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Quest Challenge Results, New Azgaars & other Gen Updates

Duncan Thomson

Quests for Star Wars, time travel, fantasy and dnd one-shots. Plus other rpg generators updates.

Quests for the August Generator Challenge

The quest generators for the August Generator Challenge are in.

We have...

Star Wars Quests at Chartopia

Glenn of Chartopia has created a Star War Quests generator that gives a Theme, Brief and Complication.

It was used to create a Chartopia Random Generator Tutorial on Youtube and the content came from the swrpg community on reddit

It's a work in progress so expect to see more.

Star Wars Quests at Chartopia

Time Travel Adventures on

Generators veteran donjon has been experimenting with Temporal Adventures, giving quests for time travellers based on Earth history and going a little into the future too.

Apparently it was a tough generator to create as each entry had to be created separately to make sense.

Temporal Adventures at donjon

Fantasy Quests at Random Creations

Last minute contribution came from Elf at Random Creations who created a more traditional fantasy Quest Generator.

It includes a quest giver, the main aim of the quest and possible challenges.

Fantasy Quests at Random Creations

D&D One-Shot Ideas at

I went with a D&D One-Shot generator although it could easily be used for other systems.

It describes who the PCs are, the scenario, the challenges and possible mood.

DnD One-Shot Ideas at Chaos Gen

Next Challenge?

The August Quests challenge was a fun experiment to get some generators built and encourage other to get involved. We got 4 new generators out of it and ideas for future ones.

What would you like to see in a future generators challenge?

Put something in the comments, add or like ideas here or get involved on the rpg_generators subreddit.

Other RPG Generator Updates

1) Solo Roleplaying is a thing with it's own r/Solo_Roleplaying subreddit. They are big users of random generators.

2) Also on reddit, the rpg_generators subreddit has passed the 1000 member mark. At the moment it's mostly me posting links to useful rpg generators. We'll see where it goes in the next few months beyond adding another admin and listing more generators.

3) Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator has been fully released with version 1.0. If you haven't looked it's a fully featured free world map generator and editor!

4) Pathfinder, the 2nd largest rpg, has a new edition. I've started building generators for it but would be interested in other tools for 2e to include in a Generators Guide.

5) Interviews on Rand Roll will be back soon but I'd welcome any suggestions for more creators to talk to. Comments or via any social media links in the footer.