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Tiefling Characters - Traits, Flaws, Ideals and Bonds for D&D 5e

Duncan Thomson
"Sorrow is a tiefling rogue who grew up as an entertainer. She finds humor in the strangest of things, believes in the ideal of Aspiration and is always in debt to someone or other"

Tiefling Character Random Tables

Tieflings originated with planescape but were brought into the core with the 4th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons. They are associated with the powers of hell, overcoming adversity and dark pacts.

They appeal to players who want a exotic heritage, a distinctly non-human look or an anti-hero vibe. 5E tieflings in 5E lore inherit their traits from Asmodeus, but Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes presents subraces with descedents of other archdevils.

Here are tables for character traits and ideals, then bonds and flaws.

There is a tiefling character ideas generator at ChaosGen. And more tables with Tiefling Characters on DM's Guild

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1 I have trouble keeping the truth apart from my lies
2 There's nothing I like more than uncovering a secret
3 If you tell me something can't be done I have to try it
4 I always have my eye on a likely escape route
5 I think anyone who's nice to me is hiding evil intent
6 I wish to find the dark secrets of all I meet
7 I am afraid to sleep because of what dwells in my dreams
8 I love taking risks, gambling life for great reward
9 I feel empathy for all of those cursed like I am
10 I enjoy making new friends over a flagon of ale
11 I find humour in the strangest of things
12 I'm convinced others want to know my secrets
13 I'm smarter than others, but they don't all seem to know it
14 I am fascinated by the lore of devils
15 I am a master of insults and appreciate the craft of well-made ones
16 I think a good joke can diffuse any situation
17 My plans are always too elaborate
18 I enjoy making new friends in low places
19 I am obsessed with angels and creatures of good
20 I'm more comfortable in my own company than around others


1-2 Ambition. If you won't sell your soul to do something you aren't dedicated enough.
3-4 Aspiration. You can't help where you came from, but you can choose the person you want to be
5-6 Charity. There are always those worse of than me and I try to help those
7-8 Freedom. I wish to escape the bonds of my ancestors and blood. I am my own failure or success
9-10 Friendship. I know what it is to grow up alone. I value my good friends
11-12 Knowledge. I seek understanding to unlock the powers of my heritage
13-14 Magic. Magic is everything. It has power over devils or people and is in my blood
15-16 Power. Others judge me for my blood and heritage, so why not make use of it
17-18 Redemption. I will atone for the dark deeds of my ancestors
19-20 Sincerity. I am what I am. Why pretend to be otherwise?


1-2 Any type of forbidden lore is lore I must have
3-4 I am the last of my line, and a fiend is involved in killing them off
5-6 I often get lost in fantasies of other realms, becoming oblivious to my surroundings
7-8 I will sell my soul for the one I love
9-10 I know the true name of a devil. It must not fall into the wrong hands
11-12 My family is promised to a fiend. I hope to break that bond
13-14 One of my family is a power-mad cult leader who must be stopped
15-16 My blood is my heritage. Should I serve it, listen to it or bind it to my will?
17-18 I grew up among those of another race and they are my true family
19-20 Someone hunts me for a crime of my family. I try to avoid them


1-2 I will do anything to be liked and trusted
3-4 I flaunt my heritage at the most unfortunate of times
5-6 Trouble just seems to follow me around
7-8 I life without vice is not a life worth living
9-10 I nurse grudges for the right time to avenge them
11-12 Don't expect me to save others. They didn't have it as bad as me growing up.
13-14 I struggle to quell the bloodthirsty dreams that haunt me
15-16 I think the world should revolve around me
17-18 I am willing to sell my soul for the right price
19-20 I'm always in debt to someone or something

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There is a tiefling  character ideas generator at ChaosGen. And more tables with Tiefling Characters on DM's Guild

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