29 Days of Cyberpunk Tools, Tables and Titles - Feb 2024 Full List
Month of RPG Generators Cyberpunk Futuristic Tools

29 Days of Cyberpunk Tools, Tables and Titles - Feb 2024 Full List

Duncan Thomson

For February posting daily with random tools, tables and titles for Cyberpunk at rpg_generators subreddit (list of posts). Building on previous Generator Months.

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[Cover from Glumdark on Day 3]

Day 1 - Augmented Reality, Holistic City Kit

The Augmented Reality City Kit is over 50 random tables for your futuristic city.

It's pay-what-you-want over at itch and $1.99 at DriveThru RPG. Also at DriveThruRPG is Augmented Reality Plus, a free supplement with dropdown grids and 2d10 tables in printable format.

Day 2 - Chop Shop at Iron Arachne

The Chop Shop at Iron Arachne gives a possible place where characters might have black market cyberware fitted or modified.

An example is

" An automated sentry drone hovers in front of the entrance, scanning each person who approaches with its red, glowing eyes. Entry to the shop sets off a soft chime to alert the staff. The attendants in the shop wear matching jumpsuits emblazoned with the shop's logo. They seem to be constantly in motion, moving from one customer to another and offering advice on the various cybernetic upgrades. One or two people wait in the back for their turn under the knife. The operating room is dimly lit and filled with the hum of electronic equipment. Rows of laser scalpels line the walls, ready to be used at a moment's notice. Two technicians in immaculate uniforms stand ready to assist the cyberdoc in any way necessary. "

Day 3 - Cyberpunk Generators of Glumdark

Glumdark Cyber is a section of the (dark fantasy) Glumdark site - "RANDOM TABLES FOR A DYSTOPIAN FUTURE" as they say.

The actual gens will feature in other days, but there are sections for Punks (characters) covering names, bountys, styles, obsessions and the like. Plus Warez with some tech-related generators.

Day 4 - Cities Without Number - RPG and Random Tables

Cities Without Numbers (free edition) is an RPG from Sine Nomine Publishing with many random tables which support it or other cyberpunk settings. They are also compatible with the settings of Stars without Number (space) and Worlds Without Number (fantasy)

"The world is neon and dust."

Day 5 - Cyberpunk Character Names

The names for PCs and NPCs depend on the particular setting / city / region, but here are some cyberpunk specific options.

Day 6 - Cyberpunk Encounters

Street scenes and encounters for Cyberpunk include...

Day 7 - Seedy Cyberpunk Bar Tables at Plastic Polyhedra 

Today's cyberpunk is a Collection of Tables at Plastic Polyhedra for creating a "Seedy Sci-fi / Cyberpunk Bar".

I rolled...

"A high class cocktail lounge hosting an open mic contest. Current patrons are bored youths talking drunken philosophy. There is a possible job lead, an ace pilot trying to fence overpriced art."

These are the sorts of tables easy to customise for your own game or setting.

Day 8 - Blade Runner Generators at Donjon 

Blade Runner is fairly iconic for cyberpunk, and donjon has support for the RPG and setting with Blade Runner Generators.

There is a list of generators in the dropdown above 'Generate', including Street ShopsUrban Decay and What's on that Screen

Then there is a Blade Runner Name Generator and an NPC Generator (including image) with filters for gender and occupation.

Last is a Blade Runner Case Generator in a LAPD style and a filter for the case type such as " Corporate Intrigues and Courtroom Dramas"

Day 9 - Books of Random Tables: Cyberpunk 1 & 2 from Dicegeeks

Dicegeeks has collections of random tables, and there are two for Cyberpunk in The Book of Random Tables: Cyberpunk and The Book of Random Tables: Cyberpunk 2 (drivethru links). The books are also available on amazon and the dicegeeks website.

Both have 32 d100 tables, of which around half are names lists. There are also similar titles for modern, sci-fi and post-apocalypse that may be of interest.

Day 10 - Cyberpunk Scenario Generator at Chartopia

The Cyberpunk Random Scenario Generator is based on old tables from long ago (1997), but holds up well.

