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Gnome Character Random Tables for D&D 5e

Duncan Thomson
Nomi is a gnome who uses a pack of cards for making important decisions. She loves to collect precious stones and wants to have many stories told about her. Sometimes she takes friendly insults too far...

Gnome Character Personalities

Gnomes are a race that some love and others hate. They've changed several times over the years, being the small cousins of dwarves, tinkerers in Dragonlance, fey creatures in 4E and even known for their noses in 2e.

They are known for independence and curiosity, for a tie to wild creatures and clockwork devices. They are users of illusion, joke-tellers and gem-lovers. In D&D 5E players can choose between the forest gnome, rock gnome and deep gnome subraces.

Here are tables for character traits, ideals, bonds and flaws. Last is a table for gnome special pets

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Character Traits

1d20Gnome Personality Traits
1 The more danger there is, the more curious I get
2 I like to use long words I don't really understand
3 I love to stand in gardens for hours at a time
4 I'm always fiddling with things to discover how they work
5 I keep a pack of cards for making important decisions
6 I use jokes and puns to diffuse tense situations
7 I enjoy being smart and letting others know it
8 I am always working on new inventions and spreading my ideas
9 I never pass up a chance for a prank or trick
10 I have a distinctive laugh and I laugh often
11 I'm rude to people I consider as having lesser minds
12 My many experiments have given me a lesson for every situation
13 I'm fascinated by the dark secrets of people and places
14 I have a favorite aunt or uncle and I'm always sharing their wisdom
15 I can always make time for a game of chance
16 I love a good insult, and compliment the insults of others
17 My jokes and puns make everyone around me laugh
18 I have lots of plans but always forget them
19 I like to talk at length about my plans
20 I love a good mystery or puzzle

Gnome Ideals

1d20Gnome Ideal
1-2 Aspiration. I want to help people by improving things and tinkering with improvement
3-4 Change. Life is an adventure, and we must be ready to face new challenges every day
5-6 Creativity. The world needs bold ideas and plans
7-8 Free Thinking. Curiosity and experimentation are the basis of advancement
9-10 Freedom. Everyone should be able to learn what they want and make a living as they please
11-12 Generosity. I will happily give up what I don't need for the advancement of all
13-14 Greed. I believe precious stones and collecting them are the pinnacle of life
15-16 Independence. Only by questioning things can you make a difference in the world
17-18 Invention. We need new ideas to make a difference in the world
19-20 Knowledge. The more I know, the more questions I can ask

Gnome Bonds

1d20Gnome Bond
1-2 I know I will need to take lots of risk to prove my big idea is not just madness.
3-4 I have a question which dominates all my time. I need to find the answer to it.
5-6 My place of work is the most important thing I have.
7-8 Nothing is more important than the group of inventors and thinkers I belong to.
9-10 I have something I need to make. Something impressive that will change the world.
11-12 I idolize a gnome hero known for cunning deeds and sharp wits.
13-14 I wish to have many stories told of me when I am gone.
15-16 I have a life plan that needs to be followed to bring me fulfillment
17-18 Something bad happened from a mistake I made. I am haunted by it every time I sleep
19 There is a flying ship I intend to make mine, whether by buying it or stealing it.
20 Fishing is everything. A chance for peace and reflection. A teacher of patience and cunning.

Gnome Flaws

1d20Gnome Flaw
1-2 I sometimes take friendly insults too far
3-4 Gems sparkle like nothing else, and I'll do almost anything for more of them
5-6 My sharp tongue often gets me in trouble and I have to leave places fast
7-8 I can't stick to a project and always want to start a new one
9-10 I'm always in debt, but I always have a plan for getting out of it
11-12 My curiosity often blinds me to danger
13-14 I awoke something I shouldn't of and they are driving me mad with their dreams
15-16 I make everything over-complicated. Simple things bore me.
17-18 I'm always blurting out secrets at the worst time
19-20 I'm a sucker for a new craze or fashion

Gnome Special Pets

1d20Gnome Special Pet
1-2 Abunza is a dancing hedgehog that likes high places. They get excited by any music being played
3-4 Pooky is a playful badger who is always burying interesting objects. They love to chase things
5-6 Meinz is a clockwork dog given to you by a cousin. It has a loud metallic bark but no bite
7-8 Merry is a bright green parrot that tells the same five jokes in four different languages
9-10 Amber is a smart fox that is always stealing food and is missing a leg.
11-12 Bodger is a fat pig that loves small cakes and you won in a bet. They have an ornate collar with their name on it
13-14 Warrior is a placid cat you rescued from a laboratory. They love to be held and rarely goes far
15-16 Opal is a dark-scaled lizard that likes to chew everything around.
17-18 Rabbit is a affectionate goat named by your cousin. They sometimes let children ride them
19-20 Joker is an old furry spider that belonged to your grandfather. Decades old, family lore says it was once a goblin

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There is a gnome character ideas generator at ChaosGen. And more tables with Gnome Characters on DM's Guild

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