Pets Tables by Environment for DnD

Pets Tables by Environment for DnD

Duncan Thomson
A pet darkmantle from the Underdark or a donkey from a nearby farm

Random tables for pets and companions by environment for D&D.

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Pets and Companions in D&D

An urchin with a cat or a raven, a folk hero with a cow and a ranger with a boar. All fairly regular dnd pets.

And there there are deep gnomes with a giant centipede, a triton with a pair of sea gulls or a tiefling who adopted a rust monster the group found the week before.

What pets does your group have?

For more Pets try the Pet Generator. Or there is a pdf of  Pet and Companions random tables on DM's Guild

Pets and Companions on DM's Guild Love and Friends Bundle on DM's Guild

Urban Pets & Companions

1d20 Urban Pets & Companions
1 Crow or pigeon
2 Cat or jaguar
3 Goat or horse
4 Rat or giant rat
5 Scorpion or other insect
6 Constrictor snake or butterfly
7 Crocodile or flying snake
8 Cactus or other plant
9 Monkey or rabbit
10 Bat or squirrel
11 Quipper in water or roll on Aquatic Pets and Companions
12 Mule or donkey
13 Spider or giant spider
14 Raven or parrot
15 Lizard or preying mantis
16 Mastiff or other dog
17 Pony or swarm of rats
18 Poisonous snake or cockroach
19 Camel or songbird
20 Weasel or cricket

Rural Pets & Companions

1d20Rural Pets & Companions
1 Goat or sheep
2 Chicken or goose
3 Mule or donkey
4 Badger or turtle
5 Duck or swan
6 Cat or rat
7 Pony or hedgehog
8 Frog or toad
9 Bat or camel
10 Raven or turkey
11 Cow or mongoose
12 Falcon or hawk
13 Hare or rabbit
14 Horse or alpaca
15 Weasel or giant weasel
16 Mastiff or jackal
17 Owl or pig
18 Donkey or pheasant
19 Deer or mole
20 Swarm of bees or other insects

Wilderness Pets and Companions

1d20Wilderness Pets and Companions
1 Baboon or fox
2 Axebeak or flying snake
3 Boar or rat
4 Lizard or giant lizard
5 Deer or ox
6 Blood hawk or weasel
7 Owl or swarm of ravens
8 Wild horse or vulture
9 Panther or other large cat
10 Bat or giant badger
11 Monkey or squirrel
12 Bear or snake
13 Toad or songbird
14 Hyena or giant spider
15 Eagle or hawk
16 Swarm of wasps or other insects
17 Jackal or crocodile
18 Beetle or other insect
19 Shrub or other plant
20 Wolf or elk

Underground Pets and Companions

1d20Underground Pets and Companions
1 Giant fire beetle
2 Awakened fungus or other fungi
3 Rat or giant rat
4 Lizard or giant lizard
5 Rust monster
6 Bat or giant bat
7 Darkmantle
8 Swarm of spiders or snakes
9 Constrictor snake or giant constrictor snake
10 Gas spore or other fungi
11 Gray ooze or other slime / ooze
12 Violet fungus or other fungi
13 Giant centipede
14 Swarm of beetles or other insects
15 Myconid sprout or other fungi
16 Spider or giant spider
17 Piercer
18 Shrieker or other fungi
19 Poisonous snake or giant poisonous snake
20 Crawling claw or roll on Magical or Unusual Pets and Companions

Aquatic Pets and Companions

1d20Aquatic and Pets and Companions
1 Crab or giant crab
2 Swarm of quippers
3 Starfish or sea urchin
4 Awakened seaweed
5 Giant sea horse or giant toad
6 Swarm of crabs (use stats of swarm of insects)
7 Sea snail or other mollusc
8 Sea snake or toad
9 Swan or duck
10 Dolphin or other sea mammal
11 Octopus or giant octopus
12 Lobster or blood hawk
13 Quipper or other fish
14 Sea turtle or snapping turtle
15 Oyster or other shell mollusk
16 Sea spider or frog
17 Gull or other seabird
18 Sea horse
19 Shark or giant frog
20 Eel or swarm of sea snakes

Magical or Unusual Pets and Companions

1d20Magical or Unusual Pets and Companions
1 Flying sword
2 Pseudodragon
3 Blink dog
4 Pteranodon
5 Awakened plant or shrub
6 Young owlbear
7 Tiny skeleton of a beast
8 Mephit
9 Twig blight or needle blight
10 Flying cat (tressym)
11 Crawling claw
12 Giant owl
13 Monodrone or other construct
14 Clockwork pet
15 Faerie dragon
16 Awakened cat or awakened mastiff
17 Rust monster or flumph
18 Stirge
19 Tiny zombie of a beast
20 Sprite or other fey

More Trinkets

For more Pets try the Pet Generator. Or there is a pdf of  Pet and Companions random tables on DM's Guild

Pets and Companions on DM's Guild Love and Friends Bundle on DM's Guild