31 Days of Fantasy City Randomness - March 2024 Full List
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31 Days of Fantasy City Randomness - March 2024 Full List

Duncan Thomson

For March posting daily with random tools, tables and titles for Fantasy Cities at rpg_generators subreddit (list of posts). Building on previous Generator Months.

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[Cover from OMGM on Day 3]

Day 1 - Fantasy City Generators at Donjon

For March I'm posting daily with random tools, tables & titles for Fantasy Cities.

Starting day 1 strong with generators of donjon

  • Towns and Cities gives descriptions of several towns at once, with populations, unique features, leadership and atmosphere details. With filters for size and culture.
  • For a City or Town (or other settlement) with a map, Fantasy Town Generator gives you that and also basic information & npcs (below the map). It has options for terrain, topography and real-world cultures.
  • The Random Inn Generator is useful for populating places to drink and sleep in a city.
  • There are Random Encounters in Town with all sorts of trouble waiting.
  • The Fantasy Name Generator has an option for human town names. Other cultures listed also has options for "Town Names" (in addition to male and female names)
  • For something unusual, try the Traction Cities, mobile cities inspired by the Mortal Engines books.
  • Castles to guard the cities, inside or nearby.
  • Finally there are Carousing Events (for D&D 5e but look flexible)

Day 2 - City Generator at OMGM

The City Generator at OMGM has options for Population, Type (village / town / city etc), Altitude, Temperature and Humidity

It creates a settlement with info on history, wealth, populace, government, fortifications, location. Plus historical events, hooks and a breakdown of buildings (nine orchards in my small city!)

Enough information to use in a game but not an overwhelming amount! It can be downloaded as a pdf or in markdown.

Day 3 - D100 Tables for Cities at DnD Speak

Powered by lists created at r/d100 DND Speak has many fantasy and sci-fi d100 tables. Ones for city include...

Day 4 - Watabou's Medieval Fantasy City Generator

The Medieval Fantasy City Generator by Watabou is the best known city map generator.

What advice do you have for using the tool?

What projects and adventures have you used it for?

Day 5 - Generators for City Streets

These are generators to bring life to the streets of a fantasy city

Day 6 - Fantasy City Tiles - Dave's Mapper

For a different style of fantasy city map Dave's Mapper gives a Tile-Based City Map.

By default there's a mix of artists, but select less for less styles on a map (I double click on an artist on laptop to just have one)

Increase the grid size, rotate tiles, swap out tiles or export the map!

Day 7 - Eigengrau's Generator 

 different city generator, Eigengrau''s Generator creates a town/city which can then be expanded with more random NPCs, shops, inns, factions, quests that are interrelated and all editable.

There's also a whole lot of customisation including (new-looking) attributes slider (such as amount of magic, amount of wealth etc) and demographics.

There's also a toolbox of separate generators, using the ones integrated into the site.

Day 8 - City Generators of Kassoon

Several tools from Kassoon for fantasy cities

Day 9 - 7Tools Settlement Generator with Interactive Map

At 7Tools is a Settlement Generator with a filter for size, including Town, City and Metropolis.

It's got information about government, imports, exports, factions and buildings.

Then there's a map with wards/areas, and each building can be selected, and the details filled out (from within the generator)

Day 10 - Free and Pay-what-you-want City PDFs 

A few random titles you can get for free from drivethrurpg

Day 11 - Solo Roleplaying in Fantasy Cities

For tools (such as decks of cards) good for solo rpgs in fantasy city environments we have...

Day 12 - Tavern Generators

Taverns and Inns are part of fantasy cities, so we have...

  • Here Be Taverns has the titular Taverns tool, most notably including a floorplan alongside menu, characters and rumours, with further details available.
  • The quirky Tavern Generator at DND Speak, with a description, unusual patons, rumours and meals.
  • The Copper Sanctum's Not Another Tavern Generator, with several filters, descriptions of the place, bartender, clientele and accommodation, plus a very detailed menu of drinks and food.
  • For inn floorplans, Inkwell Ideas has a Random Inn Floorplan Generator with many options to choose from
  • donjon's Random Inn and Tavern Generator, with filters for poor/common/good and townsfolk/adventurers. Location, description, menu, patrons and rumours.
  • Role Generator has a Random Tavern and Inn Generator, including the basics, detailed customers, and an event.

Day 13 - Fantasy Town Generator

Fantasy Town Generator is a mapping tool with many options for creating cities. Look under "All settings" in the Create New Settlement page.

The created settlement has each building detailed, in labelled districts. Selecting a building will show you who lives there, their details, and who is there at a particular time of day! You can add and edit people and also generate events. One of mine was "Wana (a Lanternmaker), who has a crush on Serlert (chamber maid), gives a gift to her".

If you wanted to run a simulationist campaign for tabletop or solo, this might be tool to use!

Day 14 - Thieves and Thieves Guilds

In many fantasy cities there is a thieves guild of one type or another.

For random tools there is

Day 15 - Houses of the City

Sometimes you just want the details of a house, big or small.

Day 16 - Spectacular Settlements PDF

At the other end of the scale from the Free/pay-what-you-want titles of Day 10, is (paid pdf) Spectacular Settlements from Nord Games.

It has 482 pages, with a mix of advice, random tables and pre-made settlements covering trading posts, villages, towns, cities, capitals and fortresses.

Day 17 - Shops and Markets

Whether for atmosphere, simulationist games, or games where characters enjoy shopping, there are tools for shops in fantasy ciites

Day 18 - Into the Sewers

The sewers are part of many urban adventures and campaigns. Outcasts, rat creatures and secret tunnels lurk there.

Day 19 - Random City Map Generator from Inkwell Ideas

An older style of Random City Map Generator is available at Inkwell Ideas, with rivers and coasts. You can set population densities for East/West/South sections and how if are connected.

Day 20 - City Encounters Generators and Tables

For encounters all over the city there's

Day 21 - Urban Dressing from Raging Swan Press 

The folks at Raging Swan Press produce many paid pdfs, and have a whole section on Urban Dressing, with over 200 titles showing (versions for system-neutral, D&D 5e, OSR, Pathfinder).

The one I'll mention is GM's Miscellany: Urban Dressing (System Neutral), with 178 pages of tables for creating urban environments.

Day 22 - Fantasy City Generators of Chartopia

Chartopia is a collection of various charts and generators. For fantasy cities there's