Urban Non-Combat Encounters, NPCs and Hazards for 5e Cities

"A group of talented kenku are performing as a band. A half-ogre represents them and hopes to attract a rich patron."

Tables for Non-Combat Encounters, Quick NPCs and Hazards & Obstacles for Urban. Result is from Urban Non-Combat Encounters.

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Urban Non-Combat, NPCs & Hazards

Cities are home to watchful urchins, wily traders, grizzled labourers and apprentices of all kinds. A doppelganger may pose as a city guide or a family of halflings might be having a picnic. Meet NPCs from clerk in a red hat with a wager for you to an artistic thug with messenger birds. Deal with angry mobs, talking fountains and pickpockets.

There is a 5e Urban random encounter generator at ChaosGen. There is also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Urban Encounters.

Urban Encounters Terrain Encounters Bundle for 5e

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Urban Non-Combat Encounters

1d8+1d12Urban Non-Combat Encounters
2 A clay golem carrying a platform drops off passenger nearby and waits for next fare. A board has a coin slot and details of prices.
3 A cultist with an imp wants people to sign up to insurance contracts.
4 A dryad from a small park is worried about a friend, a talking squirrel.
5 A gnome druid is selling amazing pies from a handcart. They have tastes that are hard to identify. One has a message concealed inside.
6 An ogre (Intelligence 10, speaks Common) is looking for mercenary work. They explain economic benefits of pay in food instead of coin.
7 A doppelganger poses as a city guide. Marks targets for a crime boss.
8 Several commoners and a spy queue outside a door but unsure why.
9 A few merry nobles with a harrassed guard ask a character to guide them around the best spots of the area.
10 A stray mastiff with recent scars follows a character, looking sad.
11 Several cultists and a cult fanatic are leading a protest about politics.
12 A few miserable acolytes marked as plague carriers ask for charity.
13 A group of talented kenku are performing as a band. A half-ogre represents them and hopes to attract a rich patron.
14 A family of halfling commoners are having a picnic. They recognize one character and offer to share food. Family recently arrived here.
15 A priest preaches about an obscure god. Wants volunteer for a spell.
16 A scout messenger falls from above and is knocked unconscious.
17 A tattooed mage in rags has lost everything and has no spells or spellbook. Try convincing group to help their risky comeback plan.
18 A gargoyle, bored of sentry work, wants some decent conversation.
19 A stone giant is landscaping a garden but needs decorations. Asks group to fetch some stone heads from a tomb it can't fit into.
20 A otyugh (speaks Common) living among waste offers help in exchange for suitable donations to their "treaure trove".

Urban Quick NPCs

1d4+1d6Urban Quick NPCs
2 Carp is a loud kenku (Deception +2) with a bright green bag. They claim to represent locals of note. They love making animal noises.
3 A grizzled priest, Miotri bears a shield with the city heraldry. They have many local contacts and love telling tales from adventuring days.
4 Urshar is a gaunt butcher (bandit captain stats) with moon-themed symbols. They are captain of a local militia. Although knowledgeable on a number of topics don't answer questions about their past.
5 Corrin is an apologetic noble (speaks Draconic) in rich clothes with draconic sigils. He is always seeking opponents for dragonchess
6 Mordala is a squat commoner clerk with a fine red hat. She seems to know everyone and loves gambling. Has a wager for one of the group.
7 Azaki is an animated street guide (spy stats) with a few metal teeth and a bottle of cider in hand. They know all the best places for carousing and talk to one of the characters like they know them.
8 Diero is a stooped thug with a dangerous smile and a bird on each shoulder. They make drawings of buildings, which his pets carry off.
9 Yevelda is a fidgety wererat (Sleight of Hand +4) with bloodied fingers. He is unable to relax and often stops mid-sentence, staring into nothing. Has a message for one of the characters.
10 Torinn is a deliriously happy gladiator with dirty clothes and one eye. They talk of lurid dreams and donating wealth to newly-made friends.

Urban Hazards and Obstacles

1d8+1d12Urban Hazards and Obstacles
2 Spooky ruins that act as a Shadowfell crossing (or planar portal)
3 Someone uses a wand of fear (or fear spell) in crowded area.
4 An earthquake causing fissures and damage to structures
5 A building (or several buildings) at risk of collapse or stampede of domesticated beasts
6 A talking fountain (or wall) which can cause a curse (or geas)
7 An unruly mob searching for food (or hunting for bargains in a sale); or an area of razorvine (DMG pg 110)
8 Large amounts of dust (or harmless insects). Disturbing causes light or heavy obscurement. or a brawl spills out into the street
9 Heavy rain (or snow) (Heavy Precipitation - DMG pg 110) or street vendors who won't take no for an answer
10 Several beasts (or corpses) infected with disease (DMG pg 257)
11 Street blocked by angry mob (or protesters); or thick cloying mist
12 A heavy (or ghostly) mist descends around party or road works with uncovered pits
13 A building fire at risk of spreading or scavengers follow the group
14 An abandoned wagon with trapped beasts (or toxic substances)
15 A gang of pickpockets or an area of thick webs (DMG pg 105)
16 A wagon pulled by draft horses comes around a corner (or down the street) out of control or rioting in the streets
17 A pile of corpses is infected with disease or crossroads that send people the wrong way
18 A programmed illusion with a puzzle (or advertising nearby shop)
19 An area protected by forbiddance; or a localized earthquake (as spell)
20 An area of dead magic (functions as antimagic field)

More Encounters

There is a 5e Urban random encounter generator at ChaosGen. There is also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Urban Encounters.

Urban Encounters Terrain Encounters Bundle for 5e

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