Swamp and Mountain Encounters using Wild Beyond the Witchlight

"You hear something splashing up ahead and look among the trees only to see that it is a tree! One with a sinister visage following a light through deep mud..."

Random tables for enchanted swamps and mountains using monsters from The Wild Beyond the Witchlight

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Swamp and Mountain Witchlight Encounters

Swamps and Mountains are home to two realms in the feywild of Wilds Beyond the Witchlight.

The tables below provide encounter options for swamp encounters 1-4 & 5-10, swamp encounter details, swamp beasts, bullywugs, mountain encounters 1-4 & 5-10,, mountain encounter details and mountain beasts

TWBtW indicates The Wild Beyond the Witchlight

There is a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Witchlight Encounter Tables. And included in the Witchlight Encounters Bundle

Witchlight Encounter Tables Witchlight Encounters Bundle

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Dismal Swamps 1-4

1d8+1d12Dismal Swamps 1-4
2 1d4 giant swans (giant eagle stats, no talons, attack twice with beak, speak Common & Auran) or 1d4 hobgoblins
3 1 death priest (Zargash stats - TWBtW) with 1d4 zombies or 1d4 scarecrows
4 1d4 quicklings or 1d6 lizardfolk
5 1 hag servant (Skylla stats - TWBtW) and 1d6 goblins or 1d4 ghouls
6 2d4 mud mephits or 1 dryad and 1 swarm of campestri (TWBtW)
7 1 bullywug knight (TWBtW) with 1d3 bullywugs or roll on Bullywugs
8 2d6 stirges or 1d4 darklings (TWBtW) led by 1 darkling elder (TWBtW)
9 1d2 will-o'-wisps or 2d4 needle blights
10 1d4 bullywugs with 1d4 giant frog or roll on Bullywugs
11 1d4+1 giant dragonflies (TWBtW) or roll on Swamp Beasts
12 1d6 twig blights and 1d3 vine blights or 1d4 scouts
13 1d6 giant frogs or roll on Swamp Beasts
14 1d6 harengon brigands (TWBtW) and 1d4 harengon snipers (TWBtW) or 1d4 goblins on giant dragonflies (TWBtW)
15 2d4 giant snails (TWBtW) or roll on Swamp Beasts
16 1d2 redcaps (TWBtW) or 1d2 merrow
17 1d4 giant toads or roll on Swamp Beasts
18 1 harengon outlaw (Agdon Longscarf stats - TWBtW) and 1d4 harengon brigands (TWBtW) or 1 green hag
19 1d4 swarms of insects or roll on Swamp Beasts
20 1 shambling mound or 1 black dragon hatchling

Dismal Swamp 5-10

1d8+1d12Dismal Swamp 5-10
2 A coven of 3 green hags
3 1 treant and 1d3 dryads
4 1 troll (swim 30 ft) with 1d4 merrow
5 1 druid with 2d6 giant toads
6 1d4 giant crocodiles or 1d3 wights with 3d4 zombies
7 2d6 ghouls led by 1d4+1 ghasts or 1d2 galeb duhr
8 1 giant crocodile and 1d4+1 crocodiles
9 3d6 harengon brigands (TWBtW) and 2d6 harengon snipers (TWBtW) led by 1 harengon outlaw (Agdon Longscarf stats - TWBtW)
10 2d6 lizardfolk with 2d4 giant lizards
11 1 tree blight (TWBtW) and 1d4 will-o'-wisps
12 2d4 redcaps (TWBtW) or 1d3 shambling mounds
13 1d4+1 bullywug knights (TWBtW) with 2d6 bullywugs and 2d6 giant frogs
14 1 hydra or 1d2 tree blights (TWBtW)
15 1 swamp hag (Bavlorna Blightstraw stats - (TWBtW)) with 1d3 redcaps (TWBtW)
16 1d4 ettercaps and 1d4 phase spiders
17 1 bullywug royal (TWBtW) and 1d4+1 bullywug knights (TWBtW) on giant frogs
18 1 night hag with 2d4 quicklings (TWBtW)
19 1 spirit naga or 2d4 displacer beasts
20 1 behir or 1 jabberwock (TWBtW)

Swamp Encounter Details

They are... (or one is...)

1d8+1d12Swamp Encounter Details
2 investigating a magic well (an O'-well from Hither in TWBtW)
3 harassed by insects
4 part of a nearby fey court
5 making balloons of swamp gas
6 following an unreliable guide
7 stuck (or covered in) mud
8 gossiping about something of interest to party
9 on (or repairing) a raft
10 harvesting snails (or frogs)
11 hopelessly lost
12 hoping to acquire something
13 consuming mushroom ale
14 resting on giant lily pads
15 playing with swamp gas
16 following a light
17 walking on stilts
18 under a strange curse
19 adapted to the water (swim 20 ft. and amphibious)
20 covered in mushrooms

Swamp Beasts Level 1-4

1d4+1d6Swamp Beasts Level 1-4
2 2d4 boars or 1 awakened frog (Int 10, speaks Sylvan)
3 1d6 crocodiles or 1 swarm of campestri (TWBtW)
4 1d4 swarms of insects or 1d4 darkmantles
5 2d4 giant snails (TWBtW) or 1d3 swarms of ravens
6 1d6 giant frogs or 1d6 giant poisonous snakes
7 1d4+1 giant dragonflies (TWBtW) or 1d4 giant spiders
8 1d4 giant toads or 1d3 swarms of quippers
9 2d6 giant fire beetles or 1d6 giant lizards
10 2d6 water buffalo (giant goat stats) or 1 giant crocodile

Bullywugs Levels 1-4

1d4+1d6Bullywugs Levels 1-4
2 1 awakened giant frog with 1d4 bullywugs and 1d4 giant frogs
3 1 bullywug royal (TWBtW) and 1d4 bullywugs
4 1 bullywug knight (TWBtW) on a giant toad
5 1d4 bullywugs with 1d4 giant frogs
6 2d6 bullywugs
7 1d2 bullywug knights (TWBtW)
8 1d3 bullywygs on giant toads
9 1 bullywug knight (TWBtW) with 1d3 bullywugs
10 1 bullywug royal (TWBtW) and 1 giant toad

Stormy Mountains 1-4

Use 1d10 for Common and Uncommon items, 1d6+10 for Rare, 1d4+20 for Very Rare & Legendary

1d8+1d12Stormy Mountains 1-4
2 2d4 aarakocra or 1d3 nothics
3 2d4 brigganocks (TWBtW) or 1d4 bugbears
4 1d4 goblins with 1 living doll (TWBtW)
5 1d3 harengon brigands (TWBtW) and 1d3 turtlefolk (lizardfolk stats) or 1d4 giant eagles
6 1d3 glasswork golems (TWBtW) or 3 awakened giant goats
7 1d3 griffons or 1d2 berserkers riding pegasi
8 1 druid with 3d4 goats or 2d4 winged kobolds
9 1 ogre with 1d2 lions or 1d4 quicklings (TWBtW)
10 1d2 pixies and 1d4 satyrs or 1d2 perytons
11 1d6 giant goats or roll on Mountain Beasts
12 1 faerie dragon (any color) or 7 dwarven guards
13 1d2 swarms of ravens or roll on Mountain Beasts
14 1 cleric (Mercion stats - TWBtW) with 1d3 blink dogs
15 2d6 llamas (goat stats) or roll on Mountain Beasts
16 2d4 darklings (TWBtW) or 1 knight on a giant goat
17 1d2 brown bears or roll on Mountain Beasts
18 1 ettin with a large cooking pot or 1 pegasus with 1d4 giant owls
19 1d4 hippogriffs or roll on Mountain Beasts
20 1 troll (climb 20 ft.) at a bridge or 1 flameskull

Stormy Mountains 5-10

1d8+1d12Stormy Mountains 5-10
2 1 storm giant
3 2d6 giant eagles
4 1 fomorion
5 7 duergar or 1 night hag with 1d2 earth elementals
6 1 mercenary (Warduke stats - TWBtW) with 1d4+1 redcaps (TWBtW)
7 2d4 quicklings (TWBtW) and 1 air elemental
8 1 korred (TWBtW) with 1d2 owlbears
9 1 stone golem with a metal pole
10 1 cloud giant
11 1d3 korreds (TWBtW)
12 1 cyclops with 2d4 elk
13 1 medusa with 1d4 gargoyles
14 1 green hag with 1d4 ogres and 1d2 ettins
15 1d3 galeb duhr
16 1 wizard (Ringlerun stats - TWBtW) with 1 shield guardian
17 1 chimera
18 1 mountain hag (Endelyn Moongrave stats - TWBtW) and 1d6 satyrs
19 1d2 stone giants covered in green feathers
20 1 great owl (roc stats with darkvision 60 ft)

Mountain Encounter Details

They are... (or one is...)

1d8+1d12 Mountain Encounter Details
2 flying kites
3 playing drums
4 lighting a beacon
5 pushing a wheelbarrow
6 swimming in a lake
7 herding animals
8 fishing
9 climbing or yodeling
10 guarding (or crossing) a bridge
11 sheltering from a bad weather
12 studying the sky (or a giant beanstalk)
13 searching for their true love
14 singing mining songs
15 on (or pulling) a sled (or sleigh)
16 studying their reflection
17 divining the future or keeping bees
18 ringing handbells
19 being careful not to trigger an avalanche
20 without a shadow

Mountain Beasts (Levels 1-4)

1d4+1d6Fey Allies (Levels 1-4)
2 2d4 elk or 1d4 hippogriffs
3 1d2 lions or 2d6 llamas / alpacas (goat stats)
4 1d3 swarms of ravens or 1d2 brown bears
5 2d6 ponies or 1d2 giant owls
6 2d4 giant goats or 1 awakened eagle
7 1d6 blood hawks or 3d6 deer
8 3d6 goats or 2d4 giant cranes (pteranodons stats)
9 1d4+1 swarms of bats or 1d2 mountain apes
10 2d4 wolves or 1 giant elk

More Encounters

There is a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Witchlight Encounter Tables. And included in the Witchlight Encounters Bundle

Witchlight Encounter Tables Witchlight Encounters Bundle