Easy Market Encounters for D&D 5e
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Easy Market Encounters for D&D 5e

Duncan Thomson
A robed priestess and her acolytes are newly arrived at the market. They wear dust-stained clothes and drink from a fountain. What are they here for? Do they serve a local deity?

Simple market encounters from Collected Encounters pdf.

Tables for Market Encounters (levels 1-4 & levels 5-10), Encounter Details, Market Beasts and Market Stalls.

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From Collected Encounters on DM's Guild

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Market Encounters (Levels 1-4)

1d20Market Encounter Table lvl 1-4
1 A family of 2d4 commoners or 1d2 nobles with 1 half-ogre
2 1d4 spies or 1d2 gargoyle sentries
3 1d6 mules laden with goods or roll on Market Beasts
4 2d4 kenku or 1 illusionist (VGtM)
5 1 cult fanatic with 2d4 cultists or 1 domesticated owlbear
6 1d2 doppelgangers or it starts to hail
7 1d2 veterans or roll on Warriors lvl 1-4
8 1d8 saddled camels or roll on Market Beasts
9 1 priest and 1d6 acolytes or roll on Travelers lvl 1-4
10 1d6 tribal warriors with 3d6 goats or 1 warlock of the archfey (VGtM)
11 There is a runaway wagon or 2d6 cows (VGtM)
12 1d3 nobles and 1d6 guards mounted on riding horses or 1 mimic
13 1d8 domesticated giant lizards or roll on Market Beasts
14 1d4 thugs with 1d4 mastiffs or roll on Criminals lvl 1-4
15 1 knight with 1d3 commoner servants or 2d4 domesticated axe beaks
16 Novice adventurers - 1d2 acolytes, 1d2 guards, 1 kenku and 1 spy; or 1 bard (VGtM)
17 1d3 wererats or 1d4 yuan-ti purebloods
18 1 elephant or roll on Market Beasts
19 1d4+2 guards led by 1 bandit captain or roll on Patrols lvl 1-4
20 1 mercenary half-red dragon veteran or 1 master thief (VGtM)

Market Encounters (Levels 5-10)

1d20Market Encounter Table lvl 5-10
1-2 2d4 veterans or 1 githzerai enlightened (MToF)
3-4 1 mage with 1 shield guardian or 1d2 shadow dancers (MToF)
5-6 1 assassin with 1d6 cultists or a large fire starts
7-8 1 clay golem with a tray or 1 master thief (VGtM) with 1d6 wererats
9-10 1 cambion with 2d4 thugs or roll on Warriors lvl 5-10
11 A mob starts to form around a market stall or 1 spring eladrin (VGtM)
12 1d4 knights and 1d2 priests on warhorses or 1 deva
13 1 oni with 1d4 doppelgangers or roll on Criminals
14 1 stone giant or 1 conjurer (VGtM) with a cat familiar and 2d4 commoners
15 1 young dragon (any metallic) or 1 good-aligned cloud giant
16 1 grey slaad appearing as a gnome or roll on Travelers lvl 5-10
17 1 succubus / incubus with 2d4 spies or 1 diviner (VGtM)
18 1 gladiator with 3d6 guards or roll on Patrols lvl 5-10
19 Mercenaries - 2d6 hobgoblins with 1 hobgoblin captain or 1 genie (any type)
20 1 human archmage or 1 disguised adult silver dragon

Encounter Details (Levels 1-4)

Use 1d10 for beasts and non-sentient creatures.

They are... (or one is...)

1d20Market Encounter Details
1 scavenging
2 causing a disturbance
3 by a statue adorned with decorations
4 busy eating
5 curious about a strange smell
6 following someone (or being followed)
7 confused or wearing a costume
8 drinking from a fountain (or pond)
9 opportunistic or performing for a crowd
10 investigating a crate
11 looking at something they can't afford or drinking cider
12 preparing for a celebration or looking for work
13 keeping a watch for potential thieves (or trouble)
14 looking for a bargain or screaming at someone
15 unloading a cart or patrolling the area
16 looking for one of the characters or playing a game
17 haggling intensely or watching an entertainer
18 looking for a special gift or involved in an argument
19 about to cause trouble
20 carrying eyes if charming (or a potion of mind reading)

Market Beasts (Levels 1-4)

1d20Market Beasts lvl 1-4
1-2 1d4 draft horses or 1d4 opportunistic ravens
3-4 1d4 boars or 2d4 domesticated axe beaks
5-6 1d2 saddled warhorses or 1 pseudodragon
7-8 2d4 goats with bells or 2d4 gulls (use raven stats)
9-10 1d8 domesticated giant lizards or 1d6 ponies covered in ribbons
11-12 2d4 rats with 1 giant rat or 1d2 guard drakes (VGtM)
13-14 2d4 mastiffs or 1d6 riding horses
15-16 1d6 mules laden with goods or 1 cat with 1d4 kittens
17-18 1 domesticated owlbear or 2d6 cows (VGtM)
19-20 1d8 camels or 1 elephant

Market Stalls

Roll for stallholder and then what they are offering

1-2 A charismatic cult fanatic to tell your fortune
3-4 A kindly old commoner a variety of trinkets
5-6 quarreling tribal warrior siblings good-quality maps
7-8 An animated kenku advice on love and money
9-10 An inquisitive spy interesting herbal mixtures
11-12 A nervous thug garden ornaments
13-14 A pair of aarakocra feather charms
15-16 An educated half-ogre an eclectic mix of books
17-18 A talkative gnome priest creepy wooden masks
19-20 A hooded doppelganger tickets for a lottery

From Collected Encounters on DM's Guild

Collected Encounter Tables on DM's Guild Encounters Mega-Bundle on DM's Guild

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