D&D Dungeon Encounters using the Monster Manual

"A cautious young black dragon scouting out area and looking for new lair"

Dungeon random encounters using the monster manual

Monster Manual Encounters - City | Dungeon | Wilds

Dungeon Encounters using Monster Manual

Random encounters in the Dungeon with a mix of non-combat, low-level, mid level, vermin and locations. The tables have a sub-theme of a frog monsters

For Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition using the Monster Manual.

Inspired by my D&D Encounter Generator and available on DM's Guild along with similar tables

Monster Manual Encounters - City, Dungeon and Wilderness Quick Adventure Bundle

Dungeon Encounters Low Level (1-4)

1d20Dungeon Encounters Low Level (1-4)
1 Several flumphs who have been attracted by psionic energies nearby
2 A troll who has taken a oath to only eat dead animals. It is meditating
3 A wererat scouting as a rat for another faction. Follows the characters
4 A poor guard who is happy to work as a torchbearer or other hireling
5 A patrol of 1d4+2 flying swords who take great interest in other swords
6 1d2 giant toads with pack harnesses or roll on Dungeon Vermin
7 2d4+2 kobolds who are building a half-finished elaborate trap
8 1d3 skeletons and 1d3 zombies tidying up and making repairs
9 1 ochre jelly recently released from a sealed area by another creature
10 1d4+2 goblins mounted on giant wolf spiders playing a game with sticks
11 1 intelligent mimic which is talkative or roll on Dungeon Vermin
12 1 nothic who prefers to spy on intruders and is curious about any magic
13 1d2 hungry carrion crawlers with saddles attached but no visible riders
14 1 grell who got lost and is carefully searching for secret doors
15 1 cult fantatic and 1d4+1 thugs leading giant frogs into the dungeon
16 1d3+1 duergar mercenaries recently arrived from the Underdark
17 1 ogre with a pet displacer beast carrying a sack of giant frog corpses
18 1 flameskull singing songs to itself as it tries to compose new ones
19 2d4 bullywugs with 1d6 giant frogs attracted here by dreams or magic
20 2d4 gnolls led by 1 gnoll pack leader scouting for a larger warband

Dungeon Encounters Mid Level (5-10)

1d20Dungeon Encounters Mid Level
1 A friendly galeb duhr who tries to give advice about the dungeon
2 A few doppelgangers are looking for somewhere secluded to call home
3 A cambion who surveys ruins is taking measurements for a map
4 A githzerai zerth is interested in the history of the area
5 1d4+2 kuo-toa led by 1 kuo-toa monitor all mounted on giant toads. They are looking for allies to help take over the area
6 1 mezzoloth very curious about what is beyond the area it is guarding
7 1d3+1 hell hounds led by 1 azer in a patrol of the area
8 1 night hag and a pet grick. Stays here betweem haunting nearby villages
9 1 cautious young black dragon scouting out area and looking for new lair
10 2d6+2 hobgoblins and 1 hobgoblin captain looking for paid work here
11 1 blue slaad is feeding a slaad tadpole on fresh corpses
12 2 shadow demons with 2d4 shadows serve a greater power nearby
13 1 spirit naga who is looking for new minions after losing many recently
14 1 salamander and 1 invisible stalker are reluctant guardians here
15 1 wight mounted on a beholder zombie leading 2d4 ogre zombies looking to deal with intruders
16 1 chain devil is trying to outfit a torture chamber for their summoner
17 1 drow mage and 1 mind flayer together are studying rare magic here
18 2 red slaads and 1 green slaad in kuo-toa form, seeking victims to infect
19 1 miserable gynosphinx has run out of good puzzles or riddles
20 1 beholder is looking for whoever claims area (higher level encounter)

Dungeon Vermin Encounters

1d20Dungeon Vermin Encounters
1-2 1d4+1 giant lizards which are lazy and well fed. Try to ignore others
3-4 1d2 giant toads or 1 ochre jelly
5-6 2d4 giant fire beetles which are part of a much larger colony
7-8 2d6 giant centipedes or 1d3+1 mephits of different types
9-10 1d2 rust monsters with leather collars and ropes attached
11-12 1 giant spider or 1d4 shriekers and 1d4 violet fungi
13-14 1d3 giant weasels who will try to steal anything shiny
15-16 1d3 swarms of bats or 1 mimic
17-18 2d4 giant frogs of which one is awakened but tries badly to hide it
19-20 1 swarm of snakes or 1 gelatinous cube

Dungeon Locations

1d20Dungeon Locations
1-2 Frog Statue Bones are littered around the statue of a frog. A teleportation circle is located in one corner under dirt and bones
3-4 Levers Room with a pit-trap and three levers. One lever disables the pit trap. One opens and closes it and one triggers an alarm for 1 minute
5-6 Hidden Refuge A secret door leads to a chamber with a pool of water.
7-8 Cavern has a small ecosystem of insects, bright fungi and luminous moss. A few fire beetles make use of a network of nearby smaller caves
9-10 Shrine. A bull-headed statue holds a sun in two hands. It has a hidden compartment. The area is covered in candles and one of them is lit
11-12 Forge An anvil and smithing tools are in one corner. Recent repairs have been made and there is a good supply of fuel
13-14 Underdark Entrance. An unlocked trapdoor triggers a daylight spell when opened. Beyond are carved steps leading down to the Underdark
15-16 Cairn. A pile of broken rocks and debris barely cover humanoid bones
17-18 Dining Hall with wooden chairs & tables. An unseen servant cleans up.
19-20 Freshwater Pool Fed by an underground stream that leads to a waterfall

More Encounters

These tables and more like it are available on DM's Guild in Monster Manual Encounters - City, Dungeon and Wilderness.

Monster Manual Encounters - City, Dungeon and Wilderness Quick Adventure Bundle