Warlock! at Firetop Mountain, Solo Part 5: Across the River
Warlock! British RPGs Rolling Solo

Warlock! at Firetop Mountain, Solo Part 5: Across the River

Duncan Thomson

Continuing with a solo playthrough of Warlock!, using random tables built to reimagine Warlock of Firetop Mountain.

Warlock solo - intro | start | approach | outer chambers | at the river | finalall rolling solo

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Thoughts on Warlock!

House Rules. I'm using Advantage / Disadvantage from 5e as my only house rule for Warlock!

Even when a character gets to 0 wounds, it takes quite a bit of extra damage to kill them, since even -9 on the injury table wasn't fatal. (I'm using 1d6+wounds below 0 for how deadly criticals are).

Thoughts on Solo

Well this one is taking longer than expected! Or rather it's not being cut short as the premise is getting to the Warlock (or Magician) through all of the areas detailed in the tables.

More of a personal thing, but I would like to find a way to remind myself to have conversation / times of reflection among the characters of the group.

Maybe tweaking/adding some relevant results to the Events and Altered/Interrupted Scene tables.

Adventures of the Seekers of Tenstones

A quick reminder that the characters are...

  • Snoranina Durgellasdottir (dwarf mercenary, Impolite, imaginative, brilliant)
  • Hakgan (dwarf miner, warm-hearted, grouchy, generous)
  • Nadra (human wizard's apprentice, independent, eager, cold hearted)
  • Rolik Harginsson (dwarf noble, independent, legacy-builder, out for revenge)
  • Balna Fimaborasniz (dwarf roadwarden, sacrifice, redemption, burn the witches)

Scene 17 - Oracle at the River (Risky Situation)

Leaving Alina and the sanctum of Nua, nothing stops the dwarves and wizard from reaching the river, where there is a sign for a ferry and a bell (an iconic moment in Warlock of Firetop Mountain).

A cliff-face has texts of Nua written on, A spirit offers a magic aid if they swear an oath to slay the Magician. Finding out they already have, it gifts them Moonmourn, a blessed mace, and grants Nadra a temporary protection.

Exploring area, they find farming tools among nearby rocks, and Hakgan recalls Erasmus telling them that each acolyte would bring a tool with them from Tenstones to the mountain, showing their transition from villager to acolyte. Appearing from among the rocks, a woman in simple robes introduces herself as the River Seer, and offers visions in return for suitable gifts.

(event - group postive)

Shortly they find out that there are two treasure keys beyond the river, at the "Garden that is not a garden", and to "Look to the dragon" for the second one. They also were told a way through the cursed area beyond the river to get to the Magician's Maze. That Majud the ratcatcher was on an island on the other side of the river, with an altar on it. Lastly, they were told where last acolytes of Nua were being kept, nearby on an island, guarded by a metal statue, whose gemstone-eye was a powerful weapon against the magician.

(event - negative for extra - the magician)

As they were talking a boat approached, rowed by skeletons commanded by an undead warrior. It appeared to be watching them intently but stayed in the water.

Scene 18 - The Acolytes and the Eye (Risky Situation)

Wanting to finish why they had come to the mountain, the group headed back, finding the causeway the oracle had described It lead to a stone island prison and was guarded by a fish-humanoid metal statue. They sent Hakgan over to swim around, and he managed to reach it, freeing those inside and returning with four acolytes. Hakgan then left with the acolytes, taking them to relative safety with Alina and the sanctum of Nua.

(event - thread progress - finding treasure keys)

Wanting the statues gemstone eye as a weapon against the Magician, the group attacked. As it animated they found it was carrying one of the Warlock's treasure keys. The fight is fierce, with a few of them badly injured, including Snoranina barely able to speak. But at the end Rolik takes it down they take the gemstone eye and the key.

Scene 19 - The Ferry of the Spire (Risky Situation)

They rested in an empty room and waited an hour for Hakgan, who returned without issue. Heading back to the river they rung the ferry bell, and were surprised by the ogre poling the ferry across from a boathouse on the opposite shore.

Guhn was a mage who had sworn an oath to work the ferry for five years, and gave them a lively conversation about word puzzles. Having insufficient money for the crossing, they traded Pike the pack horse for passage. As they crossed, the boat of undead followed, not attacking the ferry. But as they landed at bridge of religious statues, the skeletons did as well, and a fight ensued.

Injured as they were, the group managed to overcome the skeletons, sustaining more wounds. And then the armoured wight was another matter, striking with it's spear taking out Snoranina's eye with a spear and forcing Hagkan to retreat. When Snoranina then fell to a second blow, Nadra took desperate action, bargaining with Guhn to aid then in return for a spellbook.

It was enough, as the ogre disappeared, to reappear as he crushed the wight with a mace, before it could fell another of the dwarves.

Their leader Snoranina was dead, and the way on looked grim. But their oath to slay the magician still stood strong. And they had the feeling the Magician knew they had arrived on this side of the river.

Taking time to rest at the boathouse, Nadra gave her newest spellbook to the ogre, sent Snoranina downriver on a burning boat, and got ready to see what else lay on this side of the river in Runescorch Spire...

Next expected scene - Search for Way through the Cursed Area (Desperate Situation)...

Plot Threads and Character List

Creating a list of Plot Threads, I had...

