Feb 2022 Gens Challenge - Experimenting on Chartopia
Chartopia Generators Challenge

Feb 2022 Gens Challenge - Experimenting on Chartopia

Duncan Thomson

For this Generators Challenge we're having an experiment over at Chartopia.

The Challenge

Each week starting from  Tues 1st Feb we'll build generators to a theme, starting with... Crime and the Underworld. I picked the runner-up theme from our last challenge.

Create an RPG Generator or random charts on the theme of the week. Or collaborate with others to create something from various tables to make a generator.

Resources for Building Gens

There is a list of resources for building rpg generators and some past Chartopia articles. Chartopia has an area of Docs and some Video Tutorials.

Share Your Creation

Ask questions or share your Chartopia Creation at r/rpg_generators on reddit or comment here. I will try to put together somewhere central people wanting to collaborate on the challenges.

The challenge is to encourage building things for the rpg community so there are no prizes or voting. I'll cover the creations in a future blog post and on the subreddit.

If you take part Olga and Glenn (the team making Chartopia) are offering a free, full Twelves Bot access for a randomly selected contributor each week. Twelves is the official Chartopia Discord bot.

Ideas for Crime and the Underworld

Thieves guilds, crime families, dodgy taverns, rogues, street gangs, heists...