30 Days of RPG Generator Sites - Complete List (June 2023)
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30 Days of RPG Generator Sites - Complete List (June 2023)

Duncan Thomson

Over at the rpg_generators subreddit I'm writing 30 days of RPG Generator Sites (link to list of posts). Its the fifth Generator Months so far.

Here are the days gathered in one article.

[Cover from Day 5, Role Generator]

Day 1 - Glumdark, Random Tables of the Macabre and Mundane

For June I'm posting daily with a site containing multiple generators for Tabletop RPGs. Previous Gens months include 31 Days of Solo, 30 Days of Visual, 31 days of Maps and all sorts in 31 Days of RPG Gens.

Our first one is Glumdark, who have numerous grim, dark and minimalist random tables (and a few generators) for Fantasy, Space and Cyber. Originally inspired by Mork Borg, but can be used with many dark settings.

The tables all have enough to work with and more options are available for Patreon supporters. Two of my favourites include Normal People (fantasy) and the Travel Location Generator (also fantasy) which gave me for swamp...

Before you is a disgusting marshland alongside a reedy pasture. It’s darker than it should be for this time of day and you can detect the odor of metal.

Day 2 - Here Be Taverns

For well presented fantasy generators Here Be Taverns might have what you need. Many of the generators include collaborations with other generator creators and artists.

Ones to pick out are are the Character/NPC Generator (with portraits from DM Heroes), Taverns (with layouts. menus and rumours) and Plot Hooks.

A few generators are Premium for full functionality, but are still impressive generators with free version.

Day 3 - 7Tools

7Tools has a number of Fantasy-themed generators, split into Name, Simple and Complex Generators. Simple ones such as the Holiday Generator (a couple lines of text) to Complex ones such as the Settlement Generator with a map, districts, buildings, info, npc and other pieces.

Many of the generators link to other elements (such as NPCs or Historical Event) that can be selected to generate more information.

Two of current favourites are the Weather Generator (by env and multiple days) and the Rumor Generator, which works well with adding more detail to elements.

Day 4 - Fantasy Name Generators

Probably the best known generator site, Fantasy Name Generators does more than fantasy names, having sections for real names, places and pop culture. Plus longer description generators and the "Other Names" category, covering anything from Apocalypse Names ("Mankind's Disgrace**", "**The Omega Event") to Music Band Names ("Razor", "Sloppy Sisters"), Board Game Names ("Cryptic Crypts", "Peril") to Superpowers ("Vibration Manipulation", "Hydrokinetic").

The strength is the sheer variety of names. The pop culture section provides names and ideas for many one shots and niche games, with areas for Doctor Who, Shadowrun, Hunger Games, Dune, Star Wars, Wheel of Time and many others.

Day 5 - Role Generator

Today's is Role Generator, an active site full of all kinds of rpg Generators.

Take to the stars with the Random Spaceship Generator (with a map layout), create a Fantasy Character (including races such as vampire, ogre, and fairy) and use the Travel Simulator (mine had events of "camp razed to the ground", "mysterious lights", and "heart of gold"

You can also make your own tables.

Day 6 - Ran Gen, Writing and Character

The Ran Gen site is focused more towards (alternate fiction) writing and plot, but has many tools useful for RPGs.

The character tools include Appearance, Love Interest and Personality, bringing things together with Quick Characters.

Then the Worlds generators does a lot for a campaign, including a few space-related options. There is a detailed Drink Generator and the Names tools includes some modern ones such as Brands , resulting in "Book Smith" and "Booby Twenty Six" .

The site also has regular contests on the home page, revolving around generators, such as the June '23 Art Challenge.

Day 7 - Oh My Game Master

Oh My Game Master (OMGM) has seven generators covering Cities, Inns and Shops, Plus NPCs to populate them. For adventures there are Landmarks, day-by day Travel by terrain (with dnd 5e encounters) and Traps.

Each generator provides a good amount of detail and has settings specific to that generator. I like that the NPC Generator uses ranges for personality traits like Introverted / Extroverted and Hostile / Agreeable.

Day 8 - DnD Speak, Crowd-Sourced d100 Lists

Known for its d100 lists, DnD Speak has quirky lists for fantasy (and a few for sci-fi). The lists are created over at r/d100, where anyone can join in creating them.

The site has fantasy lists in categories including Encounters, Monsters and Worldbuilding. There are also a few generators combining lists such as the Tavern Generator and.Potion Generator.

Day 9 - Paco's Miscellaneous Stuff - WFRP Generators

Paco's Miscellaneous Stuff has a number of generators for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Built for 4th Ed but most useable for earlier editions. Or Warlock! and similar RPGs

I can't see any easy way to navigate the generators, so the ones found are...

