Contacting Rand Roll
Rand Roll

Contacting Rand Roll

Duncan Thomson

A meta post today on ways to contact Rand Roll (which is basically me) with questions, new random tables, comments and generators.

I might not see it for a couple of days (but usually less than that)

On Rand Roll

Leave a Comment on any article (including this one). Currently the site uses Disqus which is not my favourite but I haven't found anything I like more. Yet.

Use the Contact Form. I need to make it first though. How difficult can it be?

On Social Media

Find me on Instagram as rpg_generators where I'm mostly sharing random gens and tables I've made. Comment or send me a message on there.

Find me on Twitter as @ChaosGenerators. I'm not active on twitter although it does publish (automated) posts from Insta and new Rand Roll articles on there. But DM me or @ me and I'll see it eventually.

Find me on Reddit. I'm most active on the rpg_generators subreddit which is all about cool Random Tables and Tools for Roleplaying Games. I'm the main admin on there. It's where we organise the Generator Challenges.

The Discord for Rand Roll and Chaos Gen. Soon I'll be making a new Rand Roll one but and leave the current one for Chaos Gen.


Or send me an Email. Its my first name followed by an @ sign and the domain name for Rand Roll.

If you just want to find my random generators for Fantasy , DnD,  WFRP or a Random Selection head over to Chaos Gen.

Or if you are interested in my PDFs for D&D head to the DM's Guild (I'm an affiliate). Or for my non-dnd pdfs of random tables there's DriveThru (also an affiliate) or

Lastly I have a Patreon (where I can be contacted too)  and a Newsletter on random tools and tables.

Finishing Up

Mostly made to avoid making a contact form.

Happy Gaming