Scenarios such as....

What's Going Down? - Cops purge the underworld

Who's Up for It? - Military Corp

Where's it at? - Lab

What's the Real Story? - Cultists

Day 11 - Cyber Character at Meiker

r/rpg_generators - Cyber Character at Meiker (Day 11 of 29 Days of Cyberpunk Tools, Tables & Titles) - link in comments

A little different, the Cyber Character at Meiker creates a visual representation of a Cyberpunk character. There's a "random" dice icon under the menu, and all the selections can be modfied.

Do you know any other visual (non-AI) cyberpunk character / avatar creators?

Day 12 - Mega-Corporation Generators

Cyberpunk often has huge companies as entities or adversaries.

Generators for these include

  • 100 Cyberpunk Corporations at r/d100
  • A possible Brand Name at Rangen such as "Eighty Five Lottery" and "Mancent Worldwide"
  • Corporate World Problems at donjon such as "A strike team of enemy agents broke into your office overnight, and now you keep hearing a beeping sound from inside the walls."
  • The name of the IT Department at 7th Sanctum, such as "Bureau of Code Acquisition" and "Portable Hardware Troubleshooting Committee"
  • Ideas for Professions of employees at Glumdark, such as "spam coordinator" and "cyber technician"
  • At Sci-fi Ideas is a Scifi Corporation Name Generator, such as "XQT Atomic" and "Duopa Dynamics"
  • And Pink Dice Bag Publishing has 100 Cyberpunk Corporation Names in a pdf.

Day 13 - Cyperpunk Story Icons at Chaos Gen

The Cyberpunk Story Icons at Chaos Gen is one of mine, the only one I've made for cyberpunk.

It gives themed icons with a variety of colours applied. 1-3 icons will be larger, with more importance implied. Interpret the icons as you want to, for inspiration, a solo starting scene or as background for another story.

Currently the only filter is choosing the number of icons, but hoping to add more options sometime in next few months.

Day 14 - Cyberpunk Jobs and Mission

Games of Cyberpunk need challenges for characters...

  • Cyberpunk Jobs from donjon, such as "A corporate agent named Cory McRaven needs a team to hunt down and eliminate an escaped cyber-weaponized wolf. In addition, they will have to allow their memories to be wiped after the job."
  • At Glumdark is a list of Bounty Targets, such as The Messenger... "The Messenger is entirely un-augmented. The kid doesn’t even have freakin tattoos. But he’s an absolute ace on a light bike. At least, nobody’s caught him yet. He deals in secrets, and the Don FKM wants him silenced. Catch him if you can.
  • Reddit user CircleofNoms has a Random Job Generator using six d10 tables (list to reddit post)
  • A pay-what-you-want Cyberpunk Adventure Generator by D-oom Products on drivethrurpg
  • Plus already mentioned Cyberpunk Scenario Generator at Chartopia
  • Also at Chartopia, for Shadowrun there's a Shadowrun Run Generator.

Day 15 - Tech and Cyberware Generators

The future should have better tech, such as cyberware and weird tools...

Generators include...

  • Rare Tech Components and NuRelics from Glumdark. Rare tech such as "The CeraLase cutting wheel from a high-end MedExx Auto-Doc"
  • Cyberware from 7th Sanctum, such as "Embedded Electrical Bacteria" or "Polymorphic Robomuscles"
  • For junk and random items there's the Modern Junk Table at Chartopia, with a "low quality roulette wheel" or "2d4 shoddy paintings"
  • The Night Market generator from Cybersmily's Datafort gives a list of Cyberware and personal electronics available (for Cyberpunk Red)
  • And fit them at the Chop Shop of Iron Arachne (covered on Day 2)
  • Tech might cover viruses and AI, for which Fantasy Name Generators has Computer Virus names, Artificial Intelligence names and the related Hacker Names.

Day 16 - Cybersmily's Datafort - Gens for Cyperpunk 2020 & Red

Cybersmily's Datafort has lots of Cyberpunk resources, with data, characters, cybergear and adventures for Cyberpunk RPGs (and useful for any cyberpunk game)

And also generators, under Apps-2020 and Apps-Red headings.

