Introducing the Spider Woods - Overview, Quests, Research, Support
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Introducing the Spider Woods - Overview, Quests, Research, Support

Duncan Thomson
"In the Webbed Woods several goblin druids worship spiders and lead a tribe of tattooed goblins."

A version of the woods from the Overview of the Woods random table.

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Introducing the Spider Woods

The Spider Woods is an Adventure Site using random tables in a forest rife with eight-legged web-spinners. Use, adapt or steal anything that is useful for your games. Suitable for sandbox games, one shots, side quests or world building.

The themes of Druids [Dd], Drow [Dw], Fungi [Fu] and Goblins [Go] can be supported using the Spider Woods Each table has entries supporting them.

There is a 5e random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as the Spider Woods.

Spider Woods Adventure Site on DM's Guild Adventure Site Bundle on DM's Guild

Spider Woods tables - intro | outer woods | inner woods

Overview of the Woods

Roll or choose a version of the Woods for your game.

1d20Overview of the Woods
1-2 A tribe of goblins lives in the Grimvale Woods, using spiders as mounts, pets and beasts of burden. Theme - Goblins [Go]
3-4 Shadowmirk Glen is a place renowned for potions and poisons causing visions, overseen by fungal creatures. Theme - Fungi [Fu]
5-6 At the center of the Watching Dell there is an old temple of evil dedicated to spiders. Theme - Drow [Dw]
7-8 In Arachnar Woods an old druid has founded a circle of spellcasters based around spiders. Theme - Druids [Dd]
9-10 The distinctive spiders of Greenspider Forest are known for living in symbiosis with fungi. Theme - Fungi [Fu]
11-12 The Wood of Spiders has a crossing that leads to the Shadowfell, used by drow from the Underdark. Theme - Drow [Dw]
13-14 The Spiderdale is an area with a natural affinity to spiders and a group of druids protects the area. Theme - Druids [Dd]
15-16 The Forest of Many Eyes has goblins that breed spiders and harvest them for poison, using it in weapons and traps. Theme - Goblins [Go]
17-18 Drow have a foothold in the Vale of Eight Legs, introducing fungi from the Underdark to help watch it. Themes - Drow [Dw] and Fungi [Fu]
19-20 In the Webbed Woods several goblin druids worship spiders and lead a tribe of tattooed goblins. Themes - Druids [Dd] and Goblins [Go]

Quests and Character Ties for the Woods

For only results of an NPC with a quest roll 1d10. For only results tying a character to the Woods roll 1d10+10.

1d20Quests and Character Ties for the Woods
1-2 A herbalist (roll on NPCs) is worried about their druid lover. They went to the woods a month ago and hasn't been seen since. [Dd]
3-4 A sage (roll on NPCs) has a drow journal written in Undercommon. They want an escort into the woods to perform a ritual from it. [Dw]
5-6 A cousin of a character (roll on NPCs) is in debt. They hope to clear it by obtaining a rare spider from the woods.
7-8 A follower of a deity (roll on NPCs) wants help finding a strong hallucinogenic fungi in the woods. They are for a ceremony. [Fu]
9-10 A beast trainer (roll on NPCs) is interested in breeding spiders. They want to talk to goblin experts on the subject. [Go]
11 A character carries ashes to bury at a druidic site in the woods [Dd]
12 A character has befriended a goblin (or goblin foe) of the woods. [Go]
13 A character is having dreams of a drow deity. [Dw]
14 A character has been asked to find a rare fungi. [Fu]
15 A character has a friend willing to pay bounties for certain spiders.
16 A character is addicted to a certain type of fungi. [Fu]
17 A character has a relative who is a druid in the woods. [Dd]
18 A character carries a cursed spider symbol they can't get rid of. [Dw]
19 A character has a goblin amulet that pulls them to the woods [Go]
20 A character was born on wood's edge and wants to visit a place there.

Available Support and Aid

These might be offered as a quest reward, to help out the group, as part payment or at a reasonable price from a local.

1d20Available Support and Aid
1-2 1d2 vials of drow poison, labelled in Undercommon [Dw]
3-4 A local guide (roll on NPCs) who has friends among the goblins [Go]
5-6 A pouch of dried fungi that act as 1d4 vials of antitoxin [Fu]
7-8 A spell scroll of speak with plants (or wall of fire) [Dd]
9-10 1d4 potions of climbing; or roll on Treasures of the Woods.
11-12 1d3 arrows of plant slaying [Fu]
13-14 A +1 sickle that glows when spiders (of Medium size or larger) are within 100 ft. It used to belong to a druid in the woods [Dd]
15-16 A damaged map of the forest marked on a giant beetle shell. It is marked with symbols of spiders, caves and fungi [Dw]
17-18 A giant wolf spider (or giant spider) suitable as a companion, guard or mount that answers to commands in Goblin [Go]
19 A book detailing spiders of the woods, including some preserved bodies within it's pages.
20 2d4 lengths of 50 ft. silk rope

Rumours and Research of the Woods

Each rumour has optional information which might be found with research or a successful check.

1d20Rumours and Research of the Woods
1-2 There is an old temple in the forest (DC 15 Religion or History reveals it belongs be Lolth or another evil god associated with spiders). [Dw]
3-4 This corpse of a large spider is a demonic creature. (DC 20 Nature or DC 15 Investigate reveals it has been bred as a beast of burden). [Go]
5-6 The spiders only appeared in the woods in the last century (DC 15 History reveals a renowned druid reported there just before). [Dd]
7-8 The woods are associated with strong visions and dreams (DC 20 Medicine or Nature reveals this could be tied to certain fungi). [Fu]
9-10 There is a local who can guide folk in the woods (DC 15 Persuasion or Intimidation tracks down a scout who can act as a guide).
11-12 There is a way to other planes (DC 20 Arcana reveals descriptions similar to a place touched by the Shadowfell). [Dw]
13-14 Some go to the woods to learn spider magic (DC 20 Arcana or Nature reveals a grove on edge of woods prospective students can visit). [Dd]
15-16 There are strange fungi growing in the woods (DC 15 Nature or Survival reveals fungi described normally grow in the Underdark). [Fu]
17-18 Goblins of the woods sell poison to locals (DC 15 Investigate locates a merchant selling vials of poison with markings in Goblin). [Go]
19-20 The woods hides an evil spider cult (probably false but DC 15 Perception reveals several locals watching the party very closely).

More Tables

There is a 5e random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as the Spider Woods

Spider Woods Adventure Site on DM's Guild Adventure Site Bundle on DM's Guild

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