broader rogue name generator

For Sorcerers of a wild bent there are extra wild surges

For Warlocks there are some patron contract tables and a witch/warlock name generator. Warlocks with companions can look at the  guide for pet generators

For Wizards there is a wizard name generator. For spells there are spellbooks or more spellbooks

By Ancestry / Character Race

names | char gen | other details | by class | by ancestry / race | during play | pdfs

Minotaurs, Leonin and other character races of Theros have their own section

Dragonborn may find 100 dragonborn traits of use. Rand Roll has dragonborn personality tables.

For Dwarves find 100 dwarven features. Rand Roll has dwarf personality tables.

Elves and half-elves are in luck with 100 elven traits, elven clothing and accessories and unique elven features. Rand Roll has personality tables for elves and half-elves.

Gnomes may like 100 gnomish inventions where safety was clearly an afterthought. Rand Roll has gnome personality tables.

Halflings have their own traits. There is also 100 breads, muffins and other baked goods. Rand Roll has halfling personality tables.

Half-orcs and orcs have 100 orc and half-orc traits. Rand Roll has half-orc personality tables.

Tieflings have 100 tiefling traits. Rand Roll has tiefling personality tables.

During the Game or Campaign

names | char gen | other details | by class | by ancestry / race | during play | pdfs

You wake up in a wooded valley outside town with no memory of how you got there, a year older and able to speak sylvan fluently.

From the  carousing generator at donjon

During play you might find yourself running a business or wandering what to spend gold pieces on.

They might gain followers or hirelings (NPC generators guide) or buy, make or acquire magic items (treasure and items guide). I'm still looking for decent generators for downtime or strongholds!


names | char gen | other details | by class | by ancestry / race | during play | pdfs

Trinkets are represented with Volo's Bag Of Holding: 1,000 Trinkets, Baubles, and Curios Found In The Forgotten Realms and Beyond. Tie your personality traits to ability scores with  ability traits

If you want to try solo adventuring then the Solo Adventurer's Toolbox is for you. Finally one of mine with Character Magic Item Tables for future planning or starting higher level characters.

Recommendations Please!

I'll keep this guide updated so please suggest 5E D&D character generators in the comments or on twitter to @DuncanThom

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