Fey Court and Woodland Encounters Using Wild Beyond the Witchlight

"Several small fey with large heads are weeping uncontrollably over a broken clockwork sparrow. One of them is riding an owlbear wearing a blue bow..."

Random tables for Witchlight forest and fey courts using monsters from The Wild Beyond the Witchlight

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Forest and Fey Court Witchlight Encounters

Woodland and fey courts pay a large part of the Wilds Beyond the Witchlight.

The tables below provide encounter options for woodland encounters 1-4 & 5-10, woodland encounter details, woodland beasts, plant creatures, fey courts 1-4 & 5-10, fey court 11+, fey court encounter details, fey allies and hag servants.

TWBtW indicates The Wild Beyond the Witchlight

There is a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Witchlight Encounter Tables. And included in the Witchlight Encounters Bundle

Witchlight Encounter Tables Witchlight Encounters Bundle

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Enchanted Woodlands 1-4

1d8+1d12Enchanted Woodlands 1-4
2 1 unicorn or 1d2 displacer beasts
3 1d4 tin soldiers (TWBtW) on patrol or 1 green hag
4 1 dryad and 1d6 awakened shrubs or roll on Plant Creatures
5 2 elf acrobats (selenion twin stats - TWBtW) or 1d3 ettercaps
6 1 druid on a flying rocking horse (TWBtW) or 1d4+1 worgs
7 1d3 treant saplings (TWBtW) or roll on Plant Creatures
8 1d2 owlbears or 2d4 clockwork sparrows (hawk stats)
9 1d3 satyrs and 1 satyr piper or 1d4 goblins on giant wasps
10 1d3 swarms of campestris or roll on Plant Creatures
11 2d4 giant badgers and 1 giant boar or roll on Woodland Beasts
12 1d4 blink dogs and 1d4 sprites or 1d2 will'o-wisps
13 1d4 boars or roll on Woodland Beasts
14 2d6 boggles (TWBtW) and 1 giant snail (TWBtW) or 1d4 scouts
15 1d6 giant dragonflies (TWBtW) or roll on Woodland Beasts
16 1d4 kenku and a kenku warlock (Kettlestream stats - TWBtW) or 1d2 centaurs and 1 pixie
17 1d4 giant spiders or roll on Woodland Beasts
18 1d4 giant swans (giant eagle stats, no talons, attack twice with beak, speak Common & Auran) or 1 faerie dragon (any color)
19 1 giant elk or roll on Woodland Beasts
20 1d2 redcaps (TWBtW) or 1 green dragon wyrmling

Enchanted Woodland 5-10

1d8+1d12Enchanted Woodland 5-10
2 1 guardian naga
3 2d6 bugbears and 1 bugbear chief
4 1 paladin (Strongheart stats - TWBtW) and 1d3 knights on a flying sleigh pulled by 1d3 winged owlbears (fly 40 ft)
5 1 tree blight (TWBtW) with 1d2 druids
6 1 unicorn and 1d6 centaurs
7 1d6 scouts led by 1 veteran on giant dragonflies (TWBtW)
8 2d6 centaurs or 1d6 worgs and 2d4 dire wolves
9 1d4+1 ettercaps and 2d4 giant spiders
10 1 shambling mound with 1d4 vine blights
11 1 satyr piper with 1d3 swarms of capestris (TWBtW), 1d6 satyrs and 1d6 dryads
12 1 treant and 1d3 sprites
13 1 werebear with 1d4 owlbears
14 1d6 centaur hunters with 1d6 quicklings (TWBtW) and 1d4 displacer beasts
15 1 korred (TWBtW) and 2d4 blink dogs
16 1 oni and 1d4 redcaps (TWBtW)
17 1 helmed horror with 2d4 animated armors
18 1d2 giant apes with butterfly wings (fly 20 ft)
19 1 forest hag (Skabatha Nightshade stats - TWBtW) and 1d4 vine blights
20 1 jabberwock (TWBtW)

Woodland Encounter Details

They are... (or one is...)

1d8+1d12Woodland Encounter Details
2 stirring a cauldron
3 rescuing cute animals
4 on a chariot pulled by elk (or roll on Woodland Beasts)
5 visiting a grandparent or swimming in a pool
6 adapted to trees (climb 30 ft)
7 burying a companion
8 tending a garden
9 playing with leaves (or glowing insects)
10 getting ready for a hunt
11 harvesting herbs or magical fruit
12 following a fey guide
13 angry (or happy) about something
14 telling stories or lost
15 carrying a cryptic warning
16 mourning a tree or hunting the killers of a tree
17 throwing rocks
18 making something from glowing plants
19 moving (or marching) to drums
20 planning advancement in a fey court

Woodland Beasts Level 1-4

1d4+1d6Woodland Beasts Level 1-4
2 1d4 giant owls or 2d4 flying snakes
3 2d4 giant badgers or 1d4 swarms of insects
4 1d4+1 wolves and 1 dire wolf or 2d4 giant snails (TWBtW)
5 1d4 giant spiders or 2d4 giant frogs
6 2d6 giant weasels or 1d4 boars and 1 giant boar
7 2d6 giant fire beetles or 1d3 brown bears
8 1d6 giant dragonflies (TWBtW) or 2d4 elk
9 2d4 giant wasps or 3d6 goats
10 1 giant elk or 2d4 giant bats