Day 10 - Chartopia, Create and Find Random Tables

30 Days of Generator Sites

If you want to build your own tables, Chartopia is a good place to try. You can build and link up simple tables to more complex generators (such as the Vampire the Masquerade V5 Generator). Embed them on other sites and there is option of using them in the discord bot.

There are also many charts and generators made by others, in categories such as NPCs, Loot and Name Generators. Many have also been added into collections such as the Ironsworn Play Aids and Crime and the Underworld (that was put together for a Gens Challenge here). Public tables

There's a subreddit for advice and queries and development is ongoing! you find can also be used in your own generators!

Day 11 - 5th DnD.com, DM Resources

Although the title of 5thDnD.com is "DM resources for 5th Edition", the majority of the generators are actually system neutral. Most are text descriptions such as the Village Generator, Tavern/Inn Generator and Trapped Rooms.

More unusual generators include the Riddle Maker, Mid-Battle Twist, Treasure Generator (including personal, treasure pile and treasure hoard), Urban Directions and Wilderness Directions.

D&D Specific ones include Magical Melee Weapons, Potions, Melee Fumbles and Projectile Fumbles

Day 12 - Donjon

One of the best known generator sites, donjon has generators covering system-neutral fantasy, 4 editions of D&D, sci-fi, alien and bladerunner and more.

The Random Dungeon Generator is a popular one, with flavours for D&D 5E, Pathfinder 1E, AD&D, and d20 (D&D 3.x).

Other cool ones are the Fractal World Generator, Quest Generator (multiple versions) and Random Town Generator (with map)

Day 13 - D&D Flavor Generators of Serious6

The D&D Flavor Generators are a number of generators listing several separate piece of information. So the World Builder part of the World generator has sections for Origin, Composition, Age, Deities, Magic, Titan, Populate, Archtypes and Interactions. Most the individual sections can be re-rolled / replaced by clicking on the section name.

The generators have been built from tables here on reddit and a couple other sites (credited on the front page and each generator)

Notable generators are the Plot Hooks (with ones by D&D class, location and city), Tavern,Adventure and NPC Interactions. And Character for lots of ideas!

Day 14 - 7th Sanctum, Generators Since 1999

An ancient site (in internet terms), Seventh Sanctum has generators of many types including lists for Characters, Names, Technology, Superheroes (and several others).

In addition the creator (Steven) has helped out several other creators of generator sites in the past (including me).

A couple gens to mention are Dark Rituals and Fusion Foods (such as "Deep-fried Peanut Bacon and Corned Beef Omelet" and " Jerked Buttered Crab on Polenta"

Day 15 - Springhole.net. Tools for Roleplaying and Worldbuilding

The Random Generators of springhole.net are many and varied, designed for rpgs, world building and writing.

There is a strong focus on character generators, with sections for Name Generators (Sci-fi, Realistic, non-character names), Human and Humanoid Char Gens, Animal & Non-Humanoid, Backstory & Origin and Outfits Gens.

Other gens cover Fandom, Locations, Worldbuilding Items, and the wonders of "Other Gens"

A couple favourites include the Vampire Generator, Robot Generator and Funky Hat Generator. With an honourable mention to the Wacky Hybrid Creature Generator.

Day 16 - Watabou's Procgen Arcana

Best known for map generators, Watabou's Procgen Arcana collects six procedurally generated map generators in one place. Realm, City, District, Mansion, Village and Dungeon. Each map generator has good amount of detail and a number of options for generating, plus features that can be turned off and on (such as Fields, Orchards, Shadows, Buildings and Titles for the village generator)

Watabou also has a collection of these generators and several more over at Itch. Notably the Cave/Glade Generator, Town Icons and Procgen Tarot. (lots down at the bottom of the itch page under "Other Generators".

Day 17 - Kassoon: Fantasy and D&D Generators

Kassoon has several generators, some D&D specific, but many not. Some are hidden away.

The Name Generator has a lot of options (including real-world ones) on one page.

The map generators are excellent , with the Hamlet Map, Dungeon Map, Medieval Town Map, Hexcrawl Map and World Map all worth a look (some settings only available to patrons)

Then there are text-based Interesting Locations, NPC Generator, Puzzles and others. It also looks like a few generators are only open to patrons. (like room descriptions)

Day 18 - Magical Gurll!

With a different flavour to many generator sites, Magical Gurrl! has Original Generators (independent of rpg system) and Tabletop RPG Generators, plus Fandom Generators

There are regular generators here such as the Fantasy Adventurer, Fantasy Dungeon summary, Deity and Monster Design.

The site also has some niche generators such as the Potion Shop Generator, Animal Character and Witch's Familiar. Plus several Pokemon generators.

Day 19 - Iron Arachne

Iron Arachne has a mix of fantasy and science-fiction generators, plus a few other pieces.

Among the fantasy generators...

The sci-fi gens include a Star System gen, Arms Manufacturer and Star Nation.

