What Random Tools Help to Create Something in Cyberpunk Games?
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What Random Tools Help to Create Something in Cyberpunk Games?

Duncan Thomson

Generators for Cyberpunk roleplaying games.

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Originally published Nov 2019. Photo by Steven Roe on Unsplash

Starting Points

The Cyberpunk roleplaying game, bladerunner, neuromancer, the Matrix, robocop, cyberpunk 2077 are all examples of the genre

For specific games here are character gens for Cyberpunk 2020, Cyberpunk Red. Also a Cyberpunk character lifepath and more cyberpunk 2020 gens

For pdfs and books of random tables try the Guide to Cyberpunk PDFs.


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For pdfs start with Cyberpunk Random Tables and Cyberpunk Random Tables: 2

Augmented Reality is Pay What You Want with over 50 tables of cyberpunk city goodness. Or for adventures take a look at Cyberpunk Adventure Generator

Random Tables - Cyberpunk Random Tables - Cyberpunk 2 Augement Reality Cyberpunk Adventure Generator

Cyberpunk Characters

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"Tao Hsiu: Female Paramedic. Hsiu has a violet mohawk and narrow green eyes. She wears black pants and a Villa Straylight t-shirt, and carries a cybernetics kit. Hsiu seeks only fame and glory."

From Cyberpunk Npcs at Donjon

Naming characters and NPCs can starts with cyberpunk nicknames, cyberpunk names from and multiple cyberpunk names from scifi ideas .

For more details try modern characters or a quick modern character with gender and age filters. There is also a handy random identity generator for more details.

Customise PCs and NPCs with a modern occupation or give them a love interest or anime powers.. And try the random avatar generator (click the die symbol on main avatar)

For those looking for punches and kicks, try the Martial Arts generator,  martial art description or martial arts moves

Modern Char Gen at RanGen

Cyberpunk Jobs and Encounters

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"In-line Skaters (2) Doing some tricks off the PCs’ vehicle."

From Random Encounter Generator with filters for day/evening/night and corporate/moderate/combat zones

For a mission look at cyberpunk jobs. The Cyberpunk random scenario generator uses an older style to get results

For a shift in pace try some paranormal romance. Or you might like ideas from Cyberpunk Story Icons. Plus you never know when you might need a super ninja

Last is a modern city block gen in a residential, commercial, industrial or mixed zone.

Modern City Block Gen


start | pdfs | characters | jobs | corporations | gear | world | robots

"Our mission statement is to exceptionally re-engineer cross functional e-services"

From corporate babble at Ennead Games

Mega corps are often involved in cyberpunk adventures and they will need a brand name and a catchy corporate slogan

You can also choose from 100 cyberpunk corporations. For scenarios based around a corporation try Corporate World Problems at donjon

Last its always useful to know the IT Department.

Corporate World Problems at donjon

Tech and Gear

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"CandleLight. Hooked. PlayGrounded. DearlyBeloved"

From computer virus names at Fantasy Name Generators

As it's in the future try some cyberware or cybernetic implants. And some artificial intelligence will help. They might be attacked by a hacker

The Cyberpunk Chop Shop Generator will provide a place to get tech fitted.

Your characters might be interested in futuristic drugs. And there's even a generator for some random junk

Chop Shop Generator at Iron Arachne

Cyberpunk World

start | pdfs | characters | jobs | corporations | gear | world | robots

"A pizza with Spinach, Lotus Root, Red Onion, Tuna, and Prosiccuto"

From (weird) pizzas at 7th Sanctum

Cities are the heart of much cyberpunk, so give more detail to your city with a city statistic generator and some street names. Then populate them with hotels and modern businesses

Food is important too, so check out meals, futuristic food names (everyone want's Zee's fluorinated pea steak) or an exotic fusion food. Maybe a strange mixed drink will help things along.

To round out the world you will want strange fashions, fancy clothes and Night City sports results.

Then some random Conspiracy theories and medicine names for when things go...bad.

Futuristic Space Food Name Generator at SciFi Ideas

Mechs, Robots and Vehicles

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"Treepillabot. Automated Bot Droideka D4. Disconnected Khevienbot Prime. Global Enforcer Simulator"

From Robot Name Generator at Scifi-Ideas

If it gets more like a warzone or you need some heavy law enforcement then start with robot names, mecha names and shapeshifting robot names.

For unique robot images try robohash

Then there is a list of mechs, some shorter descriptions or something a bit stranger

For vehicles you can have vehicles names or a short car description.

Robohash robot images

Recommendations Please!

I'll keep this guide updated so please suggest Cyberpunk generators in the comments or on my Discord server