Trinkets of Fire and Sun
Trinkets Descent into Avernus Fire

Trinkets of Fire and Sun

Duncan Thomson
a glass sculpture of a serpent eating a sun

Trinkets of fire and sun for your elemental, fire and desert adventures

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Fire and Sun Trinkets

Trinkets that follow the themes of summer, desert, Elemental Fire, volcanic or infernal themes. Paired with salamanders, azers, angels, efreeti and other creatures of fire and sun.

So here are trinkets for your D&D characters in adventures with those themes.

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Fire Trinkets 1-20

1d20Fire and Sun Trinkets
1 A tiny bronze sundial with numbers marked in Infernal
2 Half of a carved wooden sphinx
3 A battered tinderbox. Its bearer has dreams of impending fiery doom
4 A delicate key made of sunstone
5 A thick hide depicting a sun rays on sand dunes scattered with bones
6 A glass sculpture of a serpent eating a sun
7 A crystal necklace. Sunlight touching it refracts into a myriad of colors
8 A mace head made from amber
9 Three vulture feathers fashioned into a brooch
10 A pouch filled with roasted locust carcasses
11 A flag with a hell hound that stares at those nearby
12 A glass dagger covered in illuminated markings
13 An iron flask with an afternoon scene of a place where you grew up. Warm liquids placed inside keep their heat.
14 A simple wicker mat that attracts and everywhere it goes
15 A brass collar engraved with ancient hieroglyphs
16 A glass prism that refracts sunlight into dazzling rainbow colors
17 A lump of coal. When blown on it gives off warmth and wisps of smoke
18 A gold medallion of a salamander. Its pose shifts from time to time
19 An hourglass filled with white sand
20 A clay mask of a sun god. When worn its eyes glow red

Fire Trinkets 21-40

1d20Fire and Sun Trinkets
1 A tarnished chalice with a with a prayer to a power of radiance
2 A silver efreeti figurine with glowing eyes
3 A miniature electrum longsword that whispers of a vampire to destroy
4 A cat skull fashioned into a golden-hued medallion
5 A piece of sun-bleached driftwood
6 A piece of eggshell said to be from a phoenix egg
7 A tome with a cover promising one hundred stories. All but one have been torn out
8 An eternal dandelion that burns with a ghostly fire
9 A canvas with a glorious sunset painted by a grandparent
10 An oil lantern with crystal sides, which show shimmering faces when lit
11 A rusted iron torch bracket
12 A small pink parasol that reminds you of a good night
13 A glass-blown sculpture of a serpent
14 A half melted golden coin. It's markings belong to an empire long dead
15 A lens that shows all lands as barren when looked through
16 A partly melted holy symbol depicting a sun
17 A bright metal cube. When pressed a flame lights on a random side
18 A hunk of obsidian with red runes for dusk and dawn
19 A sooty fire poker that causes a dwindling flame to flare up
20 A sheaf of wheat made of gold wire, marked with sigils of healing

Fire Trinkets 41-60

1d20Fire Trinkets
1 Tattered robes with a sun embroidered on the back
2 A wooden butterfly with gilded wings
3 A blackened twig from a sacred tree that burned down
4 A tiny steel anvil. When heated up it displays a love ballad
5 A bottle with two immortal fireflies that endlessly chase each other
6 A tiny golden medallion that depicts a diving hawk
7 A bronze torc adorned with moving comets
8 A blessed hunk of colored glass. Sometimes a symbol is visible inside
9 An amulet made from vulture bones
10 A candle that produces orange smoke and never runs out
11 A pouch with the shattered iron pieces of a sun-shaped medallion
12 A solid lead key. Touching it to kindling and turning it starts a tiny fire
13 An empty glass bottle. Just looking at it makes you thirsty
14 Half a platinum coin with shifting red sigils in Ignan
15 A small glass globe containing a sandcastle that never collapses
16 A vial of ointment which makes skin glow faintly in sunlight
17 A snowflake that never melts
18 A bronze coin which lands moon side face up at night and sun side face up in the day
19 A glass fan depicting a griffon with flaming wings
20 A small stone pyramid that smells of burnt ashes

Fire Trinkets 61-80

1d20Fire and Sun Trinkets
1 A tiny shield emblazoned with a rising sun
2 A jar that is always full of fire ants. They often eat each other or seem to watch you
3 An amber wand that ends in an eagle
4 A petrified fire beetle given to you by an elderly farmer
5 A tiny cactus rooted into a teacup that never needs watering
6 A silver amulet in the shape of curved blade. It glows red every dusk
7 A sheet of papyrus covered in images of the sun in different styles
8 A ring of etched sunstone
9 An astrolabe that shows planes and suns you are unfamiliar with
10 A charred wing bone from an aarakocra
11 a helmet painted to look like it has many bright gems
12 A miniature copper dragon limned with phantasmal flames
13 A mummified lizard tail that twitches on occasion
14 A leaf that burns up each dusk and regrows every dawn
15 A pouch of volcanic glass. Touching it gives a sense of dread
16 A medal awarded for surviving the Elemental Plane of Fire
17 A candle that burns with a bright flame in the form of an angel
18 A disk in the shape of the sun. It bears writing that has never been deciphered
19 A bright red flower kept alive by a minor enchantment
20 An old wooden case with a handful of sand inside. When opened it smells of a sunny day

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For more Fire and Sun trinket tables try the Fire and Sun Trinkets and Creation Tables on DM's Guild

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