Road and Travel Non-Combat Encounters, NPCs and Hazards for 5e
Road Non-Combat Encounters

Road and Travel Non-Combat Encounters, NPCs and Hazards for 5e

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"An intellect devourer is inhabiting the body of a deep gnome and claims to be the ambassador of a nearby settlement."

Tables for Non-Combat Encounters, Quick NPCs and Hazards & Obstacles for Road and Trails. Result is from Road Non-Combat Encounters.

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Road and Trail Non-Combat, NPCs & Hazards

Many encounters on the road will be peaceful. Aarakocra might land to warn you of trouble ahead or a hag might try to sell you a mansion. Meet NPCs from a veteran tiefling interested in herbs to a cheerful centaur guardian of the road. Deal with bridges about to collapse, out of control wagons  and burning inns.

There is a 5e road random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Road Encounters.

Road Encounters Random Tables on DM's Guild Unusual Encounters Bundle on DM's Guild

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Road Non-Combat Encounters

1d8+1d12Road and Trail Non-Combat Encounters
2 A noble and a commoner have eloped and are searching for a priest to marry them. They fear the wrath of the noble's family.
3 An ogre carries a board that advertises meals and ale at a nearby inn.
4 A lizardfolk beastmaster drives a cart pulled by owlbears. Asks if they have heard of a gathering of druids that associate with bears.
5 A few acolytes with leaflets are trying to raise funds for road repairs.
6 A grim wereboar is measuring the road and recording the results.
7 A few bandits help a commoner merchant whose wagon is stuck.
8 A pair of aarakocra land to warn of an ambush on the road ahead.
9 A group of novice adventurers are hunting down a lost wagon and ask for advice. An acolyte, tribal warrior, noble, guard and a goblin.
10 A pair of mages (or bards - VGtM) on a cart are very lost. They are arguing loudly about whose fault it is.
11 A tribal warrior asks for work as a guide, scout, or anything else to help feed family. They have been outcast from their tribe.
12 An owl is an animal messenger that gives a message to a character.
13 A few commoners and a branded cultist are begging. They have fallen afoul of a local ruler.
14 A few stone giants have borrowed wagons from local commoners and are attempting to race them along the path.
15 A green hag is trying to sell a local landmark for a few hundred gold.
16 A few guards on riding horses ask the group to get off the path as a local ruler is coming through.
17 A kenku (or tortle - MToF) is driving a reinforced wagon which declares "best cooked meals in all the realm" in several languages.
18 A patrol of veterans look angry as someone has stolen their horses.
19 Several satyrs, centaurs and pixies are starting a celebration. One of them has returned after years away on a long journey.
20 A scout on a camel is carrying a box of messages and asks for help. They think they are being pursued by fiends.

Road Quick NPCs

1d4+1d6Road and Trail Quick NPCs
2 Vondal is a handsome cult leader with lots of jewelry. They are promoting a gathering soon about a new way of life.
3 Quarion is a lively elf scout (Athletics +4, speed 40 ft.) with one ear. They are a renowned runner and tell of racing a ghostly chariot.
4 Dona is a worried commoner vagabond with a blue scarf. They woke up with glowing tattoos recently and have visions of a burning grove.
5 Merla is a beautiful priest with a criminal brand on their forehead. They are currently practicing with a flute. Others are often repulsed by Merla's radical opinions.
6 Geb is a well-dressed kobold merchant with many pockets. They travel with a spider familiar and trade in trinkets from many lands.
7 Gluttony is a mercenary tiefling veteran (Survival +2) who smells of pungent herbs. They stop to talk to most travelers and often pick herbs from the side of the path.
8 Drashk is a one-armed bandit with ragged eyebrows. They love to gamble and offer bets that they have no way of paying.
9 Gillydd is a cheerful centaur road warden with a gilded warhorn . They love feeding birds and dream of finding a set of magical horseshoes.
10 Ronwe is a sad dragonborn berserker with demon-themed tattoos. They believe in duty above all else. They ask about a wanted poster.

Road Hazards and Obstacles

1d8+1d12Road and Trail Hazards and Obstacles
2 The real path is concealed by a hallucinatory terrain
3 A flooded river crossing or there is a wildfire and lots of smoke
4 A pile of corpses is infected with disease or a nest of angry wasps
5 A bridge is in bad repair and ready to collapse
6 Thunder and lightning or a hail storm
7 The road is blocked by mounds of rubble (or razorvine - DMG)
8 An abandoned cart with recent tracks leading away or there is a poisoned well
9 A pit has been recently dug across the road. A goat (or cat) is trapped in it
10 Heavy rain (or snow) (Heavy Precipitation - DMG pg 110)
11 The path narrows along the top of a cliff (or chasm)
12 A wagon pulled by draft horses comes around a corner out of control
13 A heavy (or ghostly) mist descends around party
14 A stampede of herd animals (wild or domesticated)
15 A bush with poisonous berries or a fallen tree blocks the path
16 A burning roadside inn or the road is washed out
17 A talking metal statue which can cause a curse (or geas)
18 A large insect swarm is approaching (as insect swarm)
19 A grove of trees that act as a crossing to the Feywild
20 A rockslide near or by the party or a crossroads that sends you the wrong way

More Encounters

There is a 5e road random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Road Encounters.

Road Encounters Random Tables on DM's Guild Unusual Encounters Bundle on DM's Guild

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