Plant Creatures Levels 1-4

1d4+1d6Plant Creatures Levels 1-4
2 1 shambling mound
3 1d2 dryads with 1 treant sapling (TWBtW) and 1 swarm of campestris (TWBtW)
4 1d3 treant saplings (TWBtW)
5 1 dryad and 1d6 awakened shrubs
6 1d3 swarms of campestris (TWBtW)
7 1d4 needle blights and 1d6 twig blights
8 1 talking plant (Amidor the Dandelion stats) and 1d2 awakened trees
9 1d3 vine blights and 1d4 twig blights
10 2d4 myconid adults

Fey Court 1-4

Use 1d10 for Common and Uncommon items, 1d6+10 for Rare, 1d4+20 for Very Rare & Legendary

1d8+1d12Fey Court 1-4
2 1 unicorn or 1 awakened elephant (Int 10, speaks Sylvan, fly 30 ft)
3 1 green hag or 2d4 kenku
4 1 giant elk or 1 bullywyug knight (TWBtW)
5 2d4 giant owls or 1d4 awakened giant dragonflies (TWBtW, Int 10, speak Sylvan)
6 2d4 boggles (TWBtW) or 1d4 darkling elders (TWBtW)
7 1 faerie dragon (any color) or 1d3 pegasi
8 1d3 centaurs or 1d6 awakened giant badgers (Int 10, speaks Sylvan)
9 1d6 sprites or 2d4 darklings (TWBtW)
10 2d4 blink dogs or 1d4 fairy scouts (race from TWBtW)
11 2d4 satyrs or 1d3 awakened giant goats (Int 10, speak Sylvan)
12 1d4 quicklings (TWBtW) or 1d2 fairy druids (race from TWBtW)
13 1d4 dryads or 1d3 will-'o-wisps
14 2d6 brigganocks (TWBtW) or 1 awakened cat (Int 10, speaks Sylvan)
15 1d3 redcaps (TWBtW) or 1 sea hag
16 1d6 pixies or 1 kenku warlock (Kettlestream stats - TWBtW)
17 1 satyr piper or 1d4 awakened giant snails (Int 10, speaks Sylvan)
18 1d6 winged goblins (fly 30 ft) led by 1 winged goblin boss (fly 30 ft) or 1 succubus/incubus
19 1d4 fairy nobles (race from TWBtW) or 1d4 magmins
20 1 night hag or 1d3 awakened brown bears (Int 10, speak Sylvan)

Fey Court 5-10

1d4+1d6Fey Court 5-10
2 Coven of 3 hags (any mix)
3 1d4 dryads and 1 treant or 1d2 fomorians
4 1 unicorn or 1 drow mage
5 2d4 centaurs or 1 swamp hag (Bavlorna Blightstraw stats - TWBtW)
6 1d3 korreds (TWBtW)
7 1 fairy mage (race from TWBtW) or 1 mountain hag (Endelyn Moongrave stats - TWBtW)
8 2d4 redcaps (TWBtW) or 1 gray slaad
9 1 guardian naga
10 1 fairy archmage (race from TWBtW) or 1 forest hag (Endelyn Moongrave stats - TWBtW)

Fey Court 11+

1d4+1d6Fey Court 11+
2 1 hag queen (Iggwilv the witch queen stats - TWBtW)
3 1 storm giant with dragonfly wings (fly 60 ft)
4 1 gynosphinx
5 1d4+1 korreds (TWBtW)
6 Coven of 3 night hags
7 1 fairy archmage (race from TWBtW)
8 1 jabberwock (TWBtW)
9 1 adult silver dragon
10 1 empyrean

Fey Court Encounter Details

They are... (or one is...)

1d8+1d12 Fey Court Encounter Details
2 floating on bubbles
3 setting up a feast
4 being noisy
5 celebrating an event
6 making music
7 engaged in a contest of wits
8 playing a trick on someone
9 playing a game
10 putting on a performance
11 singing
12 doing everything in an exaggerated fashion
13 performing a dance
14 weeping uncontrollably
15 scheming a cunning plan
16 late for something
17 performing a ritual dance
18 performing acrobatics
19 drinking wine
20 having a tea party

Fey Allies (Levels 1-4)

Pets, guards, servants and companions

1d4+1d6Fey Allies (Levels 1-4)
2 1d2 winged owlbears (fly 40 ft)
3 1d4 animated armors
4 2d6 deer or 1d3 glasswork golems (TWBtW)
5 2d4 flying swords or 1d3 awakened trees
6 1d2 owlbears or 1 Squirt the Oilcan (TWBtW)
7 2d6 giant fire beetles or 1d6 giant badgers that sing in Sylvan
8 1d4 flying giant goats (fly 40 ft.)
9 1d4 giant eagles or 1d2 rugs of smothering
10 1d3 blink black bears (can cast misty step at will)

Hag Servants Levels 1-4

1d4+1d6Hag Servants Level 1-4
2 1d3 ettercaps or 1 lamia
3 1d2 displacer beasts or 1d4 darkling elders (TWBtW)
4 1d4 bugbears or 1d6 vine blights
5 1d4 scarecrows or 2d4 darklings (TWBtW)
6 1d4 quicklings (TWBtW) or Clapperclaw the Scarecrow (TWBtW)
7 1d3 living dolls (TWBtW)
8 2d6 twig blights or 1d3 redcaps (TWBtW)
9 1d4 harpies or 1d6 cockatrices
10 1d4+1 death dogs or 1 gorgon

More Encounters

There is a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Witchlight Encounter Tables. And included in the Witchlight Encounters Bundle

Witchlight Encounter Tables Witchlight Encounters Bundle