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Generators of the Factions September Challenge

Duncan Thomson

Showing off the generators of the September Faction Generators Challenge

Generators Challenge Sept

The September Generators Challenge was Factions, Guilds and Organisations

The challenge was to build a random generator or random tables on the theme "Factions / Guilds / Organisations".

Voted for and detailed at the r/rpg_generators subreddit.

Here's what was created

Outlaws and Gangs at Seriousd6

Serious 6 went with outlaws and gangs as part of a setting builder

Outlaws and Gangs with Seriousd6

Collaborative Sci-Fi Factions at Perchance

I started off a generator on perchance with intention for others to take it and improve on it.

The final version was quite different in looks

Sept Factions Challenge on Perchance

Secret Society from Darehart

Dareheart has an impressive-looking take on secrets societies set in the Forgotten Realms.

It comes with a symbol, base location and secrecy level.

Secret Society generator from Dareheart

Cults for Warhammer at Paco's

Warhammer Fantasy is known for themes of dark fantasy so the Cult Generator at Paco's Miscelaneous stuff is perfect.

Cults come in heretic, chaos, evil and mundane varieties.

Cult Generator for WFRP 4e

Organisations and Heraldry at Iron Arachne

Iron Arachne went with an organisation and guild generator, including a heraldic symbol and leadership members for them.

Iron Arachne Organisation Generator

Adventurers Guild at Chartopia

A made a start to a generator on chartopia for Adventurers' Guilds which I hope to fill out more detail for in the future.

Currently it has a guild name, a few adventuring party names and some available quests.

Adventurers Guild at Chartopia

More Challenges

The poll for the Jan 2021 Gens Challenge is up (with 24 hours to run as this is published). The will be more info here and at the r/rpg_generators subreddit.

If you prefer Discord I have a RandRoll discord with a generators-challenge channel