Witchlight Encounter Tables - Carnival and Items
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Witchlight Encounter Tables - Carnival and Items

Duncan Thomson
"A muscular entertainer is throwing knives at a pole, offering a singing mushroom to any who can beat them..."

Random tables for Witchlight carnival and magic items using monsters from The Wild Beyond the Witchlight

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Carnival Witchlight Encounters of and Magic Items

The First Part of the Wilds Beyond the Witchlight are set in a carnival.

The tables below provide encounter options for carnival entertainers, visitors, ruffians, cute animals, magic items and temporary feywild items

TWBtW indicates The Wild Beyond the Witchlight

There is a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Witchlight Encounter Tables. And included in the Witchlight Encounters Bundle

Wild Beyond the Witchlight Encounter Tables on DM's Guild Wild Beyond the Witchlight Tables Bundle on DM's Guild

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Carnival Staff and Entertainers

1d8+1d12Carnival Staff and Entertainers
2 A gladiator who loves to wrestle animals / strange beasts
3 An acrobat (selenelion twin stats - TWBtW)
4 A few flumphs who like to guess at people's background
5 A choir of singing cats, toads and badgers
6 An intelligent mimic who takes requests for different forms
7 Several bandits who are pretending to be part of the carnival
8 A few awakened draft horses (Int 10, speak Common) that tell jokes
9 A bullywug knight (TWBtW) who jousts on comical mounts
10 Several witchlight hands (TWBtW)
11 A scout with 2d4 dancing mastiffs
12 A priest (perform +2) who serves a deity of revelry
13 A clown (Mister Witch stats - TWBtW) who does tricks with light
14 Several kenku (perform +2) who play with a cacophony of sounds
15 A few gargoyles who mock visitors and assume comical poses
16 A veteran skilled at knife throwing
17 A swarm of campestris (TWBtW) who provide music to set the mood
18 A fortune teller (Mister Witch stats - TWBtW)
19 A ghost who loves doing improvised scenes
20 A thief-acrobat (Agdon Longscarf stats - TWBtW) who can perform acrobatic feats of thievery

Carnival Visitors

1d8+1d12Coastal Levels 5-10
2 A half-ogre who is inhabited by an intellect devourer
3 Several cultists looking for inspiration
4 A few wererats hoping to join the carnival
5 A pair of yuan-ti purebloods curious about this strange event
6 A few gullible nobles mounted on riding horses
7 A commoner shepherd with a few sheep (goat stats)
8 A jolly old dwarf (Elkhorn stats - TWBtW) who laughs at everything
9 A renowned bandit captain with a bounty on their head
10 A few acolytes concerned about the morals of the carnival
11 A family of commoners, an extended family from a nearby village
12 1 grim-faced scout who rarely laughs
13 Several off-duty guards who serve a nearby noble
14 Three kobolds dressed up as a human in a big coat
15 A knight escorting an excited child (commoner stats)
16 1 doppelganger disguised as a tiefling
17 A few thugs searching for someone who owes them money
18 A sorcerer (Kelek stats - TWBtW) looking for an old comrade
19 A spy who works for a rival of the carnival
20 A few ghouls in hooded robes who love the circus

Carnival Encounter Details

They are... (or one is...)

1d8+1d12Carnival Encounter Details
2 carrying a curse
3 trying not to fall asleep
4 eating something messy
5 desperate to have a good time
6 making use of giant pumpkins
7 heartbroken
8 looking for volunteers
9 really angry about something
10 overcome by emotion
11 laughing uncontrollably
12 carrying an impressive cake
13 looking for someone
14 trying to cause trouble
15 weeping uncontrollably
16 carrying a cute creature (roll or pick on Cute Creatures)
17 having an argument
18 desperate to make some money
19 hoping to setup their own theater
20 getting into a costume

Miscreants Levels 1-4

1d4+1d6Miscreants Levels 1-4
2 1 orc killer (Zarak stats - TWBtW)
3 1d2 spies
4 2d4 boggles (TWBtW)
5 1d4 thugs
6 1 thief (Molliver stats - TWBtW)
7 1 darkling elder
8 1 kenku warlock (Kettlestream the Kenku stats - TWBtW)
9 1d4 haregon brigands (TWBtW)
10 1 pixie

Cute Creatures

Pets, prizes, distractions.

