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Random Tables for Human Characters

Duncan Thomson
Tasha is a human who loves to hear the ideas of others. They believe in Glory and need wealth to pay of a family debt. Pride will be their downfall and they beleive an ancestor was a metallic dragon.

Human Characters

Humans are the most common character race of Dungeons and Dragons. They come in all of the variety of Earth and are dominant in the Forgotten Realms, Ravenloft, Ravnica, Theros, Eberron and Beyond

Humans are a good option for any class and build, with a bonus feat or good all round attributes.

Here are tables for character traits, ideals, bonds and flaws. Last is a table for nonhuman ancestries

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Human Traits

1d20Human Traits
1 I frequently fall in love
2 My favorite thing is a relaxed drink with friends
3 I hide my feelings behind a wall of jokes and funny stories
4 I am always there for my friends
5 I strive to prove myself to the world and those around me
6 I am always talking about how one of my ancestors was a dragon
7 I live day to day. What has happened and what might happen don't matter
8 I am always talking about death
9 I love to hear the ideas of others
10 I idolize a hero of my people and refer often the their deeds and legends
11 I like to use words and phrases from other cultures
12 I try to see the good side of everything
13 I am tolerant of other people, cultures and beliefs
14 What others call laziness I call efficiency
15 I admire those with style or wealth
16 When I grow angry or jealous I blame it on the fiendish blood of my great-grandparent.
17 I take great pleasure in the simple things of life
18 I can't pay attention to anything for long
19 My good looks are there for all to see
20 I'm driven by a desire to see everything in the world

Human Ideals

1d20Human Ideals
1-2 Adaptability. The world is in motion and we must move with it or be left behind
3 Adventure. To keep testing yourself against new challenges is to live fully
4-5 Aspiration. I work to be the best at what I do
6 Destiny. I am fated to do great things. I have a duty to this fate
7-8 Faith. If I do the right thing then my faith will be rewarded in kind
9-10 Freedom. Everyone should be able to walk their own path
11 Glory. I must perform great deeds for my name to resonate through the centuries
12 Greed. Wealth and a better life are the reasons for the adventuring life
13 Live and Let Live. In a world of dragons and ghosts ideas aren't worth killing for
14 Mastery. If you can master yourself you can master the world
15-16 People. The people around me are all that matter, not ideals
17 Power. If I can gain power, who knows what great things I can make happen
18 Respect. All people, whatever their background, deserve respect
19 Responsibility. It is the duty of all people to make the world around them a good place
20 Tradition. The tales and legends of my people must be remembered and passed on to others

Human Bonds

1d20Human Bonds
1 I would die for my beliefs
2-3 I have a rival and do anything to prove myself the better person
4 I will become the greatest adventurer who has ever lived
5-6 I need wealth to pay off a great family debt
7 My faith and those who share it give me strength
8 My family are many and I love them all
9-10 I love to show off my collection and add more things to it
11 My friends are everything and I would do anything for them
12-13 I want to make the world a better place for future generations
14 I want to build a group that will mean something to the world
15 I care not for material goods. Faith and friendship are all that matter
16 I will find a way to live forever
17-18 There is a great evil I am destined to destroy
19 My bloodline descends from ancient times
20 My hatred of those who destroyed my home keeps me going

Human Flaws

1d20Human Flaws
1-2 I'll do anything for a chance of glory
3-4 I spend money as fast as it comes to me
5-6 Pride will be my downfall
7-8 I can't resist a challenge
9-10 My hatred of those who wronged me is blind and unwavering
11-12 I have difficulty seeing the viewpoint of others
13-14 I'll risk anything for wealth and status
15-16 I am inflexible in my beliefs
17 I am too often wrapped up in my own world
18 I've never satisfied with what I have
19 I seek immortality at any cost
20 I dislike everyone who is not like me

Nonhuman Ancestry

Many legends tell of humans with other ancestry. A distant or recent ancestor was...

1d20Nonhuman Ancestry
1 a demon
2 an elf
3 an undead or necromancer
4 an orc
5 a metallic dragon
6 a chromatic dragon
7 an ogre or dwarf
8 a goblinoid
9 a snake-creature
10 a devil
11 a celestial
12 a slaad or planeswalker
13 a fiend
14 a fey
15 a lycanthrope
16 a shapechanger
17 a hag
18 a divine being
19 a doppelganger or nonhuman humanoid
20 roll twice ignoring 20s

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