Restless Spirits Encounters for Dungeons and Dragons
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Restless Spirits Encounters for Dungeons and Dragons

Duncan Thomson
The shadowy spirit that emerges from the wall surprises you by greeting you and asking after the health of your family. Is it an illusion? Is it trying to get you to lower your guard? Is it something different to most spirits?

Restless Spirits encounters from Collected Encounters pdf.

Tables for Restless Spirits Encounters (levels 1-4 & levels 5-10) and Encounter Details.

[Art by Donnie Maynard Christianson]

Restless Spirits

Most of the spirits that can't find peace are undead, but some are guardians who have chosen to serve on and creatures from other planes who don't need a physical form.

Found in lonely caves, cursed ruins, haunted houses, dungeon entrances and the occasional sealed jar.

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Restless Spirits Encounters (Levels 1-4)

1d20Restless Spirits Encounter Table lvl 1-4
1-3 1d2 poltergeists
4-5 1d4 specters or 1 yeth hound (VGtM)
6-7 1 shadow demon or 1d2 vampiric mists (MToF)
8-9 1 banshee or 1d2 animated armors and 1d4 flying swords
10-12 1 ghost
13-14 1d4+1 shadows or 1 dybbuk (MToF)
15 1 wraith or 1 night hag
16-17 1d3 will-o'-wisps or 1d3 sword wraith warriors (MToF)
18-19 1 flameskull
20 1 revenant or 1 allip (MToF)

Restless Spirits Encounters (Levels 5-10)

1d20Restless Spirits Table lvl 5-10
1-3 1 wraith and 1d6 specters
4-5 1d4 revenants or 1 sword wraith commander with 1d6 sword wraith warriors
6-7 1 night hag with 1d4 will-o'-wisps or 1d4 allips
8-9 1d6 shadow demons
10-11 1d2 flameskulls with 1d3 helmed horrors
12-13 1d2 ghosts and 3d6 flying swords
14-15 1 shadow demon with 2d4 shadows
16-17 1d3 unseen spirits (invisible staker) stats or 1d6 yeth hounds
18-19 1d3 wraiths with 1d4 animated armors
20 1 bound djinni or 1 eidolon (MToF)

Encounter Details (Levels 1-4)

1d20They are... (or one is...)
1-2 afraid of (or attracted to) any holy symbols or weeping
3-4 shrieking and howling or able to possess creatures (as a ghost)
5-6 bound to a statue (or shrine); or the source of an important clue
7-8 patrolling a particular route or surrounded by a mist
9-10 guarding something or in an area animals are unwilling to enter
11 desperate for conversation (speak Common or have telepathy 30 ft.)
12 initially friendly in an area of distorted reflections
13 making crude drawings on a wall with chalk (or a liquid)
14 hostile to any beasts with the party or studying a pile of bones
15 singing in a discordant harmony or desperate to be destroyed
16 hostile to all living creatures knocking on something
17 cursed to return here at the next dawn even if destroyed able to extinguish open flames
18 chanting or screaming at something only they can see
19 protective of a young beast or a corpse here or dressed for a wedding
20 carrying a stone of good luck (or a potion of etherealness)

From Collected Encounters on DM's Guild

Collected Encounter Tables on DM's Guild Encounters Mega-Bundle on DM's Guild

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