Ruins Encounter Complications and Activities for DnD 5e

"There is a secret door here. It leads to a place safe to rest. ."

Tables for Encounter Complications, Encounter Activities or States and Encounter Sentient Activity for the ruins. Result is from Ruins Encounter Complications.

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Ruins Encounter Complications and Activities

What makes this ruins encounter different?

Maybe they there is a large bell that sounds the alarm or the area is in a forbiddance spell. Maybe they are exploring a cave entrance or sheltering from bad weather. Or they could be on patrol or taking stones from the ruins.

There is a 5e ruins random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Ruins Encounters.

Ruins Encounters - Random Tables Unusual Encounters Bundle

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Ruins Encounter Complications

1d8+1d12Ruins Encounter Complications
2 There is a hallucinatory terrain (or progammed illusion) spell here
3 There are humanoids as allies, servants, mercenaries or prisoners (or are nearby). Roll on Ruins Humanoids
4 The area is affected by a forbiddance spellor roll on Ruins Hazards and Obstacles
5 Nearby is a powerful creature those encountered try not to disturb. Roll or pick a result from Ruins Encounters Level 11+
6 A guardian is nearby. Roll on Guardian Creatures lvl 1-4 (or 5-10)
7 There is a secret door (or chute) here. It leads to a place safe to rest.
8 There is a second group of creatures nearby (roll again on the appropriate encounter table)
9 A bronze bell hangs from a chain or roll on Ruins Combat Terrain
10 There is a hidden item or cache here. Roll on Minor Ruins Treasures
11 There are beasts as pets / guards (or nearby).Roll on Ruins Beasts
12 There is an overgrown entrance (or covered tunnel) to a cavern complex (or other underground area).
13 There is a prisoner in the encounter or a lone traveler nearby.Roll on Quick Ruins NPCs
14 The creatures are carrying a magic item or it is hidden nearby. Roll on Magic Items - Ruins
15 There is thunder and lightningor roll on Ruins Hazards & Obstacles
16 Area is cursed by a deity or spirit. It is Desecrated Ground (DMG pg 110). An undead may be lurking (roll on an Undead Encounter table)
17 There are several areas of razorvine (DMG pg 110) or roll on Ruins Hazards and Obstacles
18 A scavenger lurks nearby - black pudding (or roll on Oozes and Scavengers)
19 There is a group of adventurers of similar level or lower level to the party in the area. They have a connection to the encounter.
20 There is a crossing to the Shadowfell or Feywild here or there is a planar portal / magic circle here

Ruins Encounter Activities or States

1d4+1d6Ruins Encounter Activities or State
2 One or more of them is cursed
3 One or more are close to death
4 They are being noisy
5 One of them is a shapechanger
6 They are sheltering from bad weather
7 They are investigating an item
8 They are hiding from a nearby threat
9 They are exploring the area
10 They are resting
11 They are near to their home or lair
12 They are searching the area for sustenance
13 One or more are injured
14 They are part of a local group
15 They are exploring a subterranean entrance
16 They guard the local area
17 They are drinking from a water source
18 They are investigating a dead body (roll on Quick Ruins NPCs)
19 They are haunted by another creature
20 They are partway through a journey or migration

Ruins Encounter Sentient Activity

1d8+1d12Ruins Encounter Sentient Activity
2 They are searching for secret doors
3 They are digging for something
4 They are building a trap
5 They are performing a ritual
6 They display the symbol of a local deity
7 They are talking with someone (roll on Quick Ruins NPCs)
8 They are searching for a person
9 They are taking stone from the ruins
10 They are foraging for sustenance
11 They are watching over the ruins
12 They are building something
13 They are on patrol
14 They are making a map
15 They are hunting a beast
16 They are waiting in ambush for someone
17 They are preparing food
18 They are scavenging for valuables
19 They are studying inscriptions
20 They are searching for the party

More Encounters and Locations

There is a 5e ruins random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Ruins Encounters.

Ruins Encounters - Random Tables Unusual Encounters Bundle

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