Undead Encounter Tables for D&D 5E
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Undead Encounter Tables for D&D 5E

Duncan Thomson
A group of foul-smelling humanoids with tattered skin approach, covered in writhing religious symbols. Are they blessed by a death god? Are they part of a larger faction?

Undead encounters from Collected Encounters pdf.

Tables for Undead Encounters (levels 1-4 & levels 5-10) and Undead Encounter Details.


Undead are those who cannot find rest in death. The stylish vampires, shambling zombies, hateful wraiths, dancing skeletons,  hungry ghouls and crawling claw familiars.

Find them in tombs, cemeteries, the armies of evil wizards. Guarding old ruins, treasure vaults and preying on folk in city backstreets.

Tables for... all terrains | demons | devils | goblinoids | restless spirits | undead

[Art by Donnie Maynard Christianson]

From Collected Encounters on DM's Guild

Collected Encounter Tables on DM's Guild Encounters Mega-Bundle on DM's Guild

Undead Encounters (Levels 1-4)

1d20Undead Encounter Table lvl 1-4
1-2 2d4 skeletons or 1 wight with 1d3 zombies
3-4 2d6 crawling claws or 1d2 vampiric mists (MToF)
5-6 1d4 ghouls or 1d2 sword wraith warriors (MToF)
7-8 2d4 zombies or 1 ghost
9-10 1d4 specters or 1d4 skeletons on warhorse skeletons
11 1d4 will-o'-wisps or 1 deathlock (MToF)
12 1d6 shadows or 2d4 gnoll witherlings (VGtM)
13 1d2 wights or 1 banshee
14 1d3 ghasts or 1d2 deathlock wights (MToF)
15 1 flameskull or 1d6 warhorse skeletons
16 1d2 mummies or 1 spawn of Kyuss (VGtM)
17 1d3 ogre zombies or 1 allip (MToF)
18 1 bone naga or 1 vampire spawn
19 1d3 minotaur skeletons or 1 revenant
20 1 wraith or 1 beholder zombie

Undead Encounters (Levels 5-10)

1d20Undead Encounter Table lvl 5-10
1-3 1d4 vampire spawn or 1 necromancer (VGtM) with 1d4 wights
4-5 1d6 mummies with 2d6 skeletons or 1d4 spawn of Kyuss (VGtM)
6-7 1 wraith and 2d4 shadows or 1 corpse flower (MToF) & 2d4 zombies
8-9 2d4 ghouls with 1d4 ghasts and 1 flameskull or 1d3 bodaks (VGtM)
10-11 1 priest on a skeleton warhorse with 2d6 specters or 1d4 allips (MToF)
12-13 1d4 revenants or 1 maurezhi (MToF) with 2d4 ghouls
14-15 1d6 wights with 2d6 zombies or 1 deathlock mastermind (MToF)
16-17 1d2 bone nagas with 2d4 minotaur skeletons or 1 alhoon (VGtM)
18-19 1 beholder zombie and 1d6 ogre zombies or 1 sword wraith commander (MToF) with 1d6 sword wraith warriors (MToF)
20 1 vampire or 1 boneclaw (MToF)

Encounter Details (Levels 1-4)

1d20They are... (or one is...)
1 guarding something or muttering
2 unaware they are dead or motionless until disturbed
3 patrolling the area or consuming a corpse
4 frightened of light (or fire); or not meant to be here
5 a warning system for others or burying something
6 serving another creature or draining life from a creature
7 afraid of (or attracted by) any holy symbols
8 waiting for something or accompanied by a living creature
9 digging a hole or waiting in ambush
10 covered in symbols of a death deity or patrolling the same worn path
11 near a burial place or willing to trade knowledge for sustenance
12 dancing in a peculiar manner or shrieking loudly
13 blocked by a door (or holy symbol)
14 hostile to all living creatures
15 bound to the area or searching for revenge
16 wandering aimlessly or performing a mockery of life when alive
17 hiding among corpses or hard to destroy permanently
18 not what they first seem or performing a task but lacking equipment
19 bearing the mark of a villain (or deity)
20 carrying a periapt of health (or arrow of slaying - undead)

From Collected Encounters on DM's Guild

Collected Encounter Tables on DM's Guild Encounters Mega-Bundle on DM's Guild

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