Sea Non-Combat Encounters, NPCs and Hazards for 5e

"A boat of hopeful explorers led by a noble. Hunting a fabled island."

Tables for Non-Combat Encounters, Quick NPCs and Hazards & Obstacles for the Sea. Result is from Sea Non-Combat Encounters.

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Sea Non-Combat, NPCs & Hazards

Many encounters at sea will be peaceful. Merfolk may ask you to join sea chariot racing or a storm giant may ask about world events. Meet NPCs from a poetic druid who studies sea creatures to an riddling berserker with a flock of seabirds. Deal with inquisitive sea monsters, maelstrom portals and troubled ships.

There is a 5e random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Sea Encounters.

Sea Encounters - Random Tables Sea Adventures Bundle

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Sea Non-Combat Encounters

1d8+1d12Sea Non-Combat Encounters
2 A pegasi herd with an elven druid. Can lead to a hidden sanctuary.
3 The Red Goat Crew are adventurers with a rowboat, undersea quest and a talking octopus guide. 1 priest, 2 thugs, 1 druid and 1d3 scouts
4 A merrow wants to see a port city and asks for help in finding one
5 A berserker on a bonded hunter shark is a messenger. They are lost.
6 A musical scout (or bard - VGtM) was stranded by last crew. Has a large collection of annoying songs.
7 A marid has several cute sea animals to give as gifts. They are all familiars bonded to the genie which they use as spies.
8 A boat of hopeful explorers led by a noble. Hunting a fabled island
9 A storm giant stops the group to catch up on recent world events
10 A merfolk is singing to various sea creatures. Happy to do requests.
11 Several aarakocra traders are looking for somewhere to have a rest
12 Several inquisitive sea pixies follow group and ask many questions.
13 A few merfolk are racing chariots pulled by giant seahorses (or dolphins - VGtM). Ask if anyone wants to judge or have a go racing.
14 A few commoners are adrift on a raft. Excited by prospect of rescue and vessel was attacked by notorious seafarer.
15 A few sentient kiler whales who love riddles and mind games
16 A sea elf priest has sea shells and items from the sea floor to trade.
17 An adult gold dragon claims large area of sea as their territory but lets people through if they listen to a few long stories
18 A djinni just arrived on this plane. Asks for nearest interesting place.
19 A few scouts are hunting a dangerous shark. Their boat is damaged and they are talking about getting a bigger one.
20 A mage is on a table that loses flight if they stop. Requests supplies.

Sea Quick NPCs

1d4+1d6 Sea Quick NPCs
2 Mardred is a cheerful mage or bard - VGtM) on a flying carpet (or hippogriff) playing a gilded flute. They have many tales of their travels and hope to restore a magical academy.
3 Exava is an alert berserker in a canoe followed by a flock of friendly seabirds. They love riddles and seek a mystical island seen in dreams.
4 Enna is an attractive druid poet with fish-themed jewelry. They belong to a community of spellcasters and are studying unusual sea creatures.
5 Kosef is an acrobatic bandit captain (or swashbuckler - VGtM) who likes to lick their lips. They are always playing with a set of dice and are looking for a suitable ship to command.
6 Faen is a youthful merfolk wearing a collection of bizarre trinkets. They are a sage on underwater civilizations and seek a lost underwater city.
7 Riswynn is a relaxed scout mercenary with a furry flying cat companion. They are a keen cook and carry a collection of spices.
8 Vani is a restless aarakocra carpenter with a variety of knives. They are fascinated by boats and stop every few minutes to study the weather.
9 Ambition is a fierce tiefling noble with a luxurious hooded cloak. They have made a deal with a sea creature and are considering the future.
10 Helgret is a hairless gladiator in seaweed clothing. They can survive underwater and claim to be the lone survivor of an adventuring group.

Sea Hazards and Obstacles

1d8+1d12Sea Hazards and Obstacles
2 Bright lights and swirling patterns fill the sky
3 A ghost ship whose crew seek release or a siren's call from underwater (or a small island)
4 Several beasts (or boat of corpses) infected with disease (DMG pg 257)
5 Singing (or wailing) is heard in the distance from an island (or underwater)
6 Hail (or snow) (heavy precipitation, DMG pg 110)
7 A ship is in trouble (being attacked, on fire, sinking)
8 Rain (or sleet) storm (heavy precipitation, DMG pg 110)
9 A bright (or flashing) beacon. Possibly a distress call or celebration
10 Strong winds (DMG pg 110) or their craft gets stuck on something
11 A heavy (or ghostly) fog descends around the group
12 A sea monster that is inquisitive rather than hostile
13 Inquisitive dolphins, sea horses or whales follow the pcs. One might be intelligent
14 A thunderstorm or an enchanted mist is approaching
15 Phantom spirits and ghosts follow the group, staying underwater
16 A ship on fire coming out of the sea fog or merfolk hail them seeking news
17 A maelstrom that leads to an underwater civilization (or the Elemental Plane of Water)
18 A tidal wave or merfolk hail them seeking an alliance
19 A ship adrift with no-one alive on board
20 The avatar of a sea deity asks for aid in events under the sea

More Encounters

There is a 5e random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Sea Encounters.

Sea Encounters - Random Tables Sea Adventures Bundle

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