To sample a few...

Day 17 - Shadowrun Names, with Cyberpunk Gens

Shadowrun Names has the tagline "Cyberpunk names for your corporate dystopia".

Although it has "Shadowrun" in the title, many of the tools are good for other cyberpunk too.

  • Names has 12+ categories, and actually gives age and profession too.
  • Movies is excellent, with a Name, genre and other notes. Such as "Cannonhunter - Italian neorealism, Weird change of perspective"
  • Food and Drink gives venues with star rating and other information. Includes a Bars section.
  • Corporations has filters for size, giving name, number of employees and industry. "Baba Yaga Cyberware, 490,000 Employees" is a large one.
  • Lastly there are Runners and Gangs with a very Shadowrun feel

Day 18 - Android and Robot Generators

Part of cyberpunk stories are robots, androids, cyborgs and mechs!

Day 19 - Map Tools for Cyberpunk

Many cyberpunk map needs can be met with slightly updated modern maps.

And there's also...

Day 20 - Data Term - Random Tables of CircleofNoms 

CircleofNoms's Random Tables is a large collection of excellent tables for Cyberpunk Red (and cyberpunk in general). The tables are also available as PDFs

There are sections for NPC Generators (including Fixers and Corpos), Buildings (across four zones), Gangs (inc Cults!, Locations (inc Night Market !, Encounters (inside and outside the city), Scenarios (inc City Events), Hustles and a few more!

Day 21 - Cyberpunk Red Character Generator

The Cyberpunk Red Character Generator is the best character generator I've seen for Cyberpunk, although specifically for Cyberpunk Red.

Well presented, with options to edit and show different styles. It's also on GitHub so you can contribute or fork your own.

Day 22 - Cyberpunk NPC Generators

For Cyberpunk-themed NPCs we have...

Day 23 - Vehicles of Cyberpunk 

We were promised flying cars, but instead the tools for modern/futuristic vehicles are...

Day 24 - Cyberpunk Lifepath Generator

The Lifepath Generator (below the FADE one) for cyberpunk will create style, family, motivations and an event for each year (choose up to 40 years of events) between specified ages.

The first few years for my young Cyberpunker were

Age 17: You were imprisoned for 9 months

Age 18: Find a combat teacher. Add +1 to any weapon skill or begin a new combat skill at +2.

Age 19: Nothing Happened.

**Age 20:**You lost 500 Eurodollars. If you can't pay now, you have a dept to pay in cash, or blood.

Age 21: Friend: Met through common interest.

Age 22: Enemy: Female person working for you. Cause: Accused the other of cowardice or some other personal flaw. Feelings: You hate them. Enemy's Resources: An entire gang.

So she starts with a debt, a prison record, a teacher, a friend and an enemy you used to employ, and is now a leader in a gang.

Day 25 - Overheard Cyber City Chatter

From Fishwife GamesOverheard Cyber City Chatter is a pay-what-you-want title with d100 things you might overhear in a future city, such as

  • I don't know, its just this itch, keeps coming back. You think I should have went to a better clinic?
  • I got half this body after the war… amazing what the government installs in you after being shot at!

Day 26 - Cyberpunk Atmosphere & Culture Generators 

Some flavour generators for possible future culture!

Day 27 - Cyberpunk Generators at Chartopia

At Chartopia, anyone can make a gen or table.

For cyberpunk charts there's

Day 28 - Cyberpunk Odd Situations - Paid PDFs 

Atelier Clandestin has published many random tables, including 200 Cyberpunk Odd Situations and 200 More Cyberpunk Odd Situations ($1 each at mo). The tables can be seen in the quick previews.

Each has ten d20 tables by location, covered in a sentence or two. The locations for the first pdf are (bar, poor district, industrial district, sewers, rich district, mall, capsule hotel, roofs, cyberspace, HQ of a megacorp).

Day 29 - A Few Modern Generators 

A few other tools designed for modern but work just as well for cyberpunk