  • Find the weapon of Majud the Ratcatcher. Majud on isle with altar in river - is undead.
  • Find out more about the treasure said to be in the heart of the sanctuary. Maybe library
  • Find keys of red stone, said to be for the Magician's treasure
  • Help Nadra find magic of the Magician
  • Find map of dwarven ghost, with a sorcerer who likes wagers
  • Find out about ritual Magician wants to complete, linked to a dark power
  • Slay the Magician, who is prepared for them
  • Avoid Ironfoot and minions, searching for group
  • Find treasure key, "at Garden that is not a Garden"
  • Find treasure key, "Look to the Dragon"

The Character List / Extras is...

  • Coscana Sweet, mayor of Tenstones. She is gaunt and cunning, drinks alot, worshipper of Nua
  • Sufeen of Tenstones, younger cousin of Erasmus, desperate for work, hired as torchbearer by group but to afraid to enter the spire
  • Majud the Ratcatcher, capable adventurer last seen entering the Spire, said to carry a silver holy weapon
  • Goblins of the mountain, capturing dwarves for Ironfoot
  • Villagers of Tenstones, a mining village of humans and a few dwarves
  • Sadie of Nua, Oracle of Nua, and former quartermaster of Runescorch Sanctuary, keeps beetles. Rescued by Seekers of Tenstones
  • Ironfoot, ogre (f) gladiator, one metal leg, capturing dwarves, overseer of outer area of Runescorch Rock, wants Hakgan.
  • Magician of Runescorch Rock, a woman who befriended the leadership of Runescorch Sanctuary and then took it over with help of goblins and other creatures. Has some kind of treasure at heart of sanctuary
  • Bertha, acolyte of Nua from village, under thrall of Magician
  • Acolytes and Priests of the Rock
  • Nua, Goddess of Magic, Moon and Mystery. Beetles holy to her
  • Osric, veteran guard from Tenstones. Loyal to Coscana, follower of Nua
  • Beetle Cave of Nua, blessed bool and fountain of Nua. Area protected by guardian spirit of the mountain.
  • Alina, old frail artificer of Nua, respected by Rolik and Balna
  • River Seer, oracle of Nua who knows river area very well. Shapechanger, pet hellhousnd, foe of the Magician
  • Guhn, ogre mage, former adventurer, sworn oath to work ferry for 5 years, spells include Invisibility and Sleep. Lively conversation.

Seekers of Tenstones

They bought some equipment and supplies and I gave them 1 xp each too, to get things moving.

The Fallen and Fled

  • Sufeen of Tenstones, the torchbearer and cousin of Erasmus who (wisely) decided it was too dangerous to enter Runescorch Spire
  • Erasmus of Tenstones, human Tomb Robber from nearby town, who was slain by an undead dwarf champion.
  • Eramina Meganasdottir, dwarf Thief / Tomb Robber, rescued by party from the Spire, but also slain by an undead dwarf champion
  • Snoranina Durgellasdottir, dwarf mercenary who formed and lead the group, cut down by a wight after crossing the river
  • Pike the Pack Horse, given to Guhn as payment for the ferry.

Hakgan Darunsson

Stamina 22, Luck 13, male dwarf Miner, Warm-hearted, grouchy, generous, spikey black beard

Dug up - nothing but dirt and ghosts. Seen a goblin town, complete with brats.

Skills - Athletics 8, Endurance 10, Navigation 12, Survival 9, Swim 8

Equipment - Moonmourn, magic mace (+1 to Bludgeoning, Fear x 1 per day), pick and shovel, mace (2h), plate armour (heavy), hardy and rough clothing, lantern, sack, wooden carving of a mine spirit, backpack, quill, ink, eating knife, clothes, boots, heavy xbow and bolts, metal pegs, map of complex, glowing key of red stone, 4 days food


Stamina 24, Luck 11, female human Wizards Apprentice. Independent, eager, cold-hearted, worshipper of Nua

Been - the Golden Cave, magical! Learned - the road is a harsh mistressss

Command 8 History 9, Incantation 12, Languages 10, Persuasion 8, other skills 5

Equipment - 4 days food, backpack of trinkets, knife, waterskin, staff, leather armour (light), spellbook of Path, light bow and arrows, glowing key of red stone (from fountain)

Rolik Harginsson

Stamina 22, Luck 12, dwarf male Noble. Independence, build a legacy, revenge

Left because...father disowned as a wastrel. When return...when you are triumphant.

Command 9, Diplomacy 10, History 10, Languages 7, Medicine 10, other skills 5

Equipment - shortsword, shield, sturdy boots, 4 days food, light xbow, leather armour, torches, rope and grappling hook

Balna Fimaborasniz

Stamina 20, Luck 9, dwarf female Roadwarden. Burn the witches, sacrifice, redemption

Travelled...the Great Way, full of refugees. Seen...Beastkin in the forests, watching

Crossbow 10, Dodge 10, Ostler 8, Navigation 8, Polearms 10, other skills 5

Equipment - 4 days food, spear, lantern, small tent, crowbar, rope, breastplate + shield (moderate), lantern, crossbow and bolts, eating knife. waterskin.

Finishing Up

Looking grim, as heavily injured and lost their best warrior, plus the Magican knows they are coming...

Next will be the last parts of the complex (probably).