Last are two great Cyberpunk gens with the Chop Shop Generator (places to get cybernetic enhancements) and the Drug Generator

Day 20 - Perchance. Create a Random Generator

Perchance is a site for creating generators, from the simple to the very complex. Generators use a plain text file and there is an example of a generator on the front page.

Perchance also has good tutorials. And resources for all kinds of things from plugins to rpg table converters and FAQ. And a subreddit.

For finding generators, it's actually a little harder to navigate. There's a list of Recently Updated Generators, and Popular Generators (with lots not useful for rpgs). So recommendations welcome.

Day 21 - Sci-Fi Ideas

Sci-Fi Ideas isn't included because its the best generators site for sci-fi, but because it's the only generators site focused on sci-fi (with a few fantasy ones also) that I could find.

The generators navigation is a simple list, with some highlights being

Day 22 - Everweird - Random Details for Fantasy RPGs

Everweird is a pretty modern site with a variety of fantasy generators. Each one has multiple details, such as the Cave generator with Description, Feature, Items, Common Fauna, Monsters, Loot and more.

There are generators by Environment such as forest, underground and urban. Then location such as a town (option to save as pdf), ship or temple. Then a few others such criticals & misses, loot and npcs.

The monsters are using D&D 5e stats but those are fairly easy to adapt to other games.

I've still got several rpg generator sites in my list, but interested in finding others / subreddit thoughts.

Leave a comment with any of...

  • A new generator site you've discovered in the last year
  • A generator site you use for particular rpg / genre / theme
  • Your favourite generator site(s)

Day 24 - FP's GM Tools - used to be Ancient Quests

CPF's GM Tools has a lot of generators for both Fantasy and Sci-fi. Veterans of the subreddit might remember it's previous incarnation of Ancient Quests. All generators are accessible from the same webpage.

For fantasy there are headings of Fantasy Places (worlds, dungeon, door, cities, visions), Fantasy Stories (world history, quest, gods, npcs, monsters...), and Fantasy Items (loot pile, magic items, foods, book)

For Sci-Fi there are headings of Sci-Fi Places (planets, dungeon, tech place), Sci-Fi Stories (complication, planetary mission, ruins) and Sci-Fi Items (loop pile, gadgets, drones, machines)

Day 25 - Inkwell Ideas

As well as creating software, dice and decks of randomness, Inkwell Ideas has free tools.

There is a mix of maps and text generators, including City Map Generator, Dungeon Map, and the more uncommon Inn Floor Plan.

Among the text ones are Rumors (one of a few inn generators), Trinket Generator and inn Menus

There is also a newer City Scenes tool which returns six city related images (from a pool of 100)

Day 26 - LeitKnight Gaming - Pathfinder 1E and 2E Gens

LeitKnight Gaming is the biggest collection of Pathfinder generators I could find. All the gens are bare-bones text ones.

The 2E ones include dungeons (a list of rooms) loot and characters.

The 1Es are a few more, including settlement, dungeon, character and kingdom

Day 27 - This X Does Not Exist

A generator site of images (and other things) today! (or cheating as a site of other sites)

This X Does Not Exist is a list of gens for People, Cities, Words, Lyrics and other items that have been created by GANs (generative adversarial networks).

There are a few weird ones in there.

Day 28 - Dungeon Master's Vault

Although Dungeon Master's Vault is a 5E site, the generators are mostly system-neutral.

There are...

And a few more from the menu

Day 29 - Chaos Gen

Chaos Gen is a site with many generators for Fantasy and D&D (it's also my site, so I'm biased)

Popular generators include the Adventuring Group Name, Rumours & Plot Hooks and Encounter Location for Fantasy, plus D&D 5E Encounters and Character Ideas (needs an update really).

Current projects include rolling out spooky themes (and then others) to generators and upgrading the trinkets generator. Long term projects are completing sea generators, improving the tags system and making system-neutral fantasy versions of all the dnd generators.

There are also some other generators, and a few very specific ones such as Dwarf Magic Wheelbarrows, and D&D Adventuring Party of Monsters and Pies for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Day 30 - Final Generators

Finishing up 30 Days of RPG Generator Sites are the remaining sites on the list

In no particular order they are...

  • Chaotic Shiny (one of the classics, lots of great generators, but no https)
  • Sfrpgtools (Starfinder Tools. good support for one rpg)
  • Secret Door (lots of name generators and other fantasy tools including Vicious Mockery. No https)
  • Mithril and Mages (name generators and lots of OSR-style generators. Some links not working)
  • Dungeonetics (some pathfinder name generators, a harrow deck and a few starfinder tools)
  • GeneratorMix (lots of random images, each one taking from a pool of appropriate random images)

Future Months of Gens

There will be at least one more in 2023. I'll probably put up a poll on the subreddit.

Strong contenders are Science-Fiction, Sea, Fantasy Cities and Generator Tools.