Edge of the Isle of Oracles - Encounters, Locations, NPCs and Hazards
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Edge of the Isle of Oracles - Encounters, Locations, NPCs and Hazards

Duncan Thomson
"2d6 cultists are dunking someone in water for doubting the oracle.."

An encounter from the Outer Isles Encounters random table.

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Isle of the Oracles - Outer Isle Tables

The tables of the outer isle detail encounters, locations, beasts, npcs and hazards.

The Isle of the Oracles is an Adventure Site using random tables. Use, adapt or steal anything that is useful for your games.

The themes of Cats [Ct],  Sea [Se], Sky [Sk] and Temple [Tp] can be supported using the Isle of Oracles.

Each table has entries supporting them.

There is a 5e random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Isle of the Oracles.

Isle of the Oracles Adventure Site on DM's Guild Adventure Site Bundle on DM's Guild

Isle of the Oracle tables - intro | outer isle | inner isle

Outer Isle Encounters

This might be near the Isle or on the edge of it.

For only non-combat encounters roll 1d4, for only level 1 roll 1d8, or 1d12 for only levels 1-2.

Some alternatives from Mythic Odysseys of Theros [MOoT]

1d20Outer Isle Encounters
1 A few aarakocra are looking for an oracle and stop to talk. [Sk]
2 A pair of acolytes ask for volunteers to join in a ritual to their deity. [Tp]
3 A few commoners are fishing from a boat. Have a pet cat (or raven). [Se]
4 Several winged cats (fly 30 ft.) are in a playful mood. [Ct]
5 2d4 tribal warriors carry offerings for an oracle. Suspicious of group.
6 2d6 giant crabs or roll on Beasts
7 1 aggressive giant octopus which bears the mark an oracle [Se]
8 1d4 guards with 1d6 mastiffs. Shields bear symbol of island's deity. [Tp]
9 A spy tries to get any offerings from the group as a "go between"
10 3d6 pirates (bandits) with a keelboat. Discuss who will lead them. [Se]
11 1d2 hungry tigers (or 1 winged lion - MOoT) [Ct]; or roll on Beasts
12 A thug is preparing a young hippogriff for first flight with rider [Sk]
13 1d3 saltwater crocodiles; or roll on Inner Isle Encounters
14 2d6 cultists are dunking someone in water for doubting the oracle. [Tp]
15 Bastet (Oracles table 19-20) is enjoying the sun. [Ct]; or roll on Oracles
16 2d4 merfolk with 1 plesiosaurus are unfriendly with visitors. [Se]
17 1 doppelganger is trying to find offerings to give to an oracle.
18 1d4 harpies are looking for a guest to take to their nest. [Sk]
19 1 chuul; or roll on Inner Isle Encounters
20 A priest on a winged lion (fly 40 ft.) (or winged bull - MOoT ) challenges visitors. They are a self-appointed guardian of the island.

Outer Locations of the Isle

Sites near to the Isle, on the edge or slightly inside.

1d20Outer Locations of the Isle
1-2 Beach of the Crabs. This beach is covered with crabs of different sizes and colors. There are many tidal pools and caves here.
3-4 Fishing Village. Wooden huts each have an amulet in the form of a cat. Many cats are wandering free and doted on my villagers. [Ct]
5-6 Ancient Lighthouse. A stone tower with a beacon warns ships from dangerous rocks. An oracle recently (or still does) lived here.
7-8 Island of the Sirens. A large rock off the shore with large nests, from which singing can be heard. Inhabited by harpies or other flyers. [Sk]
9-10 Shipwreck. A ship recently ran aground here. Searching nearby reveals crates and a find (roll on Treasures of the Isle) in a cave.
11-12 Harmony Cliffs. Crystal cliffs carved with large arcane runes. The right melody or music summons up images from around the isle (or calls an oracle here). Doing so can be heard across most of the isle.
13-14 Blessed Dive. A shrine of driftwood is adorned with pearls and protected by deity of the isle. A spot popular for pearl diving. [Tp]
15-16 Red Estuary. At high tide salt water goes deep into the isle. At low tide a bed of red pebbles is revealed. Many seabirds feed and nest here.
17-18 Wall of Shells. A cliff covered in a mosaic of shells. Aquan runes describe sea creatures who use it as neutral ground for councils. [Se]
19-20 Sea Cave. A large cave with a second entrance. On a stone slab are offerings to something. A hidden barrel contains food and drink.

Beasts of the Isle

Roll 1d10 for encounter with a sea creature or sea alternative

1d20Beasts of the Isle
1-2 2d6 giant crabs or 1d4 lions
3-4 1d4 giant seagulls (giant vulture stats) or 1d3 plesiousauruses
5-6 1 giant octopus or 3d6 goats
7-8 2d4 giant seahorses or 1d2 jaguars
9-10 1d4 saltwater crocodiles or 1d2 griffons
11-12 1d3 eagles or 1 fleecemane lion (MOoT)
13-14 1d6 giant goats or 1d6 hippocamps (MOoT)
15-16 1d3 winged cats (fly 30 ft.) or 1d4 nyx-fleece rams (MOoT)
17-18 1 tiger or 2d4 mastiffS
19-20 1 swarm of crabs (swarm of insects stats) or 1 winged lion (MOoT)

NPCs Connected to the Isle

Use these to give quests, as allies, rivals or alternative encounters.

1d20NPCs Connected to the Isle
1-2 Umbero is a slender noble with large eyes. They have been having weird, vivid dreams and think it is their destiny to become an oracle.
3-4 Crysania is lazy druid with a leather collar and likes to stretch. She can take the form of a panther and loves drawing animals. [Ct]
5-6 Ugarth is a calm ship captain (bandit captain) with a feathered cape. They dream of owning an airship [Sk]
7-8 Brey is a tall acolyte with a deity's mark prominently displayed. He is proud of being a strong swimmer and is fascinated by the sea. [Tp]
9-10 Therai is a stubborn commoner fisherman with a few gills showing. They speak Aquan and have many friends from under the sea [Se]
11-12 Napthys is a stern berserker who smells of fish. They have momentos of their many travels and the isle is next on their list.
13-14 Ilmadia is a tempestuous priest with a longbow covered in runes. She train birds of prey and is looking for a new challenge in life. [Sk]
15-16 Chen is a bandit sailor with half-hidden cat tattoos. He wants to consult an oracle and will take on any work to join the group. [Ct]
17-18 Eryn is a talkative merfolk with uncontrollable hair. They use many hand gestures and are troubled by a prophecy they received. [Se]
19-20 Irann is a pious pirate thug who laughs loud and often. They have many stories to tell and many family members on the isle. [Tp]

Hazards and Events of the Isle

1d20NPCs Connected to the Isle
1-2 An airship carrying supplicants to see an oracle lands nearby. [Sk]
3-4 Faces appear in the clouds and may start talking to a character.
5-6 A clutch of mewling kittens are near their recently dead mother. [Ct]
7-8 Breezy Words. A strange song is carried on the wind. It is a story about an oracle (or a message from an oracle)
9-10 Rain (Heavy Precipitation DMG pg 110) or strong winds;
11-12 A gigantic wave (as tsunami spell) or a lightning storm
13-14 There is a storm accompanied by powerful visions from a deity associated with the island. [Tp]
17-18 The Gathering. Large numbers of crabs (or birds) start to arrive in area.
19-20 A sea mist sweeps in, carrying whispers and taunts of sea spirits [Se]

More Tables

There is a 5e random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Isle of the Oracles.

Isle of the Oracles Adventure Site on DM's Guild Adventure Site Bundle on DM's Guild

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