Isle of the Oracles - Overview, Quests, Research, Support
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Isle of the Oracles - Overview, Quests, Research, Support

Duncan Thomson
"The Kitten Enclave has an oracle who welcomes all types of feline. Thieves sometimes seek to steal rare specimens."

A version of the isle from the Overview of the Isle random table.

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Introducing the Isle of the Oracles

The Isle  of the Oracles is an Adventure Site using random tables. Use, adapt or steal anything that is useful for your games

The themes of Cats [Ct],  Sea [Se], Sky [Sk] and Temple [Tp] can be supported using the Isle of Oracles. Each table has entries supporting them.

There is a 5e random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Isle of the Oracles.

Isle of the Oracles Adventure Site on DM's Guild Adventure Site Bundle on DM's Guild

Isle of the Oracle tables - intro | outer isle | inner isle

Overview of the Isle

Roll or choose a version of the Isle for your game.

1d20Overview of the Isle
1-2 A secretive sect controls the Island of Mysteries. Many travel there with offerings to join or seeking their advice. Theme - Temple [Tp]
3-4 The wisdom of the coven of Boneshatter Reef is known far and wide. The oracles gather to grant audiences every full moon. Theme - any
5-6 At the heart of the Reaching Isle is a portal of air watched by an oracle. Many winged creatures are attracted by it's power. Theme - Sky [Sk]
7-8 At the Saltclaw Atoll, a pair of oracles believe their power derives from crabs. Every body of water is swarming with them. Theme - Sea [Se]
9-10 On the back of a giant sea creature is the Hill That Moves. A seer attempts to commune with the island and its carrier. Theme - any
11-12 The Kitten Enclave has an oracle who welcomes all types of feline. Thieves sometimes seek to steal rare specimens. [Ct]
13-14 At the top of Demonheart Isle is a lake with an island sanctuary. Two rival oracles and their followers vie to control it. Theme - any two
15-16 The Isle of Mist shifts across the world, appearing for a week or year in a sea or lake. When it appears many seek answers there. Theme - any
17-18 At the Knoll of the Winged Lion, two rival oracles seek to outdo each other in the prophecies they give. Themes - Cat [Ct] & Sky [Sk]
19-20 Creatures of the sea seek peace at the Sanctuary of the Trident. It is home to site blessed by a sea deity. Themes - Temple [Tp] & Sea [Se]

Quests and Character Ties for the Isle

For only results of an NPC with a quest roll 1d10. For only results tying a character to the Isle roll 1d10+10.

1d20Quests and Character Ties for the Isle
1-2 A beast trainer (roll on NPCs) has griffon hatchlings and wants someone to ask advice about their future. [Sk]
3-4 A devout worshipper of a deity (roll on NPCs) wants a relic to be taken to an oracle. Others are after the relic too. [Tp]
5-6 A merchant (roll on NPCs) has a question for an oracle but doesn't trust them. They have hired an escort for protection on the isle.
7-8 A seer (roll on NPCs) in an undersea city has foreseen a great doom. Only by convincing an oracle to leave their isle can it be averted. [Se]
9-10 A cat-lover (roll on NPCs) has been infected with lycanthropy. Need help getting to an oracle without incident. [Ct]
11 There is a famous ritual (or celebration) a character wants to join [Tp]
12 A character thinks they have wings growing on their back. [Sk]
13 A character is convinced their cat has magic powers of prediction. [Ct]
14 A character keeps having dreams of drowning in the sea. [Se]
15 A character was born on the isle, and is curious about their birthplace.
16 A character has visions every time there is a storm. [Sk]
17 A character has family in a fishing village on the island. [Se]
18 A character has recurring dreams of feline eyes watching them. [Ct]
19 A character worships a deity associated with the isle. [Tp]
20 A character wants to ask about a future love (or an apocalypse)

Available Support and Aid

These might be offered as a quest reward, to help out the group, as part payment or at a reasonable price from a local.

1d20Available Support and Aid
1-2 A jaguar (or lion) suitable as a companion or mount [Ct]
3-4 1d4 holy symbols (or items bearing a symbol) of a deity associated with the island [Tp]
5-6 a spell scroll of water breathing (or control water) [Se]
7-8 A guide (roll on NPCs) who has friends on the isle and a pet hawk. [Sk]
9-10 1d4 potions of water breathing; or roll on Treasures of the Isle.
11-12 An old but sturdy keelboat or cloak of the manta ray [Se]
13-14 A Quaal's feather token - swan boat (or bird) [Sk]
15-16 A bag of tricks - cats (1d8 - 1-2. cat; 3. winged cat (fly 30 ft.); 4-5. panther; 6. tiger; 7. lion; 8. saber-toothed tiger) [Ct]
17-18 An acolyte with a large rowing boat who knows a good place to land and worships a deity associated with the isle. [Tp]
19 1d4 eyes made of silver. Worth 25 gp each and valued by some creatures on the isle
20 a folding boat; or several coracles

Rumours and Research of the Isle

Each rumour has optional information which might be found with research or a successful check.

1d20Rumours and Research of the Isle
1-2 There is a lay priest who can take them there (DC 15 Religion reveals a devout fisher with a boat who often makes offerings at the isle). [Tp]
3-4 There is a safe haven associated with the sea (DC 15 Nature reveals a sea cave or temple sanctum where they can rest or find aid). [Se]
5-6 One of the oracles adores cats (DC 15 Animal Handling or Survival turns up 1d4 abandoned unusual kittens, suitable as gifts). [Ct]
7-8 A druid can fly them there (DC 15 Nature finds a friendly druid who can use a ritual to give them a limited form of wind walk. It sends them to an Outer Isle Location and then ends) [Sk]
9-10 There is a small island of beautiful singers. (DC 15 Intimidate or Persuasion reveals its location near the main island and a crude map).
11-12 There is a portal to another realm (DC 15 Arcana or History reveals it is guarded by a monster who's screams are heard across the isle). [Sk]
13-14 The isle sounds familiar... (DC 15 Religion or Persuasion reveals a relative or friend talked about it and worships the isle's deity) [Tp]
15-16 There is a guide to the isle who lives in the sea (DC 15 Nature locates a merfolk who can describe or show sites on the shore). [Se]
17-18 One oracle is a six-legged cat (DC 15 History reveals an ancient oracle living in a statue who is not fussy about offerings). [Ct]
19-20 There are cliffs of crystal carved with runes (DC 15 Arcana reveals that the cliffs likely have a magical power tied to music).

Monsters from Other Sources

The following creatures would fit easily into the Isle.
Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes. Berbalang, merrenoloth, tortle, tortle druid
Volos's Guide to Monsters. Archer, bard, cow, deep scion, diviner (oracle), dolphin, illusionist, kraken priest, martial arts adept, nilbog, quetzalcoatlus, swashbuckler

More Tables

There is a 5e random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Isle of the Oracles.

Isle of the Oracles Adventure Site on DM's Guild Adventure Site Bundle on DM's Guild

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