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Half-Elf Character Traits, Ideals, Bonds and Flaws - D&D 5e

Duncan Thomson
Lureene Bersk is a half-elf who is quick to anger and quick to forget. She enjoys expensive and well-made things, believing in the ideal of creativity and trying many new experiences. She seeks dangerous elven secrets but often gets into trouble asking one question too many. She is currently researching the songs of an ancient bard.

Half-Elf Characters

Half-Elves are one of the most popular races of Dungeons and Dragons. Often they are associated with music, travel, bards, independence and difficult childhoods.

Split between the human and elven cultures, many like to play them for their roleplaying challenges. Also popular in 5e is their flexibility in attribute scores and skills. And for ability to play an elf without actually having to play an elf.

Here are tables for character traits, ideals, bonds and flaws. Last is a table for being children of elven and human worlds

There is a half-elf character ideas generator at ChaosGen. And more tables with Half-elf Characters on DM's Guild

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1 I'm desperate to be the center of attention
2 I always keep an eye out for trouble. It has a way of finding me
3 I want to see everything beyond the next horizon
4 I am quick to anger and quick to forget
5 I'm always searching for that special someone whoever they are
6 I like being unpredictable and often make decisions with a dice roll or coin flip
7 I'm slow to make friends after a lifetime of small betrayals
8 I prefer the company of those not of human or elven ancestry
9 I am always smiling, even in the face of disaster
10 I know many elven and human stories and often combine them to create new ones
11 I always try talking first to solve a problem
12 I enjoy arriving at a new place and making friends over a glass of wine
13 My kind words make others feel like the center of the world
14 I'm always making friends with other misfits, outcasts and loners
15 I have a collection of interesting items from my travels
16 I enjoy expensive clothes and well made things. The prettier the better
17 I have a fascination for attractive people of any species
18 I am always looking for a home I fear I will never find
19 I combine the best of two ancestries and I flaunt it
20 I'm willing to listen to everyone when making up my mind


1-2 Ambition. Nothing is impossible if you make it your goal
3-4 Balance. I bring many things together to make a greater whole
5-6 Beauty. There is beauty all around. In the stars, in a map or a pretty smile
7-8 Change. Every day brings a new challenge and we must be ready to face it
9-10 Creativity. I try a new experience each day to feed a creative mind
11-12 Curiosity. The open road is freedom to explore what is beyond the next horizon
13-14 Friendship. Companions come and go but bonds of friendship are eternal
15-16 Independence. I go where I please, not where others want me to
17-18 Nature. The forest and beasts are more important than cities and nations
19-20 Stability Focusing on one thing keeps me sane in a ever-changing world


1-2 I have relatives of elven and human blood all over the lands
3-4 I seek ancient secrets that could tear up the world
5-6 I am looking for a place to call my own in human society
7-8 I idolize a famous half-elf who was everything I want to be
9-10 My collection of maps grows with each adventure
11-12 My family is whoever I am traveling with on my journeys
13-14 I have visions of elven ruins and artifacts. They are calling to me
15-16 I have a half-elven friend who understands me like no other
17-18 I want a stable home before I make my own family
19-20 I am fascinated by everything elven


1-2 I leave behind a trail of broken hearts
3-4 I have an unhealthy appetite for expensive pleasures
5-6 I will take any risk to satisfy my curiosity
7-8 I have trouble staying in one place for more than a day
9-10 I have trouble forming deep relationships
11-12 I always feel torn between two worlds
13-14 I often ask one question too many
15-16 I am a combination of elven flightiness and human selfishness
17-18 I forget others are not as open-minded as me
19-20 I have trouble following rules

Children of Two Worlds

Use this table for backstory and other ideas tying to parts of elven or human world.

1d20Elven ElementsHuman Elements
1 a magical elven bow a shield with a religious symbol
2 a collage made of leaves a disreputable port city
3 a long elven ballad about an ancient city an elderly adventurer
4 an elven moonblade a barded warhorse
5 a harp a crude display of wealth
6 blessing of an elven love goddess a loud family argument
7 a tree village a retired fighter
8 a ruined lighthouse with elven spirits a sprawling metropolis
9 a legendary bard a strange painting of a unicorn
10 a painting of the Feywild several dogs
11 an elven warrior that slew a great orc chief a lively tavern
12 a vineyard in elven lands shrine of a human deity of music
13 a poem about the sun and stars a long beard
14 spellbook of a high elf mage a large gambling debt
15 a winged elf greatsword of a feared barbarian
16 quiver of a wood elf ranger a duck-feather pillow
17 a spellcasting banshee pact with a devil
18 boots of elvenkind a young necromancer
19 a library of maps a farmstead
20 a dark elf renegade a large family

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There is a half-elf character ideas generator at ChaosGen. And more tables with Half-elf Characters on DM's Guild

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