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Ravenloft and Dnd Horrors Tools Guide

Duncan Thomson

A guide to random tools for running and playing in Ravenloft and other horror-based D&D adventures.

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Starting Points

start | ravenloft | characters | vampires | pdfs

There are other generator guides for general horror, dark fantasy

For encounter ideas I have encounters in shadowfell terrain

Ravenloft & the Domains of Dread

start | ravenloft | characters | vampires | pdfs

One of the first themed adventures for dark fantasy was Ravenloft, which grew into a setting and has returned for fifth edition with Van Richten.

For new ideas try 100 new darklords and domains.


start | ravenloft | characters | vampires | pdfs

You might want some names for Ravenloft or Goth sounding vampire names.

For 5e support take a look at 100 horror trinkets or spooky trinkets

You might find a use for a deck of Tarot Cards

Strahd and other Vampires

start | ravenloft | characters | vampires | pdfs

Curse of Strahd  is the best-known vampire adventure for fifth edition

To support it there is collection of tables from Curse of Strahd, a Curse of Strahd encounter generator and a Fortunes generator for different setups of Curse of Strahd

For more vampire specific tools try vampire descriptions with magical abilities, vampire names,  Graveyard Names

Random PDFs of Ravenloft and Horror

start | ravenloft | characters | vampires | pdfs

For random tables in pdf format there is a DM's Guild collection of extra encounters for curse of Strahd

Next are a series of random tables for gothic horror - Ravenloft Tables

Last are two of mine, Spooky Encounters and Spooky Trinkets

Encounters in the Mists
Ravenloft Tables: Random Tables for Your Gothic Horror Games
Spooky Encounters
Spooky Trinkets

Ravenloft tool recommendations

I'll keep this guide updated so please suggest D&D generators in the comments or over at the rpg_generators subreddit