1d4+1d6Cute Creatures
2 A queen bee (Pollenella the Honeybee stats - TWBtW)
3 A living doll (TWBtW)
4 A frog or cat
5 A pseudodragon
6 A campistri (TWBtW)
7 A displacer beast kitten (TWBtW)
8 A talking plant (Amidor the Dandelion stats - TWBtW)
9 A boggle (TWBtW)
10 An animated oilcan (Squirt the Oilcan stats - TWBtW)

Witchlight Magic Items (d20)

Use 1d10 for Common and Uncommon items, 1d6+10 for Rare, 1d4+20 for Very Rare & Legendary

1d20Witchlight Magic Items
1 Cloak of Many Fashions (TWBtW) or Gloves of Thievery
2 Wand of Scowls (TWBtW) or Broom of Flying
3 Pipe of Smoke Monsters (TWBtW)or Stone of Good Luck
4 Orb of Direction (TWBtW) or Boots of Elvenkind
5 Instrument of Scribing (TWBtW) or Driftglobe
6 Talking Doll (TWBtW) or Bag of Tricks (any)
7 Eyes of Charming or Wand of Smiles (TWBtW)
8 Cloak of Elvenkind or Drift Globe
9 Deck of Illusions or Dread Helm (TWBtW)
10 Hat of Disguise or Pole of Collapsing (TWBtW)
11 Staff of Charming or Wings of Flying
12 Cloak of Displacement or Wand of Wonder
13 Scissors of Shadow Snipping (TWBtW) or Ring of Animal Influence
14 Bag of Beans or Cape of the Mountebank
15 Woodcutter's Axe (TWBtW) or Wand of Fear
16 Boots of Speed or Robe of Eyes
17 Steel (TWBtW) or Bobbing Lily Pad (TWBtW)
18 Nolzer's Marvelous Pigments or Horseshoes of a Zephyr
19 Ornithopter of Flying (TWBtW) or Sicker-Snack (TWBtW) - legendary
20 Eldritch Staff (TWBtW) or Iggwilv’s Cauldron (TWBtW) - legendary

Feywild One-Use Items

Use 1d8 for Common and Uncommon items, 1d6+8 for Rare, 1d6+14 for Very Rare & Legendary

1d20Feywild One-Use Items
1 Potion of Healing or Potion of Animal Friendship
2 Potion of Advantage (TWBtW)
3 Philter of Love or Dust of Sneezing and Choking (cursed)
4 Potion of Fire Breath or Potion of Mind Reading
5 Pixie Dust (TWBtW) or Potion of Water Breathing
6 Potion of Growth or Potion of Poison
7 Dust of Disappearance or Oil of Slipperiness
8 Dust of Corrosion (TWBtW) or Potion of Greater Healing
9 Chromatic Rose (TWBtW) or Potion of Heroism
10 Potion of Diminution or Oil of Etherealness
11 Quaal's Feather Token (Swan Boat) or Potion of Gaseous Form
12 1 card from a Deck of Illusions or Elixir of Health
13 Quaal's Feather Token (Tree) or Potion of Clairvoyance
14 1 bean from a Bag of Beans or Potion of Superior Healing
15 Potion of Flying
16 Potion of Speed
17 Potion of Vitality or Oil of Sharpness
18 Potion of Invisibility
19 Potion of Longevity or Potion of Supreme Healing
20 Arrow of Slaying - fey or Sovereign Glue - legendary

More Encounters

There is a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Witchlight Encounter Tables. And included in the Witchlight Encounters Bundle

Wild Beyond the Witchlight Encounter Tables on DM's Guild Wild Beyond the Witchlight Tables Bundle on